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Same Crime Two World's Apart

Asia Bibi, was jailed in Pakistan put into solitary confinement and finally death row for more than eight years.  Her crime was over a cup of water.  The Christian fruit picker offered her fellow workers a cup of water, which prompted them to perpetrate a hate hoax on Miss Bibi.  Her coworkers, had filed a complaint alleging that Bibi had insulted the prophet Muhammad.  A crime punishable by death in Pakistan. 

Despite Pakistani courts finding her not guilty of blasphemy, rioting in Pakistan over Bibi's crime have taken place.  Canada offered Bibi asylum, however, many religious zealot's have made the claim that no matter where Bibi moves to, she will not be safe.

Smollett made claims that he was the victim of a hate hoax.  Claiming he was beaten up by white Trump supporters wearing MAGA hats.  They put a rope around his neck and poured bleach on him.  His claims prompted the Chicago Police department to spend countless hours investigating this hate crime.


Later it was revealed that Smollett had fabricated this hate hoax, however he was completely exonerated by the States attorney.  She claimed he had served community service, forfeited his $10,000 bond and that he was not a threat to society.  

Two different worlds, same crime.  One committed against an innocent woman, the other committed against an entire population of people.  

There has been no violent protests against Smollett even though the police still maintain he orchestrated, and carried out the hate crime.  All 16 federal charges have been dropped.


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