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Shocking - The Military is Using Drag Queens in their recruiting

How woke is the United States Military

The Navy is appointing an active-duty drag queen as its ambassador for recruiting in the United States Navy.

While military recruiting is down, military leaders believe using diversity would increase the number of volunteers to serve in the military. "The program was launched to diversify and expand the Navy’s candidate pool amid a recruiting crisis across the military."

Second-class petty officer Joshua Kelly who performs on Tic Toc as Harpy Daniels identifies as a non-binary. A description on the LGBT hero page non-binary is an umbrella term to describe people who identify with a gender outside of the gender binary, and can be categorized under the trans umbrella term, although not all non-binary people identify as trans.

Kelly served as one of five ambassadors in the Navy’s Digital Ambassador Pilot Program. Kelly is an advocate for the LGBTQ program in the military.

Kelley said that as an ambassador, they would use her personal experiences in the Navy to connect with sailors on social media, including the popular video-sharing app TikTok. However, Republicans were quick to point out that TikTok was a Chinese spy program, that China uses to push misinformation and damages national security.

President Biden demanded that TikTok be sold or risk being banned in the United States.

Despite the threats from the White House, the US Navy has no issue with its members using TikTok to promote themselves. While banning TikTok from government-issued mobile devices it has not stopped navy social media influencers from using the Chinese-based program to self-promote.

Republican Senators claim the Navy is being misrepresented by their Ambassador by not only using the Chinese-owned platform but also that Americans overwhelmingly disapprove of Drag Queen performances. Senators have questioned Navy Secretary Carols Del Toro to justify why the Navy partnered with a social media influencer who posts “behaviors and activities many Americans deem inappropriate.” They note the service’s social media policy cautions sailors to assume any content that they post might affect their careers and the reputation of the Navy.

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