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Political Persecution, Selective Prosecution, Trump, Judge Juan Merchan & A Soviet Show Trial.

The Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution were not only created to, in part, guarantee, defend, protect, and secure our God-given Constitutional Rights and Freedoms against would-be tyrants, Government overreach, abuses of power, and outright usurpations but also to establish and ensure a Constitutionally Oath-bound Government to secure those very Rights and Freedoms. Our Founding Fathers studiously molded and minted a Government that had "Limited Powers," one that was and is supposed to be "Of the People, By the People, and For the People," a Government that was "instituted among men, deriving its just powers from the consent of the governed…" Our Founders, among other things, deliberately drafted our Founding Documents in this manner in order to guard against and prevent the rise of despotic forms of Government after the oppressive subjugation and tyranny of the British Monarch, King George III, and a hard-fought Revolutionary War in the battle for our Independence and our Freedom, the single principle upon which America was born, built, and stands.

Thomas Jefferson wrote, "No government can continue good but under the control of the people… their minds are to be informed by education what is right and what wrong; to be encouraged in habits of virtue…"

You see, Jefferson, along with our other trailblazing pioneers of this, the "Great American Experiment," believed that "Freedom" could not be enjoyed without virtue, that without it, "one would get nothing but tyranny based on power and selfishness..." because "to abandon the virtues always involves a violation of integrity of the human person, either ourselves, or (more often) others. When such violations are not avoided, or mended, by individuals and families, it is "mended" by a far blunter instrument, the government. When one does not control oneself, someone, or something else will, namely, the state."

Madison wrote: "If men were angels, no government would be necessary." However, that said, don't get his words twisted; he, in addition to our other Founders, did not see Government as an institution of virtue and morality either, far from it, which is precisely why they were painstakingly diligent and fastidious, going above and beyond, and to great lengths to limit Government powers through the enumerated Articles, Clauses, Sections, and Amendments in the United States Constitution, establishing a Three Branch System of Governance— 1) the Legislative Branch, 2) the Executive Branch, and 3) the Judicial Branch, in that exact order, with each Branch of Government having limited powers and being a Check and Balance on the other, in order to ensure that no one Branch could become too powerful or more powerful than the other, ergo thwarting tyranny. 

Our Founders simply viewed Government as a framework of rules and laws to safeguard our Rights and Liberties, which would, in effect, allow free and virtuous people to thrive and build a safe, secure, and orderly life in the pursuit of Life, Liberty, Happiness, Family, and the American Dream.

Unfortunately, almost 250 years later, in Democrat-controlled States, Districts, and/or Cities across the country, like, for instance, New York and the Deep Blue City of Manhattan, we are witnessing the advent of modern-day tyranny as a direct result of a State Government that has acquired unlimited and unchecked power as an absolute consequence of that State progressively devolving into One-Party Rule, becoming increasingly virtueless and unafraid to overtly pervert and violate the United States Constitution and the Rule of Law, in order to take out their political opponents. And to what end? The narcissistic pursuit and self-important high of Absolute Power and all its superior, grandiose indulgent trimmings, of course…  to be sure, "Nobility, wealth, and pomp are the objects of their admiration…" not the betterment of their People and Country. 

As they say, "Power Corrupts, and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely."

Imagine for one moment, if you will, that a police officer pulled you over, not because you were speeding or had ran a stop sign, or committed some other sort of crime, but because he was on a power trip, needed his ego stroked, and simply put, did not like you, and then suddenly, without just cause, he decided to smash in your tail light just so he could hurt you and make your life difficult by ticketing and pinning a driving infraction on you… I'm reasonably confident that you, the sane, those with functioning frontal lobes, and the screeching cacophony of pink-hat-wearing, raving Left-wing lunatics would be outraged, and rightly so. Well, that is precisely what our top law enforcement officers from both our Department of Justice and our Judiciary, i.e., the Soros-funded Democrat Prosecutors, like Alvin Bragg and Letitia James, and/or activist Judges, like Juan Merchan and Arthur Engoron, are currently doing to President Trump in Democrat-controlled bastions like New York, Atlanta Georgia, and Washington DC, with their agglomeration of insidiously contrived indictments stemming from a barrage of cooked up crimes that they, Democrats, quite literally invented and cut from whole cloth, without just cause, simply because they too are drunk on power, detest Trump, and have a burning desire to see him suffer, and yet, in all their self-righteous piety and moral grandstanding, it's crickets from the so-called "no-one-is-above-the-law" caterwauling constituency of Leftists. 

Bearing the aforementioned in mind while setting aside the delusional notions, assumptions, and unfounded legal opinions of the very well-paid, conspicuously partisan political pundits, shrills, and sycophants who frequent and seek the limelight of MSNBC and the like for their daily dose of ego stroking accolades, Constitutional Scholars and Attorneys from across not only every valley, stream, crack, and crevice of this country but also across the political aisle who have been endowed by our creator with a conscience, soul, and a sense of judicial integrity and honesty and who have also studied District Attorney Alvin Bragg's indictment against President Trump, cannot, for the life of them, proffer up any U.S. Code, Constitutional Law, or Precedent, let alone a single coherent Legal Theory, or Jurisprudence as it's often referred to, to justify District Attorney Alvin Bragg's case against President Trump that would or could possibly and plausibly make it Constitutionally enforceable. In point of fact, and by all accounts, they emphatically maintain that Bragg's indictment is indicative, or rather, the absolute epitome of Soviet-era Lawfare tactics… you know, where Leaders, Prosecutors, and Judges behave like tyrants, as though they are the almighty anointed ones, as it were, the Supreme Law of the Land, the arbiters of truth and of all things right and wrong, irrespective of the facts and the actual law, deciding what evidence is admissible and inadmissible, of course, based purely upon their subjective emotional whims, suppositions, ideological agenda, and what, of course, is favorable to their preferred, predetermined outcome, deciding who will testify as witnesses against the defendant and more pointedly, who is not permitted to testify as witnesses on behalf of the defendant, deciding who wins and who loses, who is guilty and who is innocent in their world that is steeped in corruption, vice, and venality.

Not too long ago, even with the pervasive stench of corruption that seems endemic among not only our leadership but among the rank and file of both our Legislative and Executive Branches of Government, particularly among those in the Democrat Party, one would still have expected that in the United States Judiciary, the one Branch of our Government that is not only supposed to be apolitical, nonpartisan, and impartial but, in actuality, is, by law, required to be apolitical, nonpartisan, and impartial, and as unexpected, unfounded, unAmerican, and unprecedented as the prosecution of a former President is, that nonetheless, such a prosecution would be, at the very least, aboveboard, with some semblance of fairness and impartiality; that Prosecutors and Judges would be ethical, honest, and beyond reproach, adhering to and never wavering from the "Rules of Professional Conduct" and the "Code of Judicial Conduct." You know, serious lawyers who have gathered, studied, and set forth serious evidence of serious charges that establish serious criminal violations of the law, but instead, Alvin Bragg's convoluted, perfunctory novel nothing burger theory/case against President Trump is anything and everything but that. 

Indeed, what we have gotten in lieu of the Constitution, Equal Justice, and Due Process is:

1– A "State" District Attorney, Alvin Bragg, a crypto socialist squeezed into an ill-fitting suit that is about one, two, or ten sizes too small for him, who is not only sabotaging the Rule of Law but who is also operating outside of his legal jurisdiction, by attempting to try a "Federal" FEC Felony that 1)- he has no business or legal authority to try as a "State" District Attorney and 2)- that the FEC already ruled was not an FEC Felony, let alone a misdemeanor, much less a slap on the wrist type offense. 

2– A star witness for the prosecution, Michael Cohen,  who happens to be a convicted felon, confessed perjurer, self-serving sleaze bag, and, according to Bob Costello, Cohen's former attorney, a "SERIAL LIAR" who, in an effort to ingratiate himself with Donald Trump, and of his own volition, admittedly took it upon himself to take out and use an equity line of credit, without Trump's knowledge or consent, in order to strike a $130,000 NDA settlement with Stormy Daniels on Trump's unauthorized behalf, again, without his knowledge, authorization, or signature, which Cohen attested to, clearly demonstrating that A)- Trump did not and could not have authorized this payoff because you can't approve of something if you had no prior knowledge of it and B)— the money could not have come from campaign funds as Cohen used an equity line to pay off Daniels, ergo, not a FEC violation. 

3– A porn star, Stormy Daniels who, in a get-rich-quick scheme, extorted money from the former President, claiming to have had an affair with him that she, to this very day, cannot prove transpired, but irrespective, still, under the threat of public humiliation, she demanded that Trump PAY UP or face her wrath. Of course, as one would imagine and expect from a veritable "Gold-Digger," after settling, banking, and spending the money in exchange for her silence through a Non-Disclosure Agreement, in short, an NDA —which is a legally binding agreement or document that is a staple of civil settlements in the United States— turned around and violated the NDA in yet another effort to extort more money from President Trump, whom Alvin Bragg is currently prosecuting on an FEC Felony Charge over this very "NDA Settlement" that 1)- the FEC ruled was not an FEC Felony let alone a crime of any kind, and 2)— that has been pejoratively titled the "Hush-money" case by anti-Trump Democrats, in order to demean Trump and make something that is, in fact, legal, sound dark and sinister. —Indeed, only in New York, the Democrat bastion of Cultural Marxism, could a victim of extortion be labeled and treated as the criminal while the extortionist, Stormy Daniels, is labeled and treated as the victim.

And last but certainly not least, 

4– An Activist Judge, Juan Merchan, a purported judicial bully and Trump-hating Democrat donor who is not only presiding over this convoluted case but who is also attempting to conceal damning evidence of his family's rather troubling multimillion-dollar financial interests in this case in addition to their personal and political ties to Trump's political opponents by silencing Trump with a sweeping, Unconstitutional retaliatory Gag Order, as retribution for exposing his family's massive financial stake in the outcome of this case, thereby not only violating Trump's 1st Amendment Rights but the 1st Amendment's prohibition on "Prior Restraint," ergo, not only demonstrating his serious appearances of impropriety but also his direct improprieties in violation of the Code of Conduct for United States Judges that mandates his disqualification and recusal from this case under New York law, 100.3 e(1)d(iii).

President Trump, just like any and every other defendant sitting in courtrooms across this country, has an absolute 1st Amendment Constitutional Right to not only publicly criticize Judge Juan Merchan or any Judge presiding over his case or cases but also has a Constitutional duty to call out and publicly expose any judicial impropriety or appearance of impropriety in his case or cases that involve anyone within the sixth degree of separation from the Judge, which, in this case, includes Juan Merchan's daughter, Lauren Merchan who is a mere one degree of separation from her father; the Right to criticize the Government, which includes Judges is a bedrock principle of the 1st Amendment. Our Constitution, in fact, requires that the people pointedly critique Government officials across all three Branches of our Government because our Founders were astutely aware of the dangers posed by elected and/or appointed Representatives and Judges who attempt to regulate public sentiment. — In New York Times Co. v. Sullivan, the Supreme Court ruled that "vehement, caustic, and sometimes unpleasantly sharp" personal attacks come with occupying a government office. Sharp and personal critiques are not unpleasant side-effects of democracy — they're prerequisites. Democratic governance depends on the free exchange of thoughts, including PUBLIC DENUNCIATION of individual officeholders (which includes Judges like, for example, Juan Merchan)… that debate on public issues should be uninhibited, robust, and wide-open." 

In Meyer v. Grant, the United States Supreme Court also ruled that "The First Amendment's absolute, unequivocal core defense of speech is so "axiomatic," that government actors' flagrant attempts to regulate speech based on its content shocks the conscience.

Indeed, President Trump not only has a 1st Amendment Right and Duty to publicly criticize Government Officials, which includes Judges and in this case, the Judges family, particularly due to their financial interests in his case, but he also has a 6th Amendment Right to, among other things, an impartial Jury of his peers, to know and confront his accusers and any witnesses against him, to have witnesses testify in his favor, and to not only publicly defend himself, but also, in particularity, he has an absolute Constitutional Right to know and understand with specificity, the charges, the nature of the charges, and the precise coded law that he is being accused of violating; however, in Alvin Bragg's case, not only is President Trump being gagged in violation of his 1st Amendment Rights and Prior Restraint, denied not only his 6th Amendment Right to know who some of the witnesses are that are testifying against him, but he is also being denied his "5th Amendment Due Process Rights," in addition to his 14th Amendment "Equal Protection and Application of the Law" Rights, and most importantly, he is being stripped of his 6th Amendment Right to know and fully understand the charges against him and what precious law he supposedly violated. 

Indeed, as I mentioned earlier, legal scholars and attorneys across the country cannot figure out what law was even violated here. Alan Dershowitz, one of America's most renowned Constitutional scholars, who, nonetheless, not only happens to be Democrat but who also taught at Harvard Law School for 50 years, said that he couldn't wrap his head around and make legal sense of these charges, calling this indictment of Trump a targeted injustice for several reasons, not excluding the most obvious, that Federal Attorneys, which, again, Alvin Bragg is not, rebuked and refused earlier efforts to prosecute this case, while the current and former chairmen, in addition to other members of the FEC, have also conceded and agreed that there was no campaign law violation let alone an infraction of any kind in this case. 

Indeed the crux of this case is that, in violation of President Trump's 6th Amendment Right to not only know but fully understand the nature of the crime, charges, and the law, more specifically, U.S. code or statute that he is accused of violating, Alvin Bragg, without citing any such code or law in his bogus indictment against Trump, —obviously because one does not exist— alleges that Trump falsified his business records, by writing "attorney expenses" in the memo of a check that he, in actual fact, made payable to his attorney, Michael Cohen, for attorney expenses, which according to Alvin Bragg, is the misdemeanor or lesser crime in this case (of which Bragg cites no law or statute to charge under) and by writing "attorney expense" in the memo of the check, at least, in Alvin Bragg's delusional paranoid state of mind, Trump was covertly attempting to hide payments to porn star Stormy Daniels, which according to Bragg is the felony or greater crime in this case, i.e., a Federal Election Campaign violation or FEC violation, ergo, in Bragg's interpretation of the law, allowing him to charge Trump with the alleged greater crime, the felony FEC Campaign violation, that Bragg's claims stemmed from the alleged lesser crime, the misdemeanor or falsification of business records, i.e., writing "attorney expenses" in the memo of a check made payable to his attorney… indeed, that is some psychic crystal ball that Alvin Bragg has got rolling around in his frontal lobe. 

In other words, through the lesser crime in this lesser and greater crime, Alvin Bragg established a greater crime to justify the lesser crime because the lesser crime, according to the FEC, was not and is not even a crime because the check made payable to Trump's attorney was, in fact, 1) not only monies paid to his attorney for work his attorney conducted on his behalf, but 2), because, the FEC ruled that Trump, irrespective of whether or not he was running for President, would have made this NDA payment regardless in order to protect his wife, family, and reputation from Stormy Daniels money hungry attempts to humiliate, blackmail, and extort him into padding her bank account; it was a payment that would have been made regardless, ergo, not an FEC Campaign Violation. But hey, let's not let facts, FEC rulings, the Constitution, and the law get in the way of Alvin Bragg, Judge Juan Merchan, Joe Biden, and the whole cauldron of wicked, soulless, politically motivated Democrats and their Get-Trump witch trials.

The fact of the matter is and remains, irrespective of how much hate Alvin Bragg, Judge Juan Merchan, and other Democrats like Letitia James and their financier George Soros harbor in their black, unbeating hearts for Trump, it's still not a statutory crime to use your own money for NDA settlement purposes, if it were, 99% of Congress, including, Bill Clinton and Joe Biden, would be in jail. In fact, it was learned in 2017 that the United States Congress had a Secret Taxpayer Fund set aside to payoff Sexual Harassment claims to the tune of $20 Million in order to protect and safeguard the disreputable reputations of many Democrat Representatives up on Capitol Hill, like, for example, Democrat Rep. John Conyers. 

Indeed, between not only Alvin Bragg and Judge Juan Merchan but also Attorney General Letitia James, Judge Arthur Engoron, Special counsel Jack Smith, and Judge Tanya Chukan's overt disrespect and disregard of and for the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the tenets of Judicial Fairness, Impartiality, Due Process, and Equal Protection and Application of the Law, in their unrelenting, malign efforts to persecute, prosecute, and imprison Trump, but also the Lefts unconstitutional authoritative push, albeit failed push, to remove Trump from the Presidential ballot and deny the American people their Constitutional Right to choose their own Presidential candidate in the 2024 General Election, Democrats are not only coming across as stone cold tyrants, but they are in point of fact swiftly becoming tyrants. 

Over the last several years, the Democrats lust for unrestrained and unchallenged power has never been more overt and evident as it is now, demonstrating the Party's unAmerican moral collapse and descent into totalitarianism with their fanatical devotion to a fictitious world of fabricated insanity with wokism, CRT, DEI, intolerance, cancel culture, and censorship policies, or rather, as they have redefined it, "content moderation," that not only permits them to filter out opposing voices, opinions, beliefs, and ultimately shutdown dissent and debate but also enables them to control the masses, the narrative, and public sentiment, which in turn allows them to weaponize our government against their political opponents, invent crimes and use Cold-War Stalinist tactics in order to villainize and destroy the opposition and in so doing they have turned our judicial system into a veritable den of iniquities, injustice, and lawlessness that is engendering the rapid deterioration of our Constitutional Principles and Values upon which our Republic was founded, built, and stands. 

If we turn a blind eye to egregious Government injustices perpetuated upon even one fellow American in the name of power, if we acquiesce to the Ruling Class, throw off our personal convictions, and turn away from the Founding Principles that not only made America exceptional but also made it possible for our country to be redeemed, to correct its mistakes, and right it's wrongs, we will not only succumb to tyranny and lose our Constitutional Republic, but we will lose our identity and the very heart of what it means to be an American, because, you see, America is not about a place, but a feeling in your heart!

Linda Genzel 

Editor @ Wecu News.


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