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Mueller Star Investigator Knew Steele Dossier was Fake

Mueller Star Investigator Knew Steele Dossier was Fake

January 22, 2019

As reported by India Abroad, "Zainab N. Ahmad is part of special counsel Robert S. Mueller’s team to investigate Russia’s 2016 election interference and if any Trump associates conspired on the same, The New York Times reported. The Pakistani-American lawyer is the former Assistant United States Attorney in the Eastern District of New York, Criminal Division and the deputy chief of the National Security & Cybercrime Section."

This seemingly irrelevant introduction is nothing short of a conspiracy that has been thoroughly laid out by the Mueller team of special investigators, the Democratic party and the democrats in congress who are aware of the following facts and do nothing to shut the Mueller investigation team down.


It has been reported by Sara Carter, that Bruce Ohr who worked for the FBI informed Zainab Ahmad that the Steel Dossier, was paid for by the Clinton campaign.  That the dossier was filled with unverified information and that it was highly partisan.  The unverified information was used to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on Trump campaign official Carter Page, and thus opened the door to spy on everyone within the campaign itself.

It was revealed in closed door testimony last August that Bruce Ohr informed the FBI and the DOJ of this information before they obtained the warrant.  This begs the question, why is the Mueller team continuing to investigate the president.  If Ahmad knew of this prior to the submitting of the FISA warrant, then this could be a direct conflict of interest in the investigation.  

Furthermore, it appears that Mueller team of investigators is nothing more than a format to keep the country divided on this highly partisan issue.  In addition, seeing that the meeting was held before congress, and this information being with held from the american public is a travesty of justice.  The fact that Congress is aware of this is highly speculative, and that conservatives despite holding the Senate is particularly concerning.


Lastly, if the Steele dossier was paid for by the Democratic campaign and Hillary Clinton, submitted to the FBI then to a FISA court, is this not collusion.  Why are they still investigating President Trump?  Can we trust our justice system?  

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