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Standing with Israel: A Plea for Understanding and Condemnation of Antisemitism

Opinion: Lynn Matthews

I have remained silent for too long about the events unfolding in Israel, but my heart tells me it's time to speak out. The recent attacks on Israel have been nothing short of abhorrent, and it's essential to address the deeply rooted antisemitism that often fuels such violence and misrepresentation in some media narratives.

Israel, like any other nation, has the right to exist and to defend its people. This is a fundamental principle of international law and basic human decency. Yet, it seems this right is frequently questioned or outright denied, often masked under the guise of political criticism but crossing the line into outright antisemitism.

The Jewish people have a historical and undeniable connection to the land of Israel. After millennia of persecution, including the horrors of the Holocaust, the establishment of Israel was not just a political necessity but a moral imperative. It provided a safe haven for Jews worldwide, a place where they could finally exercise their right to self-determination.

The recent attacks on Israel, targeting innocent civilians, are a stark reminder of the dangers that the nation faces daily. These acts of terror are indefensible and must be condemned unequivocally. Every rocket fired indiscriminately into civilian areas, every stabbing, and every car-ramming attack is a gross violation of human rights and a tragic loss of life.

Yet, despite these provocations, the media and public discourse sometimes paint Israel as the aggressor. It's vital to scrutinize these narratives critically. While no country is beyond reproach and Israel, like any nation, should be held accountable for its actions, this scrutiny should not devolve into a blanket condemnation or, worse, antisemitism.\

Antisemitism is not just an attack on Jews; it's an assault on our shared humanity. It's a poison that corrodes societies, fostering hatred and division. The recent surge in antisemitic rhetoric and violence around the world, often linked to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, is deeply troubling. It's a stark reminder that we must stand vigilant against hate in all its forms.

Understanding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict requires recognizing the legitimate aspirations and grievances of both sides. Peace will only be achieved through dialogue, mutual recognition, and respect. However, this pursuit of peace does not justify or excuse acts of terror against innocent civilians.

I urge everyone to educate themselves about the history and complexities of this conflict and to see beyond the often-simplified and biased portrayals in some media outlets. Recognize that behind the headlines are real people – Israelis and Palestinians – who deserve to live in peace and security.

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