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Saul's Gals and Guys

~by Faustino Manuel Rocha III (J.R.)

Bankers and leaders that specialize in theft

Hoarding resources 'til nothing is left

All nations like mothers of children bereft

The goals all macabre of the WEF

They've lived amongst us, in devilish disguise

Always so subtle, yet straight before our eyes

They draw you in entranced, with thier eyes on the prize

You 'll never even know it, how they scheme and connive

You get two empty hands as your ultimate prize

When people are starving, they'll open up wide

Take money for vaccines, trade hope for thier lives

They are covered to the hilt, NDA's are all signed

While the countries leaders feast on thier ill gotten bribes

Gates and Schwaub, a sickening list

Who look to rule Kingdoms with an iron hard first

And clench it, and pound out all who resist

The Climate change matters ,oh and they must insist

Encampments by day, and air raids at night

Paid off politicians, ignoring your plight

No protection is there, as the populace fights

To keep homes and farms and thier God given rights

The Central Banks giveth, and taketh away

They always answer the call, when it comes to payday

"A little more interest" is all that they'll say

"A little more debt," as they send you away

They all lived so long to see the day come

When all of the nations are under thier thumb

And just when you think, they are just about done

They release bioweapons to which many succumb

No one pursues them

They have private armies

They say in thier pride, "No one will harm me"

"I stand as a statue I make to myself

I guide the guidestones with all of my wealth."

People need to face horrid facts

A lack of knowing oneself is much more than tact

It could save you one day, though you may not quite figure

They study you son, they know all your triggers

They'll rile you up, and cause you to clash

With ones you call neighbors, oh the teeth that will gnash

They're looking for wounded, ones with a gash

They think they have taken us over at last

Now they send airplanes, and warships and drones

To pepper our coastlines, and bomb all our homes

This isn't one country, they didn't come alone

They come to do damage, and rend bone from bone

Our radars went dark, and we couldn't see

The size and the attack of the enemy

We've practiced for this, how will we survive

They blinded us, and bound all our FIVE EYES

Now comes to battle, the fights been engaged

Half of our planes, don't get out of the cage

Servicemen dying, all filled with rage

A considerable act, at the very first stage!

The waters get tainted by chemical attacks

But we're fighting and fighting and fighting them back

We've smaller numbers for sure, but they'll get our best shot

"Sir, this is Maverick, and I'm coming in hot!"

We need so much more, our weapons depleted.

They're trying to crush us, but we haven't conceded

This war must be won, there's no second wave

For the home of the free, and the home of the Brave

Lights are now shining, somethings reflecting

But nothing on any radars detecting

I look to the hills from whence cometh my help