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The Green New Deal is about Redistributing Your Green, Not Climate

Green New Deal is Going to Step on You

The Green New Deal, isn't about climate at all. According to Alexandria Ocassio-Cortez's chief of Staff, Saikat Chakrabarti, the Green New Deal started out as a re-distribution of income plan. The plan was to "overhaul the economy."

Chakrabarti made that claim to Jay Inslee, democratic presidential candidate from Washington, Sam Ricketts according to a Washington Post reporter who attended the meeting. "Do you guys think of it as a climate thing?” Because we really think of it as a how-do-you-change-the-entire-economy thing,

The Green New Deal, which on the low end will cost about 93 Trillion in new government spending, seeks to restructure every aspect of Americans life. According to the people supporting the deal, it would advance, “social, economic, racial, regional and gender-based justice and equality and cooperative and public ownership.”

While China and India and other countries around the world continue to develop, the United States would essentially be rendered stagnant under this deal. Means of production and transportation would come to an end, and the United States would be rendered impotent.

The Green New Deal, despite its virtue signaling to stop the climate from changing, it is a plot to redistribute the income, and put everyone into government jobs. This is nothing short of communism.

The goal is to create jobs using government money in the environmental sector. However, after carefully considering how many jobs can go into the developing green renewable energy, the conclusion is, that it would be nearly impossible. Even the communist party admits, that "Whenever the Green New Deal idea is promoted to the public, it should be in combination with the promotion of realistic new jobs programs. Otherwise the ruling class, big business and the right will continue to depict it as an “elitist” project which will harm working people instead of helping them, as they are doing right now."

The Green New Deal seeks to eliminate or restructure jobs that provide income to others, and turn them into government entities under the guise of "social, economic, racial and gender-based equality." But fails to acknowledge that many jobs that are created to grow wealth are done so at the financial, psychological, and emotional risk of the person providing the job.

There has always been a wealth ruling class under all communist states with the somewhat exception of Fidel who actually walked the walk. AOC who sits in the House of Representatives is now part of that ruling class.

The Green New Deal is a fraudulent piece of legislation. It touts equality, on every aspect however, if people are going to be paid by their needs then a young, healthy, single person such as her should be paid significantly less because her needs are less.

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1 Comment

Aug 02, 2019

Their goal is totalitarian government control. The Green New Deal would not only be disastrous on the economy but such a large scale infrastructure project, which calls for the demolition of all existing structures, would be disastrous to the environment as well. All this is secondary to the complete loss of liberty that American Citizens would suffer if these extremists were ever to implement their agenda.

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