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The Horse is out of the Barn - FBI Squashes information about suspected Terrorists

The horse is the information Customs and Border Patrol released in a press statement regarding two terrorists crossing the southern border. US Customs and Border Patrol reported, two Yemeni nationals who prior to illegally crossing the southern border were on the FBI suspected terrorist watchlist. However, within 24 hours of releasing that statement, it was removed from the internet. No explanation was given for the abrupt removal of the statement.

At the time of the removal of the information from the press release, CBP claimed the release, " was not properly reviewed and contained certain disclosure and policy information related to national security that required CBP to remove it from our website." However, recently released documents from the Freedom of Information Act tell a different story.

The American Center for Law and Justice obtained documents using a Freedom of Information request and discovered that the "FBI demanded a phone call with CBP about the release on the day it was issued."

Other key points discovered from the documents:

  • The officials discussed that “it was a mistake to issue” the release and that doing so put “our colleagues at the FBI in a very bad position.”

  • As one CBP official worried, “I just don't want someone to falsely claim again that I am ‘muzzling’ CBP.”

  • Another recommended referring all questions to the FBI to “stop . . .[] us from digging a deeper hole.”

  • The records reveal that the FBI office in San Diego had approved the release, but that FBI and CBP leadership in Washington wanted “a name,” were going to “track that down,” and “address it.”

  • The records show that the press release was intentionally taken down within 24 hours of being issued, confirming the removal was not a glitch or technical error.

All the names in the memo have been redacted except for Marsha Espinosa, who is acting principal advisor to Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, director of the Department of Homeland Security.

Pertinent questions regarding why it was so important to remove the Press release can only lead to speculations that the current administration does not want the American people to know how many terrorists have crossed the border. The Biden administration coupled with Mayorkas has been insisting the border is secure. Biden is accusing the Republican party of wanting to cut financing to the border in his below Tweet.

Biden's border policies have set the path for slightly less than 2.4 million people being apprehended at the southern border, while more than 2 million have not been apprehended. All while 98 watch-listed terrorists have tried to evade border patrol to cross into the United States. How many watch-listed terrorists have been successful in crossing the border? The US citizens have no clue.

With the border being overrun by illegals attempting to cross into the United States, and the unknown amount of individuals being unaccounted for, Is America prepared for another attack on her soil?

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