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Mitt Romney Secret Twitter Account - Not so Secret Anymore

Mitt Romney (R) Utah, had a secret Twitter account he used to defend himself and to voice his political beliefs against the President without repercussions of having to defend his positions personally.

@PierreDelecto is the secret account Romney used as his unofficial Twitter account. When confronted by The Atlantic magazine, Romney responded with "C'est Moi." French for Its Me.

After being discovered, The Twitter account for @PierreDelecto has been made private.

What is Mr. Romney trying to hide? Is he embarrassed by his political leanings, or is he simply playing a clandestine bully? Dr. Sebastian Gorka author and talk show host thinks that Romney is a "pathetic loser."

Whatever the reason for Mitt Romney secret account, it begs the question, are members of Congress actively trolling their constituents? Or is it that they are afraid of any backlash seeing what their constituents have to say.

Soledad O'Brien has a different take on Romney's secret account, Tweeting, "He’s a zillionaire Senator who has to use a fake name to feel empowered to speak his mind.

How do you feel that a member of Congress has a secret account they use to post anonymously on? A secret account they can troll and comment from the comfort of their anonymous position?

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