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Targeting Trump: Democrat Tyranny, Tish, & Her James-Town Witch Trials…

New York Attorney General Letitia James, affectionately known to many as Peekaboo

James and, by any other identity, epithet, standard, definition, or description, at least in Constitutional circles, as an incompetent disreputable prosecutor, a career politician by all accounts, an angry woman with a rather large chip on her shoulder who has, to her own selfish ends, leveraged her position and the Trump name to further her own political career, like an unscrupulous tentacle, as it were, of the Establishment Deep-State, otherwise referred to as the Government; indeed a spectacular example of the pervasive political rot that has infested our Nation’s institutions, like a malignant tumor seeking to ravage and rape our Constitutional Republic, our Constitutional Rights, and our Constitution’s seven founding principles that are the very bedrock upon which American Judeo-Christian values were built and stand.

Indeed, Ms. James and her cadre of overzealous Trump-hating Blue-State broomstick Prosecutors, in all their cockiness, thought they had President Trump right where they wanted him, weakened, demoralized, and in hiding. She thought their little Machiavellian charade of political lawfare, using, misusing, and quite frankly, abusing the law in, let’s just call it, the James-Town Witch Trials, would be enough to end Trump, but once again, like every other witch-hunt and “Get-Trump” Deep-State Establishment politician, prosecutor, and bureaucrat that has come and gone before her over the last seven years, and much to her chagrin and over-inflated ego, she and her cauldron of colleagues thought wrong. You see, President Trump, STILL STANDING 🎶 better than he ever did, looking like a true survivor, not only showed up and walked into and owned that Manhattan courtroom, confident, in control, and exuding a sort of fearsome determined strength, that not only blew Peekaboo back on her heels, but that, quite frankly, knocked her flat on her ass, putting her on the defensive.

In fact, Ms. James, in an apparent state of towering fury, like a gasket ready to blow, spent the opening day, or rather the opening week of the trial sitting across the room from President Trump, staring at him like a frenzied lunatic possessed by a Demon, but of course, not altogether surprising; she is a Democrat after all, and therefore not exceptionally high on the good intentions, or for that matter, intellectual totem pole because if that, for lack of a better word(s), certifiably nutty, or more politely or professionally put, non-compos mentis staring stunt were intended to be some sort of intimidation tactic or possibly a bid to showcase her glass-ceiling womanly powers, well, she failed miserably. -"One flew east, one flew west, one flew over the cuckoo's nest,,," or Glenn Close springs to mind!

Adding to that fun-sized side show of insanity, there was also her staged theatrical performance on the steps of the courthouse, where she attempted to play the victim card and sound all-knowing, noble, righteous, and beyond reproach, but of course, given her contrived and deliberate manipulation of the law and the facts of this case, in addition to her wanton disregard for the Constitutional Rights of the defendant, Donald J. Trump, she was anything but, especially juxtaposed her countless venomous inflammatory hate-filled rants over the last several years, incessantly yelling into her bully pulpit bullhorn that she was going to “get Trump’s Ass!!!” —Classless just slipped off the tip of my tongue.

Letitia James once said, actually no, twice, three times, four times, five times, if not a hundred thousand times: "I'm running for attorney general because I will never be afraid to challenge this “illegitimate president” when our fundamental rights are at stake.” Which, of course, or at least according to Jack Smith, AG Merrick Garland, and Fani Willis’s left-wing Marxist definition of seditious conspiracy, is, in fact, grounds for not only disbarment but for a life sentence in the DC Gulags without the possibility of parole. Indeed, Peekaboo openly campaigned on weaponizing our Judicial System to persecute, prosecute, and remove a sitting United States President, at the time, Donald J. Trump, from office. Can anyone say malicious prosecution or, better yet, coup d'état ten times fast?

Sure, I suppose, it’s okay to think ill of others; of course, it’s not especially nice or a reassuring example of good moral character, particularly for an officer of the court, but that’s her God-given, or rather, in her case, devil-given right, and of course, it’s also her Constitutional Right to be an absolutely horrible, hateful human being who, as a member of the Jackass Party, clearly harbors a writ-large deep seethed sense of resentment and contempt for President Trump and White America and Conservatives at large, notwithstanding her all too obvious Marxist beliefs, values, and principles that she wears on her sleeve, but that said, in a professional capacity, acting as an officer of the court, her personal and political biases and beliefs, however hateful, vindictive, or otherwise they may be, must, at all times, be checked and left at the door before entering a courtroom, and why? Well, because the law not only demands it but requires it as an absolute condition of her job owing to the fact that the United States Constitution was written to protect and defend Americans, especially defendants, from her employer, the Government, and the institution and employees thereof for which she serves and answers to. However, it appears that separating the personal from the professional is not a particular task that Letitia James seems to have mastered for whatever ideological, personal, intentional, racial, political, and/or nefarious reasons she harbors, and however unethical, wholly inappropriate, and possibly unlawful taunting defendants is on social media.

Germane to this latest and ever so blatant, politically motivated “Get-Trump” Letitia James-Town witch-hunt, in what has become, to quote the Declaration of Independence: “a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism,” is the judicial joke presiding over the trial, Judge Arthur Engoron. To be sure, a rather peculiar-looking, unkempt left-wing activist Jurist, who has been characterized as a clubhouse establishment politician, not to mention a big-time Democrat donor who has been contributing thousands of dollars to left-wing candidates and causes for decades.

To be sure, Judge Engoron’s courtroom etiquette, or lack thereof, at the onset of the trial was altogether tactless, and that’s putting it mildly. In fact, most would concur that it was downright sleazy and utterly shameful… some might even argue that it was tantamount to cracking a joke at a funeral. Mugging for the camera as though he were on the Red Carpet at the Emmy’s, which, given the setting —a courtroom, and the circumstances, a never before seen “victimless” civil suit, where a company and its over 22,000 employees jobs hang in the balance— should have left everyone, at least, those with a conscience and a modicum of respect and decency, scratching their heads, wondering if Judge Engoron was on drugs or just plain insane, a mad hatter if you will, a fictional character come to life, straight out of the pages of Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland” or “Through the Looking Glass? Or whether this is even about the law for him, but moreover, something more nefarious, possibly, his gigantic sociopathic ego, his 15 minutes of fame, as it were, and quite possibly, plausibly, or literally, his insidious need to be the left’s hero, the Judge who goes down in the history books as having brought down President Trump and his empire?

Without a doubt, political corruption wears many masks, from influence peddling, nepotism, extortion, and, for the purposes of this article, the weaponization of the Government against political opponents, particularly in the form of malicious prosecution, which up until this juncture was the sort of malevolent behavior that one would ordinarily only expect to see in 3rd world dictatorships, but unfortunately, it seems, for all intents and purposes, to have found its way into the corridors and halls of the United States Judicial System; the one institution in our society that is supposed to be incorruptible, beyond reproach, and free from partisan politics. A system that was created in large part to protect our fundamental rights, to stand as a firewall between the people and government overreach, particularly the sort of overreach that inevitably always leads to tyranny, whether it be soft or hard tyranny or whether it be in big or small measures, it weakens the system and its capacity to effectively guarantee and protect our rights, because it affects the function and duties of judges and prosecutors, which, as a consequence, not only has a direct but also an indirect, and more often than not, a lasting and damaging effect on and in the functioning of other institutions, society at large, and/or on a micro-scale but in a profound way, on people’s lives, which of course, as a consequence not only depletes but also ultimately erodes public trust in our justice system, which is what is ostensibly happening in Letitia James-Town Witch Trials.

As an example, we recently learned that Judge Engoron ignored a July 2023 appellate court divisions’ ruling on the statute of limitations in President Trump’s New York civil case, stating that “statutes of limitations may preclude James from suing over claims that arose before July 13, 2014, or February 6, 2016,” a verdict that, much to Letitia James's consternation, effectively struck down and wiped out approximately 80% of her bogus indictment against Trump, but of course, Judge Engoron came to Ms. James's rescue, unabashedly skirting the law and brazenly dismissing and shrugging off the appellate court’s ruling, as though he were a Judicial deity endowed with special powers, privileges, and authority that no other judge or court in the land is, not even the United States Supreme Court, and so thereby, in no uncertain terms and for that matter, in unspoken terms, making it abundantly clear that he had already predetermined President Trump’s fate, his culpability, and the verdict of this case without “due process of law," before the trial had even begun, and before Trump's attorneys were afforded an opportunity to present their case, evidence, and defend their client.

Indeed, it appears as though honesty, personal and judicial integrity, ethics, and Judge Engoron’s fidelity to his Oath of Office, to the United States Constitution, along with a defendant’s rights, and in this case, President Trump’s 5th Amendment Rights to Due Process and respectively, his 14th Amendment Rights to Equal Protection and Application of the Law, thereof, don’t seem to matter or mean all that much to him, if at all. But then again, Engoron is a Democrat; they revile the Constitution, its principles, and Trump, so therefore, it is easy to imagine how, in his Orwellian mind, ignoring, manipulating, bending, twisting, and distorting the law and the facts of President Trump’s case in order to meet his presupposed righteous ends, was and is not only entirely justified but absolutely necessary, however unlawful, despicably immoral, and dangerous it is to our Constitutional Republic’s continued existence.

And as if that presumptuous, insolent, and egregious display of what can only be surmised as malicious prosecution and the politically motivated persecution of President Trump, disregard for the law and for the defendant’s Constitutional Rights, not to mention utter disrespect for the appellate court and the judges thereof, wasn’t enough to make your head spin, blood boil, and trust in our Judicial System evaporate, Judge Engoron also allowed Letitia James to not only inappropriately use a consumer fraud statute against a private company, the Trump Organization, thereby setting a new precedent and depriving President Trump of his 7th Amendment Constitutional Right to a jury, but he, in fact, also made an 11th-hour decision in summary judgment the day before the trial was set to begin, ruling that the Trump organization was liable and guilty of fraud, for, in his ludicrous mal-ruling, overvaluing Mar-A-Lago. According to Engoron, in his uncouth, delusional, or, moreover, corrupt mind, Mar-A-Lago was or is only worth $18 million, which, in actual fact, is not only utterly preposterous on its face, a bald-faced lie, and a deliberate manipulated distortion of the facts and value of Mar-A-Lago, but, in fact, it is unequivocally the malicious “deflation” or lowballing of Mar-A-Lago’s true worth because, as I am sure Engoron well knows, $18 million was and is the “tax assessed value” and not the “fair market value,” which is upwards of, conservatively speaking, $400 Million, which is the valuation that Banks and other lending institutions use in determining whether or not to grant loans to potential borrowers.

But hey, let’s not quarrel and quibble over the difference between $18 million and $400 million, shall we not; it’s only money. Haven’t you heard, silly, money can’t buy love?

Judge Engoron decided that Mar-A-Lago was or is only worth $18 million, and that’s that, so therefore, any and every Palm Beach luxury real estate expert who thinks, believes, or says otherwise or with evidence to the contrary needs to 1) shred it, 2) shut up and sit down, and 3) deal with it, no matter how utterly ridiculous, absurd, and wrong his ruling undoubtedly was and is, because, you know, he, for the greater good, the salvation of democracy and humanity, and all that is righteous and good in this world, needs to take down and destroy Donald Trump come hell or high water, or in his case, malicious prosecution and political persecution, because, you know, in the words of Judge Engoron, Trump “is just a bad guy.” So to hell with the appellate court’s ruling, to hell with the law, statutes, and juries, to hell with real estate brokers and their professional expert evaluations of Mar-A-Lago, to hell with comparable area comps, and to hell with affidavits from the banks supporting Trumps valuation… you know, only the actual entities for whom Letitia James claims Trump defrauded, even though the banks in question testified to using their own 3rd party independent appraisers to evaluate the “fair market value of Mar-A-Lago” before they granted the Trump organization a loan or loans that, according to said banks were, in fact, paid back in full, without default, and with interest, ergo no victim, no fraud!

Clearly, Judge Engoron is not stupid! He knows the difference between “tax-assessed value” and “fair market value.” I’m sure on his salary, he has bought himself a house or two. You don’t have to be a real estate mogul or expert to see what’s going on here, to see that Engoron’s spurious ruling on the valuation of Mar-A-Lago was injudicious at best and deliberately deceptive at worst. $18 million in Palm Beach for a 128-room sprawling golf club waterfront mansion on 20 acres, which, by the way, is the second largest mansion in the entire state of Florida. —Seriously, did Engoron fall and crack his head open? Because it sure does seem like the lights are on, but nobody is home in the land of Engoron.

And as if all of that weren’t enough to make you question whether this is, in fact, the United States of America or the USSR, in yet another outrageous and despicable display of judicial overreach and malicious prosecution, or moreover, left-wing Democrat totalitarianism, Judge Engoron made a play to dissolve President Trump’s company by effectively canceling his business certificates, not even a few days into the trial, possibly even months before its conclusion, thereby once again demonstrating that he had already determined the outcome or verdict in this case before all the evidence was presented, but fortunately, the New York Appellate Court not only stepped in and immediately smacked down Engoron’s utterly egregious order, but ostensibly humiliated and excoriated him, ruling in favor of President Trump by mandating an immediate stay on the cancellation of his business certificates in that: “[Judge Engoron’s] decisions impose unauthorized, undemanded, overbroad relief without proper factual or legal predicate, which will result in significant, irreparable harm…” Stating that: “[Judge Engoron's] decisions dated September 26 and October 4, 2023, and for a stay of trial, is granted solely to the extent of staying enforcement of Supreme Court's order directing the cancellation of business certificates.”

Indeed, according to several legal scholars, the appellate court’s immediate stay on Judge Engoron’s cancellation of Trump’s business certificates was essentially a shot across the bow at Engoron, in essence, warning him that they are not only watching him but that if he didn’t shut up, fall in line, and follow the law and the United States Constitution that they would remove him from the case because his malicious ruling to essentially dissolve Trump’s company and its 22,000 employees jobs and livelihoods thereof was and is such a gross overreach and abuse of judicial authority, that by taking property in violation of President Trump’s 5th Amendment “Due Process” Rights, Engoron may have, in fact, already caused irreparable harm and damage to not only President Trump’s businesses but also to any and all 3rd party businesses, entities, persons who were and are in effect dependent on and affected by those business certificates.

Judges and prosecutors are not special; they are not beyond reproach, and they most certainly do not have the unilateral Constitutional authority to create their own laws, to ignore and skirt the law or laws they don’t particularly agree with or like, and/or to violate and destroy a defendant’s life and rights based upon their own personal and/or political beliefs, enmities, and prejudices.

Unfortunately, these days, it appears that many officers of the courts, not unlike many of their counterparts in the Legislative and Executive Branches of government, have, can, and clearly are influenced by money, the allure of power, and partisan ideology and are therefore subject and malleable to the sort of systemic, corrupt political pressure from outside influences that ultimately compromise their integrity, impartiality, and independence which in turn deprives defendants of their right to a fair trial, and as such a defendant has an absolute right to speak out about such injustices in their cases whether perceived or real without fear of being shut down and gagged. Nowhere in the Constitution does it say that our judicial officers are exempt or immune from scrutiny or criticism, whether positive or negative, whether from defendants or otherwise. Nowhere in the Constitution does it say that jurists, like, for example, Arthur Engoron, Tanya Chutkan, and/or Juan Merchan, have the power, authority, or right to prevent a defendant, whether it be President Trump and/or any other defendant, from speaking out about their trials, whether publicly or privately. The 1st Amendment guarantees President Trump's absolute Constitutional Right to Free Speech, the right to speak, and the right to be heard, and the 6th Amendment guarantees his right to a fair, public, and speedy trial.

The last time I checked, and for what it’s worth, which is a lot, in fact, an awful lot, the mainstream media, political officials, whether elected or unelected bureaucrats, whether Judges or prosecutors, whether it be at a state or federal level, have all spent the last seven years viciously attacking, targeting, trashing, harassing, slandering, and ridiculing President Trump, his family, and anyone close to him, and primarily, or rather solely due to baseless, unjustified, and fictitious accusations and allegations cooked up by Democrats; he is not and never was the villain here; they are, were, and always have been, not him!

Indeed, President Trump is permitted and has a absolute Constitutional Right to defend himself against those very attacks; in fact, he has an absolute right to call out injustices and admonition corrupt and politically motivated prosecutors and/or activist judges, and most would say at this point, not only does he have an absolute right but an absolute obligation and duty to do so, not only for the sake of himself, his family, his company, and his thousands of employees but for our Republic, for “We the People,” and for our Constitution, because if Democrats get away with doing this to him, if they get away with bastardizing our Constitution, make no mistake, they will come for us next!

Linda Genzel Editor @Wecu News


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James Watkins
James Watkins
14 de out. de 2023

Thank you for this quite detailed expose'. You are right on the money. The Democrats you wrote about here are insane - the legal definition of that being "Not able to tell right from wrong' - and the lunatics are running the asylum that once was America.


Jules Kunofsky
Jules Kunofsky
14 de out. de 2023

Linda, I don't think there is a person on the planet that would (or could) debate the facts you present in your post. The actions of Judge Engoron and AG James, along with their motives, are also non disputable. But unfortunately, there are two groups of people that will react to your post. The first group are people like me who acknowledge the facts and are outraged. Outraged that this can happen in our country, outraged that this can happen to our Constitution, and outraged that this can happen to us one day. It's not "innocent until proven guilty", It's not even "guilty" and you must prove you are innocent. It's "guilty" with no chance of proving you are innocent…

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