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Seth McFarlane Demonstrates the Danger of Absolute Democracy

Opinion ~Lynn Matthews

There is a lot of talk about Democracy, especially lately. Politicians, mass media figureheads, and bloggers are constantly repeating the catchphrase, "A Danger to Our Democracy." There is a website named Democracy Now by a progressive journalist who from what we can determine is promoting partially false information.

While everyone is screaming about DEMOCRACY, we need to ask ourselves, exactly what does pure democracy actually represent? Democracy in its purest form seeks to benefit the majority. The majority rule, the majority has the say in who is right and who is wrong. They institute regulations and restrictions to benefit the majority. The will of the majority overrides the will of the minority. Basically, Mob rule.

Enter the genius behind Seth McFarlane on his show Orville a science fiction comedy-drama based in the future which although eerily similar to Star Trek but more comedic. McFarlane introduces a culture in episode one entitled, "The Orville ("Majority Rule") on Absolute Democracy" where McFarlane cleverly combines a style of social media credit scoring with absolute democracy.

People are judged based on what the majority rules. And during this episode, It is easy to see how mob rules works out in the end. Minor infractions are turned into crimes, as one of the major characters is almost lobotomized because of the judgment of what on the show is considered "lude conduct."

If you subscribe to Hulu, you can watch the full episode. We found this show, particularly demonstrative of what will become in the future if the definition of a republic is consistently replaced with the term "democracy."

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