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The China FrAUdCI Virus; Sunshine Is The Best Disinfectant!

In a sweeping show of unanimous bipartisan consent, The Republican-controlled House Of Representatives sent an Intel Bill to Biden’s desk demanding that his DNI, Avril Haines, declassify and release all classified intel associated with the origins of COVID-19, but unfortunately, Biden is not on board with releasing this information to the public, telling White House reporters that “I haven’t made that decision yet.” (So much for transparency).

So now the question becomes, why or what is the rationale behind birdbrain Biden’s refusal to sign this bill? The unadorned truth, the simple answer to this question, at least, in my opinion, is quite simple, Joe Biden does not want to confront China because he is a coward and therefore is afraid to, or maybe because he’s beholden to or Compromised by China, or a combination of both, I suspect. Irrespective of whichever it is, the fact of the matter remains that, under Joe Biden’s weak leadership, China is becoming more emboldened and aggressive and growing more dangerous by the day!

And it’s no wonder why; you see, for the last two years, Biden has kowtowed and refused to challenge China on any formidable, grave, and/or problematic issue, not one. Whether it pertains to the over one Million plus Americans who have perished due to Covid, or whether it relates to the hundreds of thousands of teenagers and young adults who have been murdered by fentanyl and who continue to be poisoned to death on Biden’s watch, due to the massive upsurge of Chinese fentanyl being trafficked across our Southern Border through the CCP’s partners and proxies, the Mexican drug cartels, or whether it pertains to the Chinese Spy Balloon that Biden allowed to breach our airspace, violate our sovereignty, and transverse the open skies of the continental the United States for ten days, or whether it relates to the fact that Joe Biden revoked President Trump’s counter-espionage program that was specifically designed and developed to stop Chinese spying on Americans, America, and our interests whether at home or abroad and so much more! The fact is Biden had given China the keys to the kingdom!

Biden wants Americans to believe that China is our friendly competitor, but that simply is not the case! China is precisely who Donald Trump Warned Us They Were

Two years ago, Congressional Democrats were all gung-ho on board with Biden‘s current posture on covering up for China and withholding classified information from the American people concerning the inculpatory evidence uncovered through the investigation into the origins of Covid, but all that’s changed now, and why? Well, in the face of all the new or not-so-new revelations (depending on what side of the political aisle you stand on) that have recently been publicly acknowledged and corroborated by the FBI, and U.S. Department Of Energy, the public is now demanding accountability, and so hence Democrats can no longer play games, manipulate, or hide covid related information from the American people; information that confirms what we all suspected about the origins of Covid, and information that conclusively demonstrates that China is, in fact, our number one global adversary and not a friendly competitor.

On January 15th, 2021, a week before President Trump left office, and prior to that, on August 17th, 2020, 5 months before he left office, Trump Declassified and authorized his (ODNI) DNI John Ratcliffe, and his Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo to Release The Declassified Assessment 5/17, and a fact-sheet 1/15, showing that not only did the preponderance of the evidence support a Chinese lab leak rather than a naturally occurring environmental virus, but that this supposed Chinese civilian scientific lab, known to all as the Wuhan institute of virology or WIV, was, in actual fact, being run by the Chinese PLA and not by civilians, and that they were manipulating and doing scientific experiments on coronaviruses that were quite literally carbon copies of Covid-19; the virus that eradicated upwards of almost 8,000,000 people worldwide! What's more, amid the intel that President Trump declassified and ordered released was information confirming that the first among those to die from Covid were scientists from the Wuhan lab, which only further supports and solidifies the lab leak premise!

President Trump hoped that the release of this declassified intel would compel the then incoming and now current administration, i.e., Joe Biden, to do then what Republicans and now including Democrats in Congress, want him to presently do, which is to declassify and release all information to the American people. Trump also felt, at the time, that declassifying and releasing the information he had on Covid during what was the previous or 117th Congress, which was controlled by Democrats, that it would force then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s hand and impel her to open a congressional probe into and hold public hearings on the matter, but unfortunately, she didn't care, not one iota, and blocked all Republican demands for transparency and the declassification of covid intel and requests to hold even minority hearings; in point of fact, the very First hearing on the origins of Covid was held on March 8th, 2023, in the 118th Republican Controlled Congress, over two years after Biden took office.

Along with refusing to declassify any Intel garnered over the last two years related to the origins of Covid, Joe Biden also covered for Anthony Fauci and his involvement in gain-of-function research at the Wuhan institute of virology and his use of our tax dollars to fund it, along with also covering up Fauci’s malign Efforts to not only manipulate information and 'Mislead the public about covid’s origins but to also conceal evidence proving that he not only lied to-congress but also showing his direct involvement in gain-of-function research that was taking place at the WIV lab in China lab.

Despite being proven right once again, for three full years, the left-wing media and Democrats waged a vicious full-frontal assault against President Trump, calling him a liar, a xenophobe, and every other godforsaken venomous name they could think to call him because he dared to challenge the establishment and tell the American people the truth, that in fact, Covid-19, the deadly Chinese gain-of-function virus that killed millions, did indeed leak from a lab in Wuhan, China, and yet still here we are three years later, and the media, like everything else they have gotten demonstrably wrong have still yet to apologize to Trump or retract any of their misleading reporting, actually let’s call it what it was, and in many other cases still is, lies, that they spun and spin, twist, and contort, and manipulate the public with, “instead of dealing honestly with the origins of the virus, the media kowtowed to organizations such as the World Health Organization, which is little more than an arm of the Chinese Communist Party, and peddled the lie that the lab-leak theory was part of an infodemic.”

~Linda Genzel.

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Until Fauci and others who were, and/or remain as part of the coverup continuing to mislead the American people about ALL truths regarding COVID 19, the dangers of the injections, mandated closures and lockdowns, etc., are held accountable, and if convicted, punished to the fullest extent of the law, we will continue to be LIED to by our government! It is unacceptable to continue to permit elected officials, and those they appoint to responsible position, to provide them with a free pass when they are proven to lie, deceive, misrepresent facts, or falsely claim lack of knowledge of that which we entrust and PAY them! It is time we hold ALL who work for us in government to a muc…

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