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The Biden Crime Family! Deny, Deflect, Distract & Hide The Evidence. When That Fails, Blame Trump.

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

On Wednesday, December 13th, 2023, in what couldn't have been more than a stone's throw from the steps of the U.S. Capitol, Hunter Biden, not merely the prodigal son of the anointed, flailing, and, conceivably, the most corrupt President in the history of the United States, but for all intents and purposes, a 54-year-old man-child with an overbearing, arrogant sense of entitlement who, not unlike his father in many, or most, or rather all ways, a perverted sleazebag, deadbeat dad, and mendacious fraud, or in sum total, a Machiavellian narcissist who has been given special and preferential treatment his entire life, convened an in-your-face, “I am untouchable, and above the law” style press conference, as only a member of the Biden Crime Family could do, and what’s more, in brazen and insolent defiance of a lawfully issued Congressional subpoena that sought his witness testimony in a closed-door deposition as part of the ongoing Congressional investigation into his father, involving public corruption and foreign influence peddling schemes at the highest levels of our government.

Of course, Hunter, as a ward of the Washington DC Deep State, and thus insulated by and with the unwavering support of the 4th Estate, otherwise known as the misinformation media, or the editorial arm of the DNC that —by Democrat default puts Party, Politics, and Politicians above People— has been denying the existence of relevant and material criminal evidence in the face of what is overwhelming, mounting, and undeniable relevant and material evidence of the Biden Crime Family’s traitorous activities by means of deflection, distraction, and diversion away from Hunter and Joe Biden’s web of lies, deception, and corruption, and as a result, millions of Americans, more specifically, unwitting, ill-informed left-wing CNN and MSNBC Democrat loyalists to be exact, were hoodwinked by Hunter's melodramatic theatrical performance in the art of political or rather, more appropriately put, criminal chicanery and “plausible deniability” as Hunter stood there, unscrupulously attempting to pass himself off as some sort of unassailable choir boy, who has been unjustly targeted, vilified and victimized by the big bad orange man, the People’s President, Donald J. Trump, and “extreme” MAGA Republicans, who by any other name are simply “We the People,” America-loving patriots as penned in the opening clause of the preamble to the United States Constitution.

“They displayed naked photos of me during an oversight hearing,” Hunter said of Republicans, with a cracked and forlorn voice as he glanced into the cameras with pitiful puppy dog eyes, of course, conveniently leaving out the bit that the photographs in question were, in fact, not only 1) blurred, but 2), and more importantly, evidence exhibiting Hunter's purported violations of “The Mann Act,” a federal law that was enacted to combat human trafficking and the interstate transportation of individuals, including women and minors, for immoral and unlawful purposes, such as prostitution or other illegal sexual activities that only the dregs of society engage in to satisfy their perverse carnal obsession..

"They have taken the light of my dad’s love, the light of my dad’s love for me, and presented it as darkness; they have no shame.” Hunter continued, whimpering and whining to a sympathetic media, who looked on with empathy and tender adoration as the sound of violins filled the air around him… Seriously, “the light of my dad's love:” What is that? Who came up with that one… perhaps KJP? Who knows, but comical nonetheless, with a “breakout the Pom Poms” capital C, O, M, I, C, A, L. Poor poor Hunter, he is just a helpless troubled kid from Scranton, Pennsylvania, a good boy, you know, with a heart of gold who means well, and who Trump and “extreme” MAGA Republicans browbeat and forced into gallivanting, cavorting, and frolicking around the world with hookers and strippers, smoking crack, and selling out America to oligarchs and communist dictators in places like China, Kazakhstan, Romania, Russia, and Ukraine among other nations while globetrotting on Air-Force Two with his daddy, you know, then Vice President Joe Biden, only like one of thee most powerful and influential men in this nation, and on the face of the planet, but hey, nothing to see here… it’s not his fault; I told you, Trump and extreme MAGA Republicans forced Hunter to do all of it.

How dare Republicans question such a sweet, innocent, and sensitive boy, even if he is a 54-year-old man-child with a raging appetite for sex and drugs. Can’t you see, Hunter is the victim here, a casualty of Republican lawfare at the behest of President Trump even though it is, in actual fact, his dear old daddy, Joe Biden, AKA the Big Guy, who presently sits perched on high in the Oval Office wielding the levers of power like only a tyrannical dictator could, umpiring his willing participants, players, and henchmen, DOJ Attorney General Merrick Garland, FBI Director Christopher Wray, and other unelected heads of our three-letter agencies up and down the political football field, as they all work in tandem to not only Stonewall the House Oversight Committee's investigation into the Biden Crime Family Syndicate as they scurry, hustle, and hurry to bury and conceal any and all evidence implicating Joe Biden in his son Hunter’s crimes as House Republicans continue to dig deeper and deeper into the shady underbelly of the Biden world, but who are also, in actual fact, not so coincidentally, conjointly and surreptitiously targeting President Trump at the direction of Joe Biden and Congressional Democrats, but hey, let’s not go there shall we not, because, again, it’s not their fault; nothing ever is. It’s all Trump’s fault, unless, of course, you know, climate change made them do it…

—Hunter Biden’s impugned character; his lewd and lascivious predilections, his extra curricula sexual activities and drug-fueled orgies, exploits, and escapades with strippers and prostitutes… all of that; his drug and sex addictions, yep, check and check… Trump’s fault.

—Hunter’s laptop from hell, check… Trump’s fault.

—Hunter’s failure to acknowledge the existence of his four-year-old daughter Navy Joan Robert’s, his own flesh and blood, check… Trump’s fault. (So much for Joe Biden’s rallying cry about “decency and battling for the soul of our nation,” when he, like his son, refused to acknowledge the existence of his grandchild; also his own flesh and blood… indeed, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in the Biden household.

—Hunter’s legal woes, his illegal gun purchases, tax evasion crimes, and his money laundering and foreign influence peddling schemes, check, check, and double-check…Trump’s fault.

—Hunter’s procurement of an $80,000 3-carat diamond that was gifted to him by Chairman Ye Jianming of CEFC for, I suppose, being oh so special, check… Trump’s fault.

I told you, it’s all Trump’s fault; it couldn’t possibly have anything to do with Hunter’s poor life choices, his bad behavior, his father, and his daddy issues, so just shut up, sit down, and believe what you are told to believe sheepie…

Pay no mind to any of it or to what is ostensibly a digital vault of debauchery containing not only a treasure trove of thousands upon thousands of compromising sexually explicit photographs and videos that were produced, uploaded, and stored on Hunter’s infamous laptop from hell by Hunter Biden himself, documenting and journaling every sick, twisted, and perverse detail of a sex addict’s life, of Hunter’s insatiable sexual appetite and exploits… pay no mind to his salacious iniquities preserved for posterity so Hunter can hit rewind, rewatch, and relive all over again and again.

Pay no mind to the veritable stockpile, the arsenal of damning evidentiary financial documents stowed alongside Hunter’s repository of homemade porn… you know, documents Chronicling every sordid detail of Hunter’s criminal misdeeds in what appears to be an “all in the Biden Family” multinational criminal enterprise of foreign influence peddling and potential treasonous activities that purportedly implicate dear old daddy himself… you know, the “Big Guy.”

Pay no mind to Hunter’s extensive collection or cache of inculpatory documents involving Joe Biden that include not only a mass throng of email chains and text message conversations but also business contracts, contacts, and deals between the Biden crime family and shady foreign entities and individuals. Documents that comprise banking records and statements dating back years showcasing a vast array of irrefutable, highly unusual, and questionable financial transactions involving significantly large sums of money, including bank wires, transfers, and deposits that were being washed around, through, between, and across the approximate 21 Biden family shell corp bank accounts. Payments and deposits to the tune of tens of millions of dollars that were derived from the bank accounts of corrupt oligarchs in Ukraine, Russia, Romania, and Kazakhstan, along with from Chinese nationals embedded in or with strong ties to the CCP, the Chinese Communist Party.

Indeed, bank records show that the Biden family received at least $20 million in unexplained bank wires from foreign Nationals; money that was first laundered through the 21 various Biden Family Shell Corps before finally ending up in the personal bank accounts of 10 Biden family members, including but not limited to Joe, Hunter, James, Hallie, and other adult Bidens, but also into the bank accounts of the younger Bidens… more specifically, of two of Joe Biden’s grandchildren. —Aren't Democrat politicians, their constituents, and the left-wing media alike even a slight bit curious as to what Joe Biden’s grandchildren did to earn millions from Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Romania, Russia, and China?

Here are links to the First, Second, Third, and Fourth Bank Memorandums that provide detailed descriptions and show bank records and wires… you know, the evidence that Democrats have declared ad nauseam does not exist.

Congressman James Comer, chair of the Oversight Committee who is heading up The House investigation and impeachment inquiry into and involving Joe Biden’s criminal activities, said Hunter Biden would not get any special treatment just because he is the President’s son; saying that House Republicans would neither treat him any better nor any worse than other witnesses; however, in the week preceding and in anticipation of Hunter Biden’s scheduled December 13th no-show closed-door deposition, Joe Biden’s DOJ, very cleverly installed an impenetrable legal bulwark between Hunter Biden and Congress, and in so doing demonstrating that:

1– once again, Hunter Biden gets special treatment.

2– we have a two-tiered justice system, where the rules and laws don’t seem to ever apply to Democrats.


3–Joe Biden has weaponized our government not only to target and take out his political opponents but to conceal his families crimes by deliberately obstructing the Congressional investigation into himself by way of shielding Hunter from:

1— Questions involving his tax evasion activities and subsequent criminal indictment stemming from or as a direct consequence of foreign payments that were divvied up among Hunter, his U.S. business partners, the Big Guy, and other Biden family members after it had been washed through the 21 various Biden Crime Family shell corps. Indeed, charges and activities involving money laundering that directly overlap with or rather more like spew over, like hot molten lava from a volcanic eruption of corruption, into the House Congressional investigation into Joe Biden’s purported criminal influence peddling schemes.

2– Questions that, after Hunter Biden’s newly added tax evasion felony charges, he can no longer be legally compelled to answer under the auspices of an “ongoing investigation.”


3— Questions that could have potentially implicated or incriminated Joe Biden, hence protecting the “Big Guy” from legal scrutiny and possible future criminal indictments after decades of cajoling and currying favor with America’s adversaries in places like China, Russia, and Ukraine, and all for his self-enrichment.

Indeed, it was this very DOJ-sanctioned bulwark of protection, of “special treatment,” that enabled Hunter Biden to put on quite the award-winning Golden Globe theatrical performance for the cameras on December 13th in defiance of a Congressional subpoena, allowing him to play and claim to be the victim as he stood defiant, refusing to appear before the House committee for his closed-door deposition, declaring on high that he would only submit to an open-door hearing in the interest of transparency, and why? Well, knowing that such a venue would make it exceptionally easy for him to weasel out of answering pointed questions as House Democrats rush to his defense by, and in predictable fashion, deliberately stonewalling and grandstanding to create chaos in the hearing room in a contrived effort to run out the five-minute time limit clock and thereby thwarting Hunter’s ability to effectively answer any questions, if at all, let alone the very pointed questions that could or would potentially trip him up and in doing so, implicate his father in the Biden Crime Family multinational multimillion-dollar influence peddling and bribery schemes…

You see, a closed-door deposition wound not afford Hunter such an easy out, if you will, what with skilled Capitol Hill lawyers adept at eliciting information from hostile witnesses doing all of the questioning and without any time constraints or surreptitiously timed interruptions from Congressional Democrats designed to stonewall and cause chaos in the Capitol Hill chamber in order to deflect to protect Joe Biden.

Indeed, Hunter may have duped the Democrat constituency with his pitiful presser in the so-called name of “transparency,” but his little charade wasn’t fooling any of us Constitutional Conservatives; nonetheless, it was extremely entertaining to watch Hunter deliberately walk his way into criminal contempt charges in order to save his deadbeat dad’s ass!

But be that as it may, If you paid close attention to Hunter's carefully formulated speech, he said: “There is ‘no evidence’ to support the allegations that my father was “financially involved” in my business.” So, you see, it wasn’t that he wasn’t involved, oh no, no, he was involved alright, in fact, he was involved up to his pencil neck in a sewer of DemoRat political corruption; he just wasn’t financially involved, in other words, he wasn’t cooking the books, you know, handling the accounting end of the business or rather, excuse me, of the “21” businessES. The Big Guy was just taking calls from Hunter’s foreign business partners and meeting with Hunter’s foreign business partners in and among other places, the office of the Vice President, no less, where, you know, as Democrat Congressman Dan Goldman claimed, they merely talked about the weather and whatnot, no biggie, totally believable, much like what Loretta Lynch was doing when she accidentally on purpose bumped into Bill Clinton on the tarmac back in 2016, and abracadabra, four days later the charges against Hillary went away and oops, what happened to the unfortunate journalist who happened upon that little tarry soirée, oh that's right, he is now six feet under pushing up daisies, that’s what happened…

So sure, Joey wasn’t involved in Hunter’s business… not; he was just doing precisely what the “smartest guy he knows” needed him to do in order to bring about global peace and tranquility with America’s adversaries, and, of course, you know, making a little capital on the side by helping Hunter’s corrupt business clients out of their self-inflicted criminal predicaments.

In point of fact:

1–In an e-mail dated September 23rd, 2011, Hunter's pitch to one of his CCP-connected Chinese investors was access to his father, Joe Biden, at the time Vice President Joe Biden… writing in the email that his value to Chinese investors "has nothing to do with me and everything to do with my last name.

2–In another email dated September 21, 2017, Hunter wrote that his father, Joe Biden, was “his business partner,” even providing his dear old daddy's personal cell phone number if the recipient needed to seek further confirmation that his father was, in fact, his business partner. Emails also show that Hunter Biden, CEFC officials, and Joe Biden shared offices under the Hudson West/CEFC/Biden Foundation name.

3–The FBI’s June 30th, 2020 FD-1023 form even contains allegations that then-Vice President Joe Biden was engaged in “an extortion scheme” where he was paid $5 million in exchange for specific actions…

4—And so much more… just click on the hyperlinks throughout this article to view and read all the relevant and material evidence.

So, bearing all of the aforementioned in mind, let us take a little trip down Joe Biden’s memory lane of LIES, shall we… Here’s how Joe Biden’s tall tale of “not involved” involvement in his son's global enterprise has evolved over the last four years:

—Initially, Biden told us that he had no idea what his son Hunter even did for a living; (I mean, it's utterly ludicrous to think that a father would show any interest in his son's career and businesses…). Joe said, and I quote: “ I don’t know what he was doing; I know he was on the board; I found out he was on the board after he was on the board, and that was it. I don’t discuss business with my son. First of all, my son has done nothing wrong. I trust him.” LIE!

—Then it was, “I never talked or met with Hunter’s business partners.” LIE!

—Then, “We only talked about the weather.” LIE!

—And now, it’s “my father wasn’t “financially involved” in my businesses…” LIE!

—Finally, the massive checks my father received were repayments for, you know, totally undocumented “loans.” LIE!

The goalpost keeps moving every time Biden gets caught in another lie. Lie, move the goalpost. Lie, move the goalpost. Lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, move the goalpost, and the media, the 4th Estate happily obliges and embraces the lie, and then helps disseminate the new version of it that, you know, totally didn’t involve Joe Biden… no joke, man; you can take that to the bank… you know, in the Cayman Islands!

Predictably so, the Washington DC establishment elites were, of course, on standby, waiting in the wings for Hunter Biden to wrap up his little melodramatic rendition of “Poor me, Trump did it” so that they could each take their turn at the bully pulpit, sounding off and deliberately lying through their crooked teeth, insisting that there is no evidence that Joe Biden was involved in his son’s shady criminal enterprise in the face of all the evidence of Joe Biden’s involvement in his son’s shady criminal enterprise… insisting that every claim Republicans have made “has been debunked.” Another LIE!… Well, about that, it has NEVER been debunked… it simply wasn’t investigated prior to Congressmen Jim Jordan and James Comer’s exhaustive investigation, and why? Well, because the powers that be on the seventh floor of the FBI and DOJ weren’t allowing it to be investigated.

Then there were AOC’s outrageous doozies… lies claiming that the Republican-led committee was:

1– refusing to allow Hunter Biden to testify publicly… LIE! —(Of course, they will, and have said so multiple times, but in regular investigatory order, i.e., only after the closed-door deposition.)

And her biggest doozy to date:

2– Republicans have not yet called a single witness or a single firsthand witness to testify in support of their allegations against Joe Biden. Big BIG LIE!

To be fair, though, it’s hard to speculate whether or not Alexandria Occasional Cortex was deliberately lying or not… she has a deer in the headlight habit of spouting off nonsense without actually paying much, if any, attention to the world outside of her little me, myself, and I bubble; maybe she was busy giving another Twitter tutorial on how to apply lipstick, or perhaps, she was lost in one of her tirades about how Elon Musk and Republican men are secretly attracted and obsessed with her, which, of course, is why, at least in her warped logic, they pick on her… not because it has anything to do with her abject stupidity and civics/Constitutional illiteracy, but because, you know like, she’s just so gorgeous like… like what other reason could there be, like, like, like…

Well, Miss Alexandria Occasional Cortex, numerous witnesses have testified, and exceptionally credible firsthand from the horses mouth witnesses at that, so let’s just run through a little sampling of some of them, shall we…

1— To start with, there was Hunter’s best friend and business partner, Mr. Devon Archer, a front row firsthand in the thick of it eyewitness who, contrary to Alexandria Ocasio Cortex’s BIG BIG LIE, was, in fact, deposed by Congressional Republicans at length and in great detail about Hunter and Joe Biden’s influence peddling business relationship with the heads of Burisma, the corrupt Ukrainian energy company that was paying Hunter and the “Big Guy” millions for influence and favors… you know, like getting the Ukrainian government off their backs by firing Prosecutor General Shokin, who was investigating Burisma, their corrupt energy company.

If you wish to read the full transcript of Devon Archer’s deposition, you can by clicking HERE! Also, documents discussed during the transcribed deposition can be found and read for your edification and enlightenment by clicking HERE.)

2– Then there’s also Anthony (Tony) Bobulinski, you know, Hunter’s business partner who not only handled the Chinese deals for the Biden Crime Family Syndicate but who also verified that the 10% for the Big Guy was, in fact, for Joe Biden, the “Big Guy,” because you know, in case I forget to mention, Joe Biden is the Big Guy, you know, the big Big BIG Guy, who according to Bobulinski, was also involved in all of their high-level Chinese business meetings and deals, you know, those silly little crimes that involve treason against America that Democrats and the left-wing media are trying to conceal from public viewing.

3– Next up are the FBI and IRS whistleblowers, who testified that those in the upper echelons of the DOJ forced investigators on the ground or in the field, as it were, to ignore the plethora of evidence pointing directly at Joe Biden, you know, the big guy! —Attached for your edification: Here are the transcripts of the whistleblowers' sworn testimony: i.e., Evidence that Democrats have repeatedly said does not exist.

So that’s what no witnesses look like to AOC and Congressional Democrats in the world of Democrat despots and desperation. But never fear, with the official impeachment inquiry about to get underway, it means that Republicans will have more standing in the courts, meaning that the Biden Crime Family, along with Joe Biden’s corrupt Attorney General Merrick Garland, and his DOJ, the FBI Director Christopher Wray, and the National Archives will no longer be able to withhold evidence and obstruct the House Oversight’s criminal Investigations into Joe Biden; they will now have to legally comply with the subpoenas, so stay tuned for more information, more depositions, and more evidence coming down the pike.

In the meantime and in-between-time, feel free to click on, view, read, and share all the evidence contained within the hyperlinks attached throughout this article, and the hyperlinks within the hyperlinks, and when you are done, ask yourself;

How much more proof do you need? Be honest.

Linda Genzel

Editor @ Wecu News


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