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Removing Trump From Twitter - The Twitter Files Part 3

We left off after we learned that the FBI was holding weekly meetings with Twitter. Twitter employees insinuated that the FBI was acting as a partner with them. Absurd as it may be, it is evident from Matt Taibbi's release of the correspondence from Twitter that the federal government was assisting them in censoring information.

We will continue the thread below.

Below is where we learned that Twitter was going to censor Trump regardless if they could find a violation in his statement.

Any logical person would know that mailing in ballots is ripe with fraud. So, how could this inaccurate statement from Twitter executives override the President's message?

Again, Twitter labels a conservative post demanding people believe that voting by mail is safe and secure.

These people literally put a warning on people pointing out that voting by mail was not safe and secure. A self-reinforcing "wah wah censorship" should have been the last thing on their mind. They were literally interfering with not only the 1st Amendment but interfering with an American election cycle.

Yet, they allowed the pro-Biden opinion columnist's tweets to be seen. Giving everyone the impression that Twitter is the arbiter of truth.

Even pro-Biden tweets encouraged people to vote in person. However, notice how Twitter completely ignores one side of the issue about mail-in-ballots.

While there remains many questions on the censorship of President Trump and those who supported him, it is obvious that Twitter was working as a hive mind due to their political beliefs. We want to thank Matt Taibbi for his excellent work in uncovering the files, as well as Elon Musk who brought this issue to light.

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1 Comment

Kerry Parks
Kerry Parks
Dec 21, 2022

It's almost too impossible for the mind to comprehend. How can the FBI sneak off without major punishment!

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