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Rising California Star in Republican Party

From humble beginnings to a rising star within the Republican Party, I want to introduce our viewers to Charles J. Li. Charles grew up in communist China in the northern province of Jilin, a Province in China that borders North Korea and Russia. His uncle ran an underground non-denominational Christian church. Often, they would take in children because Jilin had some of the harshest winters in the world and children would die on the streets because of the cold.

China does not respect religious liberty, or those who teach it. One night during a church meeting, the secret police raided his uncle’s home. Luckily Charles was not present during the raid where everyone present was jailed including his uncle, who was Interrogated and tortured. After their release from prison, his family was under constant surveillance by the secret police. His uncle who did not want to leave his Christian base, and ended up applying for asylum in the United States. He was later granted asylum by the United States Government.

Charles and his family emigrated to the United States in 2012-2013, when he was 12, with his uncle and mother. Not knowing a single word of English, he embraced American culture and language and can now speak fluent English. "If you choose to come to the US, if you adapt and work hard, you can be a part of this country. This is the most accepting, thus the greatest country in the world."

While making comparisons to other parts of the world, he said "sure you can get a green card in other countries. You can move and live in Germany, but you’ll never be recognized as an actual German. You can acquire an Italian citizenship, but you’ll never be accepted as an actual Italian. But here in the United States, as long as you work hard, you can become a part of the melting pot. You can truly become an American. That’s why America is the last defense of liberty on earth for asylum seeking and the freedom loving people, and that’s why we will always be the shinning city on the hill."

Charles has just graduated High School, but make no mistake about his intentions, he has a good amount of experience in the political system. He worked on several political campaigns including Mimi Walters campaign where he worked with Asian American outreach program.

Charles commented about Trump in our interview. While he likes some of Trump's policies, but he does not enjoy his lack of political decency. He believes that is one area where Trump is lacking and says this is the reason for Trump not enjoying the success in California that he has enjoyed in other states.

Charles is an advocate of the 2nd Amendment. So much so that in the wake of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida Parkland shooting, when the nation's high schools led walk outs protesting to end gun violence, Charles led their own walk out to stand for the second. The following is a letter to the school stating his intentions:

As for the GOP and the NRCC, Charles believes that they need to implement major changes in their operation procedures, and to become more visible and approachable. Many conservatives agree with his statement, and have complained numerous times, that several members of congress, do not return emails, or calls on important issues. He also stated, that California Republicans need a better ground game if they are going to retake California.

Having fled a Communist regime in China, Charles expressed his concerns over hearing communist talking points gaining more support in main stream politics. He firmly believes that "evil triumphs when good people do nothing." That is why Mr. Li will eventually run for office. He is striving to bring California back to the ideals of our founding forefathers: Freedom, enforcement of law, and other constitutional values. He wants to return California to its greatness where people had more freedom. In the meantime, he will use his intellect wisdom, and experiences to educate others to the evils of communism.

WECU believes that Charles is an up and coming superstar of the Republican party. He has a firm grasp on the issues facing the nation as well as those that are plaguing California. We need to keep an eye on him as he continues his endeavors to run for office.

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