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Terrorist Attack in Kenya

~Lynn Matthews, Michael Scott, and  Obuya Gabriel

Dusit Hotel, an upscale hotel in Nairobi Kenya came under attack as two explosions were heard followed by sustained gunfire.  Witnesses claim they saw four armed gunmen enter the hotel.  

Several vehicles have been burned at there have been reports of an un-exploded grenade in the area.  People on the scene were being rushed to safety as police and fire arrived on the scene.  

The terrorist group Al-Shabab has claimed responsibility for the attack.   According to AP, " The Al-Qaeda-linked group issued the claim via its radio arm, Andalus."

The attack comes three years after the  after Al-Shabab attacked a Kenyan military base in Somalia, killing scores of people. The Al-Shabab group objects to Kenyan troops in Somalia.  

Kenyan police are on the scene and have issued the following from their twitter account. 

We will be following up as more information becomes available.

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