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The History of WECU

WECU is an anacronym for "We See You". We started our organization because we saw that too many people are believing what popular news outlets published simply were not telling the truth. That is both the left and the right-wing sides of the media. They simply were lying to their viewership. Hype, hyperbole, overdramatization.

Often editors were allowing anonymous to be used as genuine sources giving the impression that there was malfeasance occurring when later it was discovered there was not. Highly credentialed reporters were claiming their anonymous sources were reporting on facts, later to be determined it was fake information being passed back and forth.

The phenomenon of "Q" arose out of the early chaos of Trump running for President. No one can definitively define who Q is or was, however, some of the Q reporting on 4-Chan, and later 8-Chan led to this phenomenon. Some of the reports about what "Q" was claiming to be occurring directly contradict the constitutional values of Americans. For example several reports about Hillary Clinton being held in Gitmo being tried and hung for treason.

Upon seeing these "Q" posts, and articles, coupled with the mass media using fake information WECU decided it was time to report on real issues.

We may not be the first to the story, but rest assured we are going to do our best to be the most accurate. We do not use hyperbolic talk or what others claim is click-bait to get viewers to read our articles, nor do we stuff our pages with ads that stop you from reading. But we bring you facts. Sometimes uncomfortable, sometimes happy, or sometimes devastating. That is who we are.

We are small, independent investigative and research journalists, who spend hours sometimes days gathering information other sources simply will not share. Once in a while, a tip crosses our desk that sounds like bull, but after digging thru the excrement and documents, we find a nugget of truth. That is what we report on.

If you like our articles, we simply ask for a share and a like. Tips can be submitted directly on our site and we appreciate those too. Because social media is tyrannical, our efforts to get our information is being hampered. We do not have a big budget the other media networks have and it's a struggle to keep our information flowing.

We are having a fund drive and if you want to grow a media outlet that represents you, not corporate interests, we would be thrilled if you would donate. Donations can be as small as 2cents or even $1.

Next time you think of how many real journalism is being stifled, think about us so we don't have to do the things such as report anonymous resources, write fake information, use clickbait or run irritating ads. Independent media depends upon all of you to stay alive. You can donate on Cash App, it's easy to do. Our hashtag is $WecuNews.

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