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North Korea Feeling the Pressure as Trump Walks from Negotiations

"Sometimes you just have to walk," President Trump said after he met with Kim Jung Un, chancellor to North Korea.  

According to President Trump, Chancellor Kim offer to dismantle all of the Yongbyon complex, and wanted all sanctions on North Korea lifted, however, the Trump administration pointed out that there are other places in the county where Uranium is enriched.  Chancellor Kim would not negotiate on destroying all Uranium enriching facilities, and was shocked the US knew about the other facilities.  

Closing the  Yongbyon Nuclear Scientific Research Center would still leave North Korea with  with missiles, warheads and weapon systems. As Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State explained, "There are also suspected hidden nuclear fuel production sites around the country."

Despite the media laying claim that the deal was a failure, as many outlets have professed, President Trump remains hopeful that a more conclusive deal can be made between the two countries.  “I’d much rather do it right than do it fast,” Trump said. 

In an exchange between the Press and Kim, when asked if Kim "was ready to denuclearize," Kim replied, “If I’m not willing to do that I won’t be here right now.”

Jim Acosta, political activist and White House Press Corps member hit twitter to make his objections known about not being called upon to answer President Trump on his opinion with respect to a hearing occurring in the United States.  Where his former lawyer was addressing congress.

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