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Stalin is so Popular, Bernie Sanders Uses his Platform to run his Presidential Campaign.

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Bernie Sanders Democratic candidate for President has gained a lot of attention for his platform. In a campaign rally given in June of 2019, Bernie presented his "21st Century Economic Bill of Rights." What was interesting however terrifying if you're an American is the direct correlation between what his platform is running on, and that of the Totalitarian dictator Joseph Stalin.

He referred to our government several times as an oligarchy, however as a sitting member of Congress Bernie is actively part of the proletariat oligarchy. He fails to mention that fact. Bernie sat in the House of Representatives for 16 years before being elected to the Senate in 2006. Making him a small percentage of government elite ruling over the majority.

Sanders addressed his audience on his 21st Century Economic Bill of rights, "A Bill of Rights that establishes once and for all that every American, regardless of his or her income in entitled to:

The right to a decent job that pays a living wage

The right to quality health care

The right to a complete education

The right to affordable housing

The right to a clean environment

The right to a secure retirement"

These "Rights" that Bernie claims have been traced to Stalin's Constitution of 1936.

"ARTICLE 118. Citizens of the U.S.S.R. have the right to work, that is, are guaranteed the right to employment and payment for their work in accordance with its quantity and quality. The right to work is ensured by the socialist organization of the national economy, the steady growth of the productive forces of Soviet society, the elimination of the possibility of economic crises, and the abolition of unemployment."

ARTICLE 119. Citizens of the U.S.S.R. have the right to rest and leisure. The right to rest and leisure is ensured by the reduction of the working day to seven hours for the overwhelming majority of the workers, the institution of annual vacations with full pay for workers and employees and the provision of a wide network of sanatoria, rest homes and clubs for the accommodation of the working people.

ARTICLE 120. Citizens of the U.S.S.R. have the right to maintenance in old age and also in case of sickness or loss of capacity to work. This right is ensured by the extensive development of social insurance of workers and employees at state expense, free medical service for the working people and the provision of a wide network of health resorts for the use of the working people.

ARTICLE 121. Citizens of the U.S.S.R. have the right to education. This right is ensured by universal, compulsory elementary education; by education, including higher education, being free of charge; by the system of state stipends for the overwhelming majority of students in the universities and colleges; by instruction in schools being conducted in the native language, and by the organization in the factories, state farms, machine and tractor stations and collective farms of free vocational, technical and agronomic training for the working people.

ARTICLE 122. Women in the U.S.S.R. are accorded equal rights with men in all spheres of economic, state, cultural, social and political life. The possibility of exercising these rights is ensured to women by granting them an equal right with men to work, payment for work, rest and leisure, social insurance and education, and by state protection of the interests of mother and child, prematernity and maternity leave with full pay, and the provision of a wide network of maternity homes, nurseries and kindergartens.

Interestingly though is the right to a clean environment. That Sanders added to his bill of rights. How would he achieve this?

Stalin took the Soviet Union and turned it into a world superpower. However, the United States through it's military and technology is considered to already be a world superpower. Is Sanders going to use Stalinesque techniques to turn the United States into A "Green Superpower"?

Communists have been trying to take over America since World War II. they were unable to do it on the battlefield during Korea and Vietnam so in the seventies and eighties they turn towards academia to fundamentally transform the general philosophy of society.

"Stalin ruled the former Soviet Union with an uncompromising totalitarian agenda, thrusting the Soviet people into poverty, misery and untimely death. Yet he did this to better the country and turn it into the global superpower of today." Does Sanders agenda encompass what would happen if he was granted presidency, and does the American public even fathom the consequences of turning our Constitutional Republic into a Democratic Socialist nation at any cost?

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