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Projecting National Weakness Invites Incursion And Eventual Attack

Once again, Americans are venting in outrage over Joe Biden's ineptitude, this time in his dealing with the Chinese spy balloon that was allowed to traverse our Nation, and was only shot down after it had passed the East Coast. And once again, Americans are wrong on both counts. As many times as the leftist narrative is dropped on us, we must reiterate that Ol' Joe is not handling anything. He is nearly vegetative when not mindlessly repeating scripted lines being spoken into some sort of earpiece. Furthermore, the seeming "bungling" of the spy balloon episode was absolutely intentional. There can be no excusing it in any other manner.

Whoever is actually pulling the strings inside the Biden Cabal clearly has no interest in upholding the legitimate Constitutional duties of a Chief Executive. Rather, this person or persons (the actual direction it takes is so often disturbingly reminiscent of Obama) pulling the strings prove to be far too consistently damaging to America, especially in the long term, to be accidental. The current disaster in which we are living means someone is inflicting as much harm on our Nation as he can. And this was precisely the pattern under which America suffered throughout the entirety of Obama's terms in the White House.

From his dismissive attitude regarding our legacy of National greatness, to his fawning and demeaning himself in front of foreign dignitaries (which in truth was a deliberate demeaning of America), to overt betrayal of our security by empowering and financing worldwide communism and terrorist states such as Iran, Obama embarked on an agenda of waging war on this Country from within. Begun on a National scale in his first inaugural speech, he continued the attacks until he left the White House. Then, throughout the Trump years, he waged a guerilla war, aided and abetted by strategically placed moles in high Federal Departments.

The pattern continues. In April of 2021, barely three months after the Biden Cabal illegally assumed power in Washington, the announcement was made that the US would be unilaterally and unconditionally withdrawing from Afghanistan. This move not only signaled willingness to cede hard-fought land to the terrorists of 9/11, it did so under conditions that bolstered the strength and standing of the islamist Taliban, while outfitting them with nearly a hundred billion dollars of the most modern military assets.

Declared as "weakness" and "incompetence" by most critics of "Biden" foreign policy, the reality was far more sinister, on the order of a treasonous betrayal. It was designed and executed to disgrace America while significantly empowering its mortal enemies, including not only the middle-Eastern terrorist regimes of the Taliban and Iran, but eventually, Communist China.

Meanwhile, back on the home front, the Federal Government intentionally looked past murderous and malignant foreign regimes, and onto US Citizens it sought to characterize as an existential threat. This eventually included anyone who dared criticize its parade of hideous policy decisions. The goal, aided and abetted by a thoroughly compromised Fake News media, and its "Big Tech" minions, was to trample the First Amendment and give license for this rampage to continue until completion.

Attempts to secure the Nation's southern border, which once would have been deemed basic faithfulness to the Presidential Oath of office, were dismissed as "bigotry and hate," as the border hemorrhaged under a full-scale invasion. Hordes of dubious, and sometimes hostile foreigners have been welcomed and encouraged to continue their encroachment on our Nation. In contrast, parents who dared to organize and confront local school boards, in efforts to stop the orchestrated poisoning of young people in mind and body, were labeled as "domestic terrorists" and threatened with repercussions from leftist Attorney General Merrick Garland and his thoroughly corrupted and weaponized DOJ.

Meanwhile, under the treasonous collusion of Joint Chiefs Chairman Mark Milley, US Armed Forces have been thoroughly decimated. Once the most formidable military in the history of the world, and the unassailable "firewall" against hostile foreign powers, it is now nearly hamstrung, attempting to function in a nightmarish cauldron of leftist lunacy, in which mission preparedness (meaning the defense and protection of America) takes a distant second place to such perverse notions as gender dystopia and identity politics.

Its dilapidated and vulnerable condition is glaringly evident, as once proud and capable units are mired down in the chaos and discord of the counterculture. So far, the superiority of American military technology has bridged the gap between the confusion and demoralized state of the troops, and their potential foe across the battlefield. But that gap is shrinking rapidly. Once again, it ensues with the collusion of Benedict Arnolds in our midst, from low-level commanders to the traitors at the top where the "buck" ostensibly stops.

So how do foreign powers perceive all of this, and what will be their reaction? We learned the answer, or at least we were subjected to the initial phases of that answer, this past week, when China dared to send those spy balloons on a mission to invade American air space. The "reconnaissance" they might have gathered is actually a secondary consideration, given that so much of our government is already thoroughly compromised and open to their scrutiny. Of much deeper concern is that the response from Washington was a very purposeful display of weakness.

As with the Chinese ICBM, launched just off the California coast back in 2010 during Obama's first term, the US government has spent more time attempting to dissuade the concerns of citizens with every bogus deflection than it has devoted to actually confronting this brazen and provocative move by the Communist Chinese. Expect skeptics to be mocked and labeled as "conspiracy theorists" in the upcoming days. And then the whole matter to be quickly buried by the press, at least until the next shoe drops.

However, it is dangerously naive to allow this leftist Fake News/Democrat effort at damage control to define the event or its ominous significance. The enemies of America are waging full-scale war on us, and have actually been doing so from within our midst for quite some time. Our position is precarious and vulnerable, and deteriorating by the day. Public offices require a thorough overhaul, from local school boards to the highest posts in the land. Our enemies, both foreign and domestic, are banking on the likelihood that we lack the principle and resolve to take on this most noble and critically important task.


Christopher G. Adamo is a lifelong conservative from the American Heartland. He has been involved in grassroots and state-level politics for many years, seeking to restore and uphold the Judeo-Christian principles on which our Nation was founded. His book, "Rules for Defeating Radicals," is the "Go To" guide for effectively confronting and overcoming the dirty tricks of the political left. It is available at Amazon.

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Linda Genzel
Linda Genzel
06. Feb. 2023

Excellent piece, Chris!

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