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Something Is Rotten In The State Of Delaware!

OPINION by Linda Genzel

There is an enormous disparity, a blatant double standard in the way Attorney General Merrick Garland has intentionally chosen an ‘honors system’ sort of strategy to deal with Biden’s illegal secret stash of President Obama’s Classified Presidential Documents and in the egregious scorched-earth way he has malignly elected to handle President Trump's lawful PRA (Presidential Records Act) claim to the retention of his own Presidential Documents that were created during his tenure, classified or otherwise.

Last paragraph of the PRA: “Makes the records of a former President available to such former President or the designated representative of such former President.” ( H.R.13500 - 95th Congress (1977-1978): Presidential Records Act | | Library of Congress )

Yes, President Trump had already departed the White House, and Biden is now currently in the White House; however, Biden's pirated personal collection of classified documents dates back, at a minimum, six years to when he was Vice President. Additionally, in accordance with the PRA, President Trump had lawful possession of his own Presidential Records, which by the way, were locked in what most describe as a fortress and guarded by armed Government Secret Service Agents 24/7; by contrast, Vice President Biden had unauthorized, illegal possession of President Obama’s Presidential records, which were wafting around out there in the ether, unsecured, or at least not safeguarded in compliance with government standards and/or protocols during that six-year period of time after Vice President Biden had left office to when the first tranche of classified documents was discovered on November 2nd, 2022.

Owing to these incontrovertible facts, and taking into account the obvious National Security implications staring everyone in the face for a host of alarming infinite reasons and not the least of which was Iran and Ukraine being subjects of some of these classified documents ( Intel memos on Iran, Ukraine among docs found at Biden office: report ), is it not concerning to everyone or even a slight bit perturbing to Democrats that the National Archives didn’t even notice that some of President Obama's Classified Presidential Records were even missing, unaccounted for, and/or in the unauthorized possession of former Vice President Biden, possibly even Hunter Biden? ( Hunter Biden lived at Delaware home where classified docs were kept )

The National Archives were quite literally counting napkins, matchsticks, post-its, photographs, and every single syllable of every single word of every single sentence of every single paragraph in every single document when it came to Trump ( Items Taken from Trump Residence ), but strangely enough, they were in a six-year coma, a stupor, an Obama trance, oblivious, and now feigning naivete to the AWOL Top Secret Classified Documents missing from President Obama's Presidential Records, when it came to Vice President Joe Biden, that is.

This is The United States Of America; we are the world’s number one Superpower. Everything is, and everyone can be tracked and traced from the cradle to the grave, so why the f*** are we just learning about missing classified documents over half a decade or more after the fact? Make no mistake; this was no “inadvertent misplacement” of classified documents; they are lying! Furthermore, with the tremendous advances in science, can not each and every one of those classified documents be forensically examined and tested, whether through fingerprinting or skin cell analysis, to see specifically who or whom handled them and if they had security clearance to view and handle them, of course, ruling out those who supposedly stumbled upon the documents on November 2nd, December 20th, January 11th, and January 12th? Surely Garland could have sent out a CSI unit or an ICISA unit to the three scenes of the four crimes to determine if, for example, Hunter Biden or any of his foreign or domestic business partners, who likely passed through the Wilmington, Delaware residence and the Penn/Biden office, touched or as much as sneezed on, sniffed, (cocaine off of), shed some dandruff on, or breathe on those documents.

Garland did, after all, in what most see as an outrageously shocking abuse of power, pull out all the stops and send in an army of guns blazing FBI agents, swarming helicopters, boats, parachuters, and with roaring police sirens piercing the air to ransack President Trump's Mar-A-Lago home, breaking into his personal safe, even seizing his passports, riffling through Melanie Trump's underwear drawer, and tearing apart 17-year-old Barron Trump's bedroom in violation of their 4th Amendment Rights with such an unconstitutional broad search warrant, (4th Amendment Rights – Search & Seizure - U.S. LawShield ), which as we later learned, was dubiously granted by an activist anti-Trump Magistrate rather than by an actual Federal Court Judge, which is what would be expected in such a high profile unprecedented case, so surely after that reprehensible and savage theatrical display of political showmanship in what can only be described as the endless persecution of former President Trump, then the ‘above the law’ imperial Attorney General, Merrik Garland, should, or could ill afford not to assign a forensic unit to run a comprehensive examination of the classified documents, you know, in the interest of National Security and all, not that we’d expect them to rummage through Jill Biden’s knickerbocker drawer or anything like that, but because we all know how much Democrats care about the safety, security, and sovereignty of this Nation; I mean, just take a look at the bang-up job they are doing securing our Southern Border.

The FBI would not let Trump attorneys set so much as one foot inside the front door of Mar-A-Lago during Merrik Garlands' unconstitutional politically motivated raid of Trump's home; however, it was somehow perfectly acceptable for Merrik Garland, although altogether outside of the legally required government protocol and procedures, (Procedures for the U.S. General Services Administration Classified Couriers | GSA) to allow Biden’s private personal attorneys, without clearance, to continue the search for additional classified documents at Biden’s home after the discovery of the first batch of classified documents at Biden’s office in the Penn/Biden Center; tell me again who is or isn't behaving as though they are ‘above the law!’ (Oversight Committee Asks Why Biden's Attorneys Searched Home). It was Biden’s private personal attorneys (former Get-Trump DOJ prosecutors) who searched for, happened upon, and came forward with all of these classified document discoveries, and it was Merrick Garland, who then, in turn, consciously elected to keep it all hush-hush and on the down-low for over two months, or until someone leaked it to the press, that is. Merrick Garland threw a statuary investigatory process out the window by allowing Joe Biden’s personal private attorneys to do the job of field FBI agents, and now he, democrats, and the left-wing media assume or rather expect us to believe and trust that all of the classified documents have been turned over to the National Archives and accounted for, and that nothing has been destroyed, bleached, or shredded, after what they did to President Trump; I don't think so. How Mindnumbingly stupid do these Machiavellian politically motivated partisans believe we are, or actually, the Democrat base is?

Why did Merrick Garland wait so long before he decided to tell the public about any of this or even appoint a special council? Well, the answer is quite simple, Garland was, in all likelihood hoping that this epic egg-in-his-face scandal would never come to light and if and in the event it did, he needed time to figure out a way to explain it away; however, the best he could come up with was to imply that it was an ‘inadvertent misplacement’ of documents that conveniently slipped the National Archive Librarians' mind, or that because the documents were locked in a cupboard, home garage, or private office filling cabinet, and G-d, the Biden’s, and Merrik Garland only knows where else, that they were somehow then safe and secure, therefore making Biden less culpable, and/or less condemnable in Garland's partisan biased vindictive psyche, but, much to Garland's chagrin, Biden’s secret stash and stockpile of top secret classified documents came to light, and it wasn’t just one so-called ‘inadvertent misplacement’ of classified documents that they initially led us to believe it was, but rather three more discoveries, four crime scenes 'crime scene' to date that we know of, or more like, have been told about. Unfortunately, the lipstick Garland plastered on this pig is not only smudging and smearing, but it has also utterly obliterated every last sliver of trust that the public may have had in the FBI and DOJ as apolitical, unbiased institutions or law enforcement agencies. This has left the public with a bad taste in their mouths, questions, and suspicions in their minds, and with an instinctual gut perception or feeling that Merrik Garland and Joe Biden, among other Democrats and bureaucrats, willfully and calculatedly conspired to keep this dubious, likely nefarious, scandal or offense, buried to protect the Bidens’ from possible criminal prosecution and of course, to preserve and safeguard the Democrats phony reputation or narrative that they are the righteous ones, the party of morality and piety, when they are anything but! - Linda Genzel

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