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The First Amendment is NOT Absolute - Twitter Squashed the Truth

Elon Musk unleashed Twitter communications between the Democrat party and Twitter. The following is the information Musk provided thru substack journalist Matt Taibbi that was posted to his Twitter account. We would like to remind everyone that the Twitter Thread is long so just a warning.

The Twitter Files

There were no Files 13, 14, or 15. So we will continue below.

Despite not having any evidence that the materials from The New York Post were hacked.

At this point, Twitter was claiming the Hunter Biden laptop was unsafe. Suddenly words are unsafe to read, a basic question.

Unsafe URL message. Does Jack Dorsey know what was happening with his Twitter? Oh, and the above post despite the lies, is making it clear that the Biden laptop story is information that had been hacked, now they are claiming that there is malicious spyware?

Enter Deputy General Counsel Jim Baker. claiming while it is possible the computer may have been abandoned, more caution is needed. I need to remind people that the Trump "Pee Pee" dossier was distributed without any caution whatsoever. Used as a basis for which the Mueller investigation was formed.

While to Khanna knows the 1st Amendment, there is mention of section 230. Alongside a mention of QAnon groups. Is it time to pull the section 230 protections from social media?

Yet, this information regarding the censorship of the Article never saw the light of day. Is Big Tech genuinely censoring conservative news? The answer lies in the above posts.

What have we learned? WECU want to know the absolute truth about what is happening in our country. While Big Tech is actively censoring information pertinent to how we see the world, so that We see the world only as they want us, the Truth remains that Democrats believe that the 1st Amendment is not absolute. Unless WE can C the truth we can not make the proper decisions. If you like our articles, please hit like at the bottom of the page and please share.

We have stated many times, that big tech seeks to throttle conservative views, and since we are a small organization, we have no ability to fight back. Only with your help can we continue to bring you the absolute truth without the click bait, or endless ads. Again thank you for reading. If you are so inclined, we accept small donations on our cash app at $WecuNews. Thank you.

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Dec 04, 2022

The 1st Amendment is absolute. Truth is absolute. God is absolute. People who haven't experienced God, naturally follow these reasoning starting in reverse. They them go on from there, being fluid in everything from other beliefs like gender. Thank God the Constitution was in writing before thier "theology" came along.

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