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The Fix Is In

Updated: Apr 7

Although America's most famous Constitutional Scholar, Alan Dershowitz, iterated that he hopes Judge Juan Merchan, the highly partisan Democrat Jurist who was cherry-picked by the New York City George Soros-funded DA Alvin Bragg to preside over President Trump's case, doesn't issue a GAG order, but in the event that he does, that he would immediately get together with a group of America's greatest Constitutional legal minds, experts, and scholars and file an Amicus Brief and argue that "We The People," the citizens of the United States are being denied our "Just Constitutional Right" to hear the defendant because we would, in fact, be the victims if Judge Merchan were to indeed hand down a gag order and effectively run roughshod over the 1st Amendment to the Constitution in what would clearly be the politically motivated persecution of President Trump, Joe Biden's Political opponent. You see, according to Justice Thurgood Marshall, there are two 1st Amendment Rights that pertain to the "Freedom of Speech" Clause:

1) The Right of the speaker.


2) The Right of the listener. ,

Specifically, in San Antonio Independent Sch. Dist. v. Rodriguez, 411 U.S. 1 (1973), Justice Thurgood Marshall stressed the importance of civic education for the maintenance and viability of our Constitutional Republic, for exercising First Amendment Rights, "both as a source and as a receiver of information and ideas, as access to ideas makes it possible for citizens generally to exercise their rights of free speech." The Constitution presupposes the existence of an informed citizenry prepared to participate in our society with basic civic values, specifically the principles of tolerance and civility, particularly toward those with differing viewpoints, which is fundamentally necessary for the maintenance of our Constitutional Republic.

Justice Lewis Powell wrote: "We need not dispute any of these propositions. The Court has long afforded zealous protection against unjustifiable governmental interference with the individual's Rights to Speak. . ."

Unfortunately, according to Dershowitz, the American people, especially as it pertains to Donald Trump, can no longer rely on the American Civil Liberties Union to defend the First Amendment to the Constitution on behalf of President Trump or anyone connected to him. And why? Well, because the Democrat Establishment Ruling Class, who have infiltrated and infected every agency and institution in America, would then effectively yank their funding for doing so, for defending the United States Constitution, particularly when it comes to President Trump's 1st Amendment Rights.

Dershowitz went on to say that he could not imagine an elected Judge in the borough of Manhattan throwing out this case and risking being Dershowitz'd by his family and friends because he would be known as the Judge who freed Donald Trump!

The rule of law, at least as far as Democrats are concerned, does not apply to Donald Trump, most especially in the borough of Manhattan or the Democrat Havens of Atlanta or Washington DC; there simply is no way Trump could possibly ever get a fair trial in any of these One-Party Democrat-controlled districts. Irrespective of the law, this case has already been predetermined in New York by activist prosecutors, judges, and what will most assuredly be a panel of virulent Trump-hating jurists.

Trump will not be granted an opportunity to get a fair judgment on the statute of limitations or possibly even a change of venue; this is, without question, a fixed case if it's tried in Manhattan because in deep blue Democrat cities and states, there is the rule of law for everyone else, and then there is the rule of law for Donald Trump, his lawyers, his family, his business associates, and his supporters.

It's to hell with the Constitution, i.e., the Supreme Law of the Land, the People's Unalienable Rights, and statutory law as far as Democrat activist Judges, prosecutors, and jurists are concerned.

Ask yourself, how, in what is supposed to be a free society where the accused is presumed innocent before being proven guilty, does a Judge get to issue a gag order, thereby effectively taking away the right of an American defendant to speak out on his or her own behalf, particularly in a very public case like Donald Trump's?

Tragically, the answer is politics and the Democrat party's systemic corrosion of the Bill of Rights to the Constitution in their quest for Absolute Power and Control.

Linda Genzel, Editor @ Wecu News


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