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TERRORIZED - by an American President 2022

The Department of Homeland Security now labels Americans as 'Domestic Terrorists". DHS is using the full force of government to attack individuals and groups who disagree with this administration

In a Bulletin released on February 7th, DHS outlined its definition of what constitutes terrorism as threat actors that "seek to exacerbate societal friction to sow discord and undermine public trust in government institutions to encourage unrest, which could potentially inspire acts of violence."

This statement by the DHS is completely contradictory to the Bill of Rights which gives Americans freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Do we lose OUR RIGHT, if a group of people is discussing the adverse side effects of Biden's vaccine mandate, or how they believe that the election was stolen from our previous President?

The Department of Homeland Security is seeking to encourage unrest by targeting Constitutionally minded citizens. Yet, violent extremist groups such as Antifa that have been known to burn down federal buildings are left unmentioned in this memo. Are they tools of this administration?

Under additional details, the Bulletin explains, "The convergence of violent extremist ideologies, false or misleading narratives, and conspiracy theories have and will continue to contribute to a heightened threat of violence in the United States."

Most disturbing however is the number 1 factor that is contributed to the threat is:

"The proliferation of false or misleading narratives, which sow discord or undermine public trust in U.S. government institutions:"

  • "For example, there is widespread online proliferation of false or misleading narratives regarding unsubstantiated widespread election fraud and COVID-19. Grievances associated with these themes inspired violent extremist attacks during 2021."

Marsha Blackburn the US Senator From Tennessee addressed the senate with the absurdities of the DHS.

We will continue to bring you the truth about the far overreaching actions of this administration, even if we are considered domestic terrorists for doing so. If you like our work, please hit the heart at the bottom of the page and share our work. Since we are a small independent agency, every single dollar helps us keep our website alive, so please consider $1 donation to CashApp $WecuNews. Again thanks for reading

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