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National Socialism on the Rise

While Democrats across America revere the youngest member of the House of Representatives as a token of brilliance, there is a side to the congresswoman that very few have acknowledged.  She's an actress.  A puppet to an organization that set up a casting call for a person to fit their bill.

This organization, Justice Democrats, "Our mission is to elect a new type of Democratic majority in Congress, one which will create a thriving economy and democracy that works for the people, not big money interests."  However, benevolent their policies appear, they are contradictory to creating a thriving economy. Instead, they represent a trap to ensnare a nation into a policy of national socialism. This is the same type of  national socialism that rose to power under communist regimes, such as Venezuela, China, and Iran.  

Justice Democrats  mission is to transform the Economy of the United States:  "We need a bold economic vision that will both reclaim lost capital and put money back in the pockets of hard-working Americans, and create millions of new jobs for those who have been left out of the workforce." Be that as it may, their plan to create millions of new jobs would rely mostly on creating government jobs.  Expanding the size of our government beyond the already unmanageable size it currently is.  

Another issue is who will be in charge of running this extremely large size of government.  The elected politicians?  From the gathered information, it can be speculated that the puppets of Justice Democrats will ultimately take charge of the size of government and government spending.  Their current leader is a young woman, Alexandra Rojas. During an interview with the Hill, promoted keeping the pressure on democrats. While endorsing an "anti-bullying" campaign, they are bullying the moderate democrats into accepting a more progressive agenda  or suffer being voted out. More acceptance of abortion on demand, praising women's rights, and medicare for all.  

More clandestine figures in Justice Democrats are Saikat Chakrabarti, who with the help of Zack Exley, Cenk Uygur, and  Kyle Kulinski helped to formulate the mission of Justice Democrats with respect to their recruiting of candidates and grooming them for political positions. Future articles will focus more on their involvement.

The one factor these national socialist regimes have in common is their frequent use of the term "democracy".  Repeatedly using the designation of democracy, or some variant of it.  Democratic socialist, has been used several times to denote a grab in the power of the economic systems that govern the country. 

According to a New York Times  article written in 2008, "Hitler came to power in a democracy with a highly liberal constitution, and in part by using democratic freedoms to undermine and then destroy democracy itself."

The Green New Deal, From their website:

Sounds amazing, however estimates to complete the lofty goals of re-engineering the entire US infrastructure based upon science that currently does not exist; estimates would cost the United States the entire income of the entire world.  One estimate puts the Green new deal at $600,000 for every family in America.  Currently, solar, and wind are not efficient enough to supply the nations energy needs, and any attempt to solely rely on them would cause interruptions in service, or in many places no service at all.

From their website, they tout to "fight racial injustice", however, one of their endorsements comes from a congresswoman from Minnesota, who has been called out for her antisemitic rhetoric and twitter posts.  Oddly reminiscent of the type of racial disparaging occurring during the years when the NAZI party controlled Germany.  

Despite being exposed for her virulent assertion about Jewish people being all about money, traditional and moderate Democrats, are helpless to stop her endorsement of antisemitism. Rather than remove her from the foreign affairs committee she sits on, they placated her claiming she is being misunderstood, and doesn't understand her comments were offensive.  Labeling her a victim of Islamophobia, the Democrats drafted a resolution to condemn all forms of bigotry against minorities.  

While defending the antisemitic tweet of the Minnesota congresswoman, another member of Justice democrats, "retweeted a post from a supporter of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, which the US has designated a terrorist organization," The New York Post reported." 

WECU News will be following Justice Democrats and their plot to radically transform America into a National Socialist nation, while decrying principles of Democracy.  Their push to institutionalize the nation into a proletariat oligarchy the size with which the world has never seen.  Their goals of eliminating the major source of income particularly the energy companies and where the American people will draw the line to their power and influence.

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