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The Cancer of Cancel Culture in America Today

by ~ Tim Walsh Being “Offended” is not Tort!

In today's world of cancel culture, people can easily get hyped up on the whole idea of “I’m Offended” and feel as if they can file a lawsuit to make them feel better. Newsflash: if you’re offended YOU OWN that. 100 years ago, if someone was offended by something they turned, looked the other way, and kept walking. In some cases, they may leave a business establishment and say “I’ll take my money elsewhere”. There are not any laws written on the record of how “being offended” is some kind of injury that requires a legal remedy. There might be case law where a judge ruled in favor of a plaintiff, and that “sets a precedent”, but as we’ve seen (most recently with Roe V. Wade) just because a court rules a certain way on a certain case, that ruling is not “the law of the land”. Laws are legislated or petitioned and the job of the court is only to interpret the law. If you’re walking your dog and you stop so it can take a dump in my yard that would offend me, but it is not an injury to me in any way. If I turn around and shoot your dog that -IS- an injury, whether it’s a BB gun to scare it or a .22 rifle that kills it. You’ll probably be offended if I kill your dog for pooping in my yard, but you’ll also have suffered the injury of the loss of the dog. The first amendment covers freedom of speech and freedom of expression. You can say what you want, whenever you want. The very few limitations to this include libel, slander, and harassing or protesting lawmakers or judges to influence their decision because you disagree with them politically. Protesting outside of the home of a justice of the Supreme Court is highly illegal (18 U.S. Code § 1507). Even if you “have the right” to say what you want. It might not always be the best idea. Like you would not want to go into the wrong neighborhood and start yelling racial epitaphs while standing on the street corner. Residents may get offended, but you’ll probably get injured. You might get on Facebook and see all kinds of posts or opinions you don’t agree with. You’ll be offended until the cows come home. Even after the cows do come home, you’ll still be offended. You’ll wisk off to Starbucks, angrily cutting people off in traffic, and really lay into the barista making your coffee about how offended you are and how outlandish it is that people can express opinions different than your own. That is still your problem, and you OWN that. Welcome to America! Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky would be PROUD of the level of transgression the cancel culture has made against the first amendment rights guaranteed to US citizens in the Constitution. I mean WOW! Not only controlling information flow on Social Media, but Media, Sports, and the Press? Reminiscent of the 1920s and 1930s Germany and Russia, and even China and Japan, cancel culture is rubbing out individual rights. “Natural Law” is one of the founding principles of the constitution. Everyone has individual rights, and laws are supposed to be designed to PROTECT those. Cancel culture wants to rub that out, divide people into groups, pit them against each other, and cause so much chaos that the only solution is; what else but the government stepping in to take control. Don’t fall for the systematic erosion of individual rights. The constitution is not “an outdated, old idea that needs to be thrown out” but rather it is more relevant today than ever before as we see efforts to “round us all up” into globalism. Laws should be to protect the rights of everyone, not define marginalized groups and apply exclusive privileges to certain ones. Society needs to get back to teaching we can agree to disagree. You can respect that someone has a different opinion if you don’t agree with it. That is what makes a society healthy and provides for REAL diversity.

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