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Pelosi Game of Russian Roulette

~by Philip Young 

While Pelosi accuses President of a cover up a great potential crises is being constructed in both region where Nancy Pelosi Reigns and in Los Angeles CA. A state that is now exclusively run by the Democrats. A state that despite the attribution of 5th largest economy in the world status is in disrepair and exhibits 3rd world conditions in its largest cities. 

Conditions imperiling thousands perhaps tens of thousands offering up a scene from an apocalyptic movie. Workers suited up in biohazard suits overwhelmed by the huddled masses of suffering or dying while fresh hordes of newly infected provide a constant stream of fearful & confused arrive at field units hastily erected across the huge expanse of the Los Angeles megaopolis; with resources stretched thin if not exhausted in some areas only a modicum medical treatment would be available. 

Hyperbole? Not at all. The scenario above is plausible and highly probable if and when a transmissible contagion has infected sufficient numbers of susceptible individuals. Either an E-bola like virus or an antibiotic resistant strain or a new contagion not vaccinated for which is spread by fleas, flys or mosquitoes or inadvertently contaminated water supply. 

Conditions are horrific in certain parts of Los Angeles and San Francisco. Medieval does not do it justice as conditions are worse than medieval in certain areas. More like a combination medieval tenements of Ireland, England in the 18th century. Densely packed individuals unknown medical history (estimates vary as to population of illegals - given the huge range for country of origin very few vaccinated & more likely to carry an antibiotic resistant TB, tropical disease or respiratory disease such as SARS or the BIRD FLU. 

Containing the disease (depending on its severity) would require triage and establishing no go zones.  Possibly requiring military intervention. The unrest & fear would be palpable. Strangers to area would be met with suspicion perhaps violence to stop them from settling due to concerns of spreading disease. 

Not only would the area where the initial outbreak occurred become chaotic a large scale ripple effect would occur.  Not to mention the scale of tragedy should the large numbers of fatalities occur. 

And All this preventable - if managed properly by elected representatives. However as evidenced by the deplorable state Regions of LA SF have been - Democrat leadership wanting but willfully negligent. Legislating new free goodies at taxpayer expense the main siren call for all humanity to congregate but zero  provisioning to meet the infrastructural, medical and housing needs to the newly arrived. 

What we are observing is criminal - the wholesale abuse of power neglect to serve the needs of the people they serve acting as slum lords. 

Given the horrific conditions accumulating trash, feces, failure to determine medical status in sanctuary cities or statewide in CA - where conditions are now ripe for a large scale terrible epidemic should politicians be allowed to just walk away if such an epidemic were to occur one that is inevitable given worsening conditions - a typhus epidemic has already occurred -which  makes the case all the epidemiological conditions set for a deadly epidemic. Trash, human feces, rats fleas and as feces dries out it becomes dust and bacteria etc is wafted into the air to be inhaled and potentially infect a passerby. Heat with garbage with produce zillions of flys which will transport bacteria from feces to food water etc.


Good hygiene is simply not possible in such conditions as homeless encampments. An infected individual would be able to easily infect others in such atrocious conditions. 

So when Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer or any other Democrat states the president needs an intervention or some such farcical comment - understand it is the Democratic politicians living in delusion who have so neglected their responsibilities at home they have helped to create perfect storm conditions for a human tragedy of epic proportions here in any number of cities but likely Pelosi home state of CA - where the hyperbole thousands will die may come true. As human filth trash used needles accumulate and thousands upon thousands are forced to live in unhealthy medieval conditions conditions ripe for a new epidemic. 

So Trump is the only sane individual trying to improve conditions & quality of life for Americans while Pelosi and other Dem's play Russian Roulette with peoples lives. In the real world there are responsibilities which if not met there are real world consequences including illness suffering and death when neglected as Dem's continue spinning the cylinder. 

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