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~by Phillip Young  ©PC Young May 21, 2019

Face it, if you are Conservative or Republican you are called everything from Nazi to fascist to racist to White Supremacist. While the left cannot make up their collective minds as to which epitaph to hurl, we, the Conservatives of America, should consider what path we must now take as the 2020 election looms ever closer.

If we were to consider the two most significant events of this nascent 21st century one certainly would be 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center and the other…. well I put Trump’s election up there. Trump’s election utterly changed the ole man River Mississippian course of American history. It flooded the banks, scoured the landscape with tidal fury with such a deluge it has left the deep state sputtering, gasping for air.

The alien environment after that deluge has so disoriented democrats, they feel adrift in a vast ocean devoid of landmarks, down to their last teaspoons of Identity Politics. Pathetic skeleton figures wizened by unending days of blazing glaring reality, dehydrated, starving and stark raving mad dyskinetic gesticulations, mutterings, close to drawing straws for the next human sacrifice to keep their tiny sinking dingy afloat on their collectivist sea.

Oddly, although land is within sight as Joe Biden’s popularity in the polls indicates, yet the raving mad tea party collectivists cannot endure without promoting burning down the American house.

Note: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez phenom the witless but energetic boat less hostess provocateur who has so far promoted abject dismantling of the US economy, raising taxes to 70+ %, medicare for all, and free college for all essentially the naive willfully ignorant intoxicated idealizations of an adolescent mind. As insane as all this is the frightening aspect are the vast numbers of willfully ignorant adolescent minds out there capable of voting.

Responsibility and accountability have long gone from the political playbook and unless you have been cave bound the last 20 years, this democratic party no longer listens to the people but has been pushing a hard left agenda. Representative of big banks, wall street and innumerable deep state actors.

So once again we face the prospects in 2020 of staving off the inevitable consequence of neglecting our duty to teach, promote and advocate our Conservative values. We simply became either too pessimistic, too indolent or too busy to attend the motto “freedom requires eternal vigilance” It does and it will.

So Lets take a step backward and understand we gained nothing by compromise. We are despised, spit on, milk-shaked and even considered punchable by the left so what value is there in being silent?


I am not suggesting we start yelling or acting irresponsibly but whenever we can we must take a stand be vocal about our conservatism. Act with virtue lead by example and take the initiative. Remember, there are only some 6 degrees of connection between each of us and some other figure that is notable within society. If we now vocalize our conservative position, we will make our mark and initiate discussion and pave the way for others to also be as bold.

John Adams stated, "a free society belongs only to a virtuous and informed people."  We know that what is at stake is no less than our remaining social freedoms. The 1st and 2nd amendment specifically.

Can we afford to allow those to slip between our fingers? Can we stake everything on the 2020 election when we know the Democrats will be flooding polling places with ballots at the last minute as they did in 2018?

Some of us will pay a price, some of us will lose promotions, be subjected to ridicule or perhaps suffer violence at the hands of the cretinous left; did our forefathers not suffer far worse? I mean this nation was founded by individuals whose treasures and lives and honor gambled on this concept of a new nation so conceived.

We should then do all we can to promote salvage and generate a greater momentum among the public in order to preserve this wonderful nation.

Let's not demur from our responsibilities as citizens and do our duty as Americans as was once said in every school and every church across America. We pledge allegiance… for those who have taken a solemn oath to fight and defend our country from all enemies foreign and domestic is it not time to actually put this into motion and act upon our oaths?

We are a non-violent people we love peace and prosperity and so we honor and respect peace more than any other people on the planet. So in fighting for our country we also understand and acknowledge that in doing so we act peaceably we act civilly with humility and with deep resolve. We stand in our communities as symbols of conservationism we act with virtue with honor and as law abiding respectful citizens. But we act we encourage and we speak out when we can.

If you have not already read the piece by Michael Anton please take the time to read it.

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