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Political Analyst Rose Mcgowan Takes to Twitter to Cry About Hostage situation in the US

~Lynn Matthews Opinion

Actress Rose Mcgowan took to twitter with the hashtag Dear #Iran, to complain to Iran about being held hostage in the United States. In her tweet, she states, "Dear #Iran, The USA has disrespected your country, your flag, your people. 52% of us humbly apologize. We want peace with your nation. We are being held hostage by a terrorist regime. We do not know how to escape. Please do not kill us. #Soleimani." As of the writing of this article, it was trending at 78.8K tweets.

While these political analysts who play actors in real life publicly complain about President Trump's reaction to the killing of an American contractor, as well as an attempted overthrow of an American embassy in Iraq, the Iranian supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has vowed that a “harsh retaliation is waiting” for the U.S. following the Baghdad airstrike, according to Associated Press.

The drama being played out by the media and social media comes as a result of the death of General Soleimani who orchestrated several attacks against Americans, as well as the uprising of the American Embassy in Iraq last week.

According to the New York Times, Soleimani traveled with Impunity and has even taunted President Trump on Twitter posting threats against the United States. Bongino reported that the terrorist Soleimani encouraged Trump to attack him.

Mcgowan and her followers are prostrating themselves before the Islamic government. However, before they consider the atrocities of crimes the Islamic revolutionary guard has committed against the rest of the world, she may want to change her apparel to be more suiting of being submissive to them.

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