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Red Asphalt

~Opinion by Michael Scott  

They say don't ever bring a knife to a gun fight! That is just what the CAGOP did during the 2018 election cycle! It was one of the worst state campaigns ever held in the Golden State! Senate Candidate James P Bradley came within 3 points of Primary runner up Kevin DeLeon! If Bradley could have "gotten" over the finish line we could have galvanized support to look into Diane Feinstein's corruption, and eventually took that seat! All that motivation was sidelined when we looked at the alternative (Kevin DeLeon)! 

 Senate Candidate Bradley did not receive a red cent from the GOP, much of his support came from grassroots walkaways and web-savvy college students! imagine what a difference a few shekels would have made! To make matters worst he never received even a courtesy call!         


 There is a slew of others who received the backdoor treatment!   Let's begin with Ryan Downing and Aja Smith two African-Americans who ran in districts 38 and 41. Both received absolutely NO support! How do I know? Because I know!! Those were huge drops when you consider who they are and what they represent to the walkaway movement! Huge mistake!              

Firebrand Jazmina Saavedra in district 44 (NO Support), Christian Warrior Jessica Martinez Assembly 57 (NO support), Benito Bernal a huge democrat walkaway district 29 (NO support), Johnny Nalbandian a dear friend in district 28 (NO support) 

THIS is not a good sign! One lesson I learned in the many years working and slaving away in the hospitality industry, is that you value all your guest, and value all your employees! That being said, I witnessed poor engagement from the BIG TENT!                                                                               

Where do we go from here?  Go ask the few picking up the chips, that plan to go about it the same way!


Its time to for the GOP to wise up.  We have about 22 months before the next election! California has always been the Phoenix bird that rises out of ashes; we can still do this, but first, we must recognize our mistakes and own them.  This is not just about California, this is about our Country.  This is by no doubt the most sought after country in the World and for good reason, it's worth preserving and fighting for.  Because once old lady Liberty goes dark the entire World will go dark!       


Donald J Trump is the head of our Party and our Country! He is the leader of the "Free World."  This man has said he will champion the unborn, target human trafficking, secure borders, and put God first!  If this is not enough for the RINO's then its time to get steppin'.

Because the Democrats have solidified their resolve. They are now the party of Moloch, Baal, and Apollyon!  Make no mistake the entire World is watching, and not just CNN, they recognize his true intentions! The World has been wise to our media Propaganda for some time!       


SO what we going to do? We are going to hold them by the nose and kick them in the ass? We are going to kick the hell out of them all the time, and go thru them like crap thru a goose!  Put your candidates thru the fire now, ask them if they are with us or not!  Support only those who support America FIrst Agenda.  America First does not mean we are isolationist, by no means! We respect our relationships with our "partnerships" around the World!    It's about freedom endowed by our CREATOR!!   The Golden Corridor is here!

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