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The Case for the Release of January 6 Prisoners

Brad Geyer, white-collar criminal defense attorney, and recent draftee into the "Effort to Protect Constitutional Rights from Being Extinguished" filed a motion IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. The reason behind this motion: January 6th Prisoner Release Motion to Stop Coerced Medical Experimentation Violating Humanitarian, Constitutional, and International Law.

It has been reported that the treatment of detainees of the alleged capitol hill riots have been incarcerated since their arrest without bail while they await a court date. The conditions they are being held in are inhumane, and often discriminatory.

Geyer makes a case in his brief for the release of political prisoners, Kenneth Harrelson, and Kelly Meggs on the basis of humanitarian, constitutional, and international law.

"Come now Counsels for Kenneth Harrelson and Kelly Meggs1 hereby requesting this Court’s intervention, based on humanitarian, Constitutional and International Law grounds, involving medical experiments on humans without Informed Consent (“IC”) and, when voluntary vaccinations are refused, and with no process for exemption requests, penalties are imposed amounting to cruel and unusual punishments under the Eighth Amendment."

In his brief, he outlines a similar circumstance whereby protesters interrupted hearings, specifically that of the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh, and those protesters were released immediately. However, the protesters in the DC Department of Corrections, are being held without bail indefinitely until their trial is brought to court.

"Thousands entered Congressional office buildings and demonstrated vociferously and aggressively enough to disrupt official business and to cause the U.S. Capitol Police to order Congressional staff to lock themselves inside their offices. Dozens shouted in protest and unfurled banners in the middle of the U.S. Senate confirmation hearings and were arrested – but released the same day."

After engaging in conduct identical to that reflected by the charges and descriptions of conduct (that are grossly exaggerated) in this case, those demonstrators were merely charged with demonstrating and released the same day (after being held for about five (5) hours) upon paying a $35 fine. In contrast, this class of Defendants, including the captioned co-Defendants, have been incarcerated for many months and housed under severe conditions, with normal pretrial release rules improperly suspended in some cases.

He further goes on to discuss how politicized the Covid 19 vaccination has become and the discriminating treatment of those prisoners who have received the vaccine differs from those refusing the experimental treatment.

"As just one example, inmates in CDF, if they submit to receiving a Covid-19 vaccine, are provided access to private video kiosks where they can see their family members and their family members can see them."

The unvaccinated are denied outdoor activities, as well as visits from their family members. They are unable to shave or have proper personal hygiene. They are prohibited from having religious services in direct violation of their First Amendment Rights.

"Defendants who capitulate to coerced vaccinations are rewarded with free

commissary items in a free commissary gift bag. By contrast, in a reflection of the broader-scale medical apartheid unfurling in society-at-large, unvaccinated Defendants are required to pay for these essential items."

There is clearly a double standard in the DC Department of Corrections that gives preferential treatment to the political prisoners who have received the treatment compared to those who have not been vaccinated.

Furthermore, it has been discovered that the jail housing these prisoners has unacceptable living conditions. While 400 Inmates have been removed from the jail due to these conditions, the prisoners from the January 6th protest have not been moved. As reported by WUSA 9, "The U.S. Marshal’s Service will move approximately 400 detainees out of the D.C. Jail after an inspection found they were being held in unacceptable conditions – but not in the facility where January 6 defendants are being housed."

There is a good deal of information to unpack in Mr. Geyer's argument as to why the prisoners of January 6th should be released. Much of it has to do with experimenting on the population of prisoners with an experimental vaccine. Causing his critics to be apoplectic given the amount of information he included in his argument.

While these prisoners are being subject to inhumane conditions, especially given the presumption of innocence, his closing statement could have implications for all Americans who choose not to receive the vaccine.

"How profoundly sad that US Courts, in humanity’s hour of greatest need, have not stood more strongly against an evil that has sought to return to the era of forced medical experimentation while making IC optional and appealing to a century-old Supreme Court decision predating penicillin that provided previous justification for horrendous medical experiments prior to NC."

"The post-WWII world cried with a terrible cry, “Never again!” yet courts have thus far

spectacularly failed in their charge, and American jurisprudence must redeem itself in the face of great peril. We have seen the CDC recommend easing lockdown measures and granting privileges to C19 vaccine recipients. Those who opt out, including those with natural immunity, or those known to be at even higher risk of harm than the astronomical baseline level of risk already evident from VAERS and VigiAccess—are denied such privileges. Just as in dark former times dehumanized minority groups have been singled out and marked as second-class citizens, so also do “vaccine passports” in numerous jurisdictions manifest the same apartheid today. Legislatures and regulatory agencies only recently (and insanely) felled two foundational western principles in medicine and law: natural immunity and IC. Our society has been captured by a cartel, with no resistance or strong inclination to defend western civilization expressed thus far by the judiciary. The DOC’s coercion mirrors the broader unconstitutional medical segregation now being seen in society-at-large—hospitals are starting to deny not just organ transplants but basic medical care to the unvaccinated."

"Taken in sum, these despicable practices take inspiration from 1930’s era efforts to segregate “unclean” or “diseased” members of society who at first were just shunned, but eventually, confined and then…much worse. This Honorable Court has an opportunity to come down strongly in favor of humanity and to manifest the wisdom and prophecies of our Founders—that the judicial branch would rein in deceit and betrayal of other actors, that truth, justice, liberty, humanity, and the hope of a bright future for our children and future generations of Americans might prevail. We respectfully request that the Court release the above Messrs. Harrelson and Meggs to home confinement."

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