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The Biden Regime & The Betrayal Of Our Nation; The Morell Of The Story... Don’t Blinken Lie!

Opinion by Linda Genzel

Over the last several day's news broke on two fronts involving two principal Government appointees from Joe Biden’s Regime, the woefully unqualified Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, the architect of wars through weakness and the collapsing world around us, who, by use of coercion, exploitation, and manipulation of U.S. Intel and our Intelligence Agencies, has been implicated in an election interference scheme, and by all accounts, Attorney General Merrick Garland, who has been accused in a whistleblower’s report of, among a number of serious allegations, lying to Congress to protect the Biden’s.

Both men, who took an Oath to uphold and defend The Constitution, stand credibly accused and enmeshed in serious, if not, by all legal indications, unconstitutional and possibly criminal misconduct, and predictably so, it all revolves around Hunter and Joe Biden, the nuclei of a surreptitious electioneering ruse and a massive “all-in-the-family” multi-billion dollar foreign influence money laundering operation, traversing at least 2 Continents and 4 Countries with financial ties to and between at least 12 Biden family members, Ukraine, China, Russia, and Kazakhstan.

On Thursday, April 20th, 2023, House Judiciary Chairman Rep. Jim Jordan and Rep. Mike Turner, Chairman of The House Select Committee on Intelligence, released a letter that theyhad sent to Anthony Blinken, which all but confirmed what most Conservatives already suspected, that Blinken, a vile scheming Deep-State shady liar who can not be trusted, was the impetus behind what is, in all probability, the greatest Constitutional contravening infraction and dirty political trick ever perpetrated against the American Electorate.

Anthony Blinken, who at the time was working as Biden’s Foreign Affairs Advisor for his 2020 Presidential Campaign, as is reflected in the FEC’s Disbursements Data, orchestrated the now infamous and spurious intel letter in which he coerced former Obama CIA Deputy and Acting Director Michael Morell and 50 other former, now for evermore indelibly disgraced, high-ranking Intel officials, including, and among others, the predictable Obama-era culprits, CIA Director John Brennan, former DNI James Clapper, and Bush-era CIA Director Michael Hayden, into lying by signing his contrived Intel Letter just days prior to the 2020 General Election; making sure that all 51 intel signatories' names were accompanied by their current or former titles, giving the letter the "imprimatur" of accuracy.

This was, without question, a malign elaborate, calculated ploy set in motion by Anthony Blinken to defraud and mislead Americans into believing that Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, had not engaged in foreign influence peddling schemes by falsely claiming that the now authenticated, verified, and very real and legitimate Hunter Biden Laptop Story was a contrived disinformation conspiracy cooked up by Russia’s very own Villain In Chief, Vladimir Putin, to get Trump reelected, by deceptively contending in Blinken’s bogus propaganda intel letter that the laptop story “had all of the classic earmarks a Russian information operation.”

Of course, as a much anticipated predictable outcome of Anthony Blinken’s egregiously perfidious pseudo-intel letter that betrayed the Nation, Big tech and the Left-Wing-Legacy-Media-Mob, working in tandem, went into overdrive, dutifully playing their role as good little un-American stewards of the Democrat Party and the Biden Campaign, by shoving this mendacious missive down our throats, and using it as a basis to not only discredit but to outright censor the Hunter Biden laptop story just mere days before the 2020 Presidential General Election.

Former Obama CIA Deputy and Acting Director Michael Morell, who was supposedly a well-respected intel career official, at least up until October 17th, 2020, testified under Oath and under Penalty Of Perjury in a sworn closed-door deposition to The House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Jim Jordan and that of House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Turner, that he, in what was effectively a malign political operation masquerading as an Intel operation, unscrupulously organized the fraudulent intel letter at the direction of Tony Blinken with the intent to influence the outcome of 2020 Presidential Election, because he, like all other 50 signatories, wanted Biden to win the General Election.

Morell told Congress that he helped Blinken concoct this letter in time for the October 22nd, 2020, NBC Presidential Debate because he believed that then-President Donald Trump would potentially bring up the Laptop story, which, of course, he did, providing Biden with the perfect opportunity to publicly cite the bogus Blinken intel letter in a way that Rep. Jim Jordan said “made it seem organic,” but of course, it wasn’t. It was all choreographed.

Morell testified that several other Biden Campaign Officials also contacted him, as they wanted to coordinate the public propagation of Blinken’s machiavellian intel letter vis-a-vis a specific reporter at the Washington Post. He told Congress that after the letter had been released to the public, he got a phone call from Biden’s Campaign Chairman, Steven Ricchetti, thanking him for essentially successfully weaponizing the intel agencies and the intel letter in a way that helped Joe Biden win the final debate.

During his testimony, Morell also told Congress that at the time Blinken enlisted his help, his name was being floated to serve as Joe Biden’s Director of the CIA, which, in my contention, was clearly a manipulative ploy utilized by Blinken to seduce Morell into participating in the orchestration and dissemination of the fraudulent intel letter, because soon after he and the 50 other former intel officials had signed the letter, and it had served its purpose, his name was quickly dropped as a possible candidate to serve as Biden’s CIA Director.

Of course, as a reward for his malign betrayal of the nation, in what many might call a quid pro quo, Tony Blinken was awarded the most coveted cabinet position in the Executive Branch as Biden’s Secretary of State for staging one of the most egregious un-American disinformation ruses ever perpetrated upon and against the American people, our elections, and our Constitutional Republic.

Adding to this bombshell report, as I’m sure most people will recall, we also learned with much gratitude and appreciation to Elon Musk Due To His Purchase And Acquisition Of Twitter in late October 2022, that the FBI, along with several other three-letter spy agencies known to the conscious and astute, as “The Deep State,” was also putting its thumb on the scales of the 2020 Presidential Election in a bid to influence, interfere with, and tip the election in favor of Joe Biden.

Yes, indeed, the seventh floor of the FBI was strategically fermenting a subterfuge electioneering ploy by convening duplicitous weekly meetings with big tech, falsely warning them that they would likely be the victims of a Russian disinformation campaign. Further, corroborating this scheme, the former head of Twitter’s Integrity Department, Yoel Roth, testified under Oath and under Penalty Of Perjury before The United States Congress that the FBI had explicitly warned Twitter higher-ups that this purported “Russian disinformation campaign” would likely be waged against Joe or Hunter Biden.

Coincidentally, the FBI’s electioneering scheme also revolved around the same Hunter Biden Laptop story… leading one to speculate through the logical laws or rules of deductive reasoning, the supposition that the FBI, Anthony Blinken, and the Biden Campaign may have been in cahoots… working in tandem to discredit, censor, suppress, and block users from sharing the laptop story in an effort to deceive the American people and protect the Biden’s.

And as if all of that were not bad enough, it was also uncovered that the FBI was, in fact, in physical possession of the laptop itself and had been since December 2019, and had, according to former DNI John Ratcliffe, by early to mid-spring 2020, corroborated and authenticated the content of the laptop in its entirety.

The FBI knew all along and, most notably and more specifically, they knew on October 14th, 2020, when The New York Post first broke the Hunter Biden laptop story, and on October 19th, 2020, when Anthony Blinken released the fictitious intel letter, and on October 22nd, 2020, during the final Presidential Debate that the content of the laptop was indeed incontrovertibly all true and legitimate, but they sat by and did nothing because they were in on it.

Our FBI, the once-upon-a-time premier chief law enforcement agency in the country, was immersed in a clandestine politically motivated crusade to subvert the will of the people, and in doing so, altering the outcome of the 2020 Presidential Election, thereby not only violating and jeopardizing trust in our elections, the rule of law, and our law enforcement institutions, but they also betrayed our Nation and in doing so, damaged the integrity of our Constitutional Republic.

Of course, Antony Blinken, Mike Morell, along with the 50 other former intel officials, and the upper echelons of the FBI were not the only bad actors and malevolent agents of our government who have been caught lying and scheming over the last few days and/or months in political turpitude in the service of Joe Biden. We also recently learned that Biden’s Attorney General, Merrick Garland, is reportedly the senior Biden appointee named and implicated in an IRS-Agents Whistleblower’s report to Congress.

According to the Whistleblower’s Attorney, Mark Lytle, in an April 19, 2023 letter to The U.S. House of Representatives and to The U.S. Senate, his client, an Apolitical Supervisory Agent in the Criminal Division of the IRS, who has been overseeing the ongoing criminal investigation of a high-profile, controversial subject (Hunter Biden) since early 2020, has irrefutable evidence that 1) purportedly proves that Hunter is receiving “preferential treatment,” from the Justice Department, and 2) that by all accounts contradicts sworn testimony given to Congress by Attorney General Merrick Garland regarding the criminal investigation into Hunter's finances. Garland claimed in testimony that “the Hunter Biden investigation was completely independent of his authority.” Clearly a lie!

In other words, Merrick Garland, in a wink and a nod to Joe Biden, is burying Hunter’s criminal case in a politically motivated bid to Protect the Biden Family Crime Syndicate.

How much longer will our Constitutional system of governance permit Democrats like Anthony Blinken and Merrick Garland, among others, to masquerade around in pretense as though they are outstanding and morally righteous defenders of democracy, of our Constitutional Republic, avowedly preaching and lecturing Americans and the world about the rule of law, ostensibly professing that “no one is above the law,” denouncing dictators like Putin and Xi, when all the while, at least for the last 2 1/2 years that we know of, they themselves have been behaving like the vile monsters, tyrants, dictators, and despots they profess to despise and repudiate; lying, manipulating, undermining our elections, and perverting and weaponizing our institutions and the rule of law against their political opponents, betraying our Nation and to what end… absolute power, of course.

And why? Well, because one man, Donald Trump, had and has the guts, grit, and strength to expose the rot and stench in DC, and in doing so, threatens the Deep-States' permanent political power structure that is the Washington DC swamp.

If the Secretary of State and the Attorney General had any principles or an ounce of integrity left in their bodies, they would hang their heads in shame and resign for betraying our nation.

Linda Genzel Editor @ WECU News

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