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Open Borders and the Death of Law and Order - H.R. 5383 New Way Forward Act

The New Way Forward Act, H.R. 5383 is a newly proposed open borders bill which removes all restrictions on entry into the United States, by decriminalizing migration. In addition, it forces the government to pay for criminal undocumented aliens who were previously deported to be brought back to the United States at the tax payer's expense. Designed to "reform the process for enforcing the immigration laws of the United States, and for other purposes," this legislation was introduced by the House Judiciary Committee, by rep. Jesus G. Garcia (D) and co-sponsored by 43 members of the House. The bill essentially "removes the prison to deportation pipeline," according to Garcia's press statement.

Section I seeks to eliminate mandatory detention and requires probable cause for arrest. One wonders what purpose this section actually serves, as in this country, probable cause is required to arrest any person, citizen or otherwise. Is this an attempt to give illegal aliens immunity from laws that any citizens are subject to?

Section II Implements a statute of limitation for removal and "Ensures that the government cannot bring removal proceedings more than five years after an immigrant becomes removable." The nature of the offense is not taken into consideration, regardless of what offense was committed, whether it was overstaying their visa or aggravated assault, identity theft, embezzlement, removal for human trafficking, or dealing drugs.

Section III Limit the criminal legal system to the deportation pipeline. In other words, it would eliminate crimes of aggravated assault and those of moral turpitude as reasons for being deported. Crimes of moral turpitude are defined as, murder, rape, child abuse, incest, assault, theft, and conspiracy to commit crimes.

Section VI Ends summary deportations.

Section V Ends the entanglement of federal immigration law enforcement and local law enforcement. It prohibits state and local law enforcement agencies from carrying out federal immigration law functions. It also prohibits the federal government from requiring local law enforcement agencies to engage in information sharing programs with Immigration and Customs Enforcement or requiring compliance with detainers. In addition, it prohibits immigration warrants from being sent to the National Crime Information Center or other federal criminal databases, eliminating the ability of Immigration enforcement centers from communicating with federal criminal agencies.

Section VI Decriminalize migration and removes irregular border crossings as a criminal statute. Essentially enabling anyone who wants to cross the border regardless of intention to cross. Allowing child trafficking and illegal drugs to cross the border unchecked.

Section VII The right to come home. "The Secretary of Homeland Security shall provide transportation for aliens eligible for reopening or reconsideration of their proceedings under this section, at Government expense, to return to the United States for further immigration proceedings and shall admit or parole the alien into the United States." Using American tax dollars to transport previously deported individuals back into the country.

The Ultimate goal of HR 5383 is to allow open borders and decriminalize border crossings. It provides criminal illegal aliens special protected status that is not provided to legal law-abiding citizens. The authors of this legislation have provided a path to rewarding criminal aliens, but it is a first step in the elimination of the American justice system. It does away with immigration laws regarding criminals. Decriminalizes moral turpitude and stifles local police departments involved with enforcing laws regarding illegals. It promotes the welfare of criminal elements in society without regard to the rights of American citizens.

Want to learn more about H.R. 5383? The House Resolution can be read in full context here.

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