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The House of Representatives goes full tyrannical on Americans

House of Representatives announced they approved of articles of impeachment of the President of the United States. Article 1 charges the president with abuse of power; Article 2 charges with obstructing congress. Concealing evidence of how he abused his power.

Jerry Nadler chairman of the House Judiciary Committee stated: "we can not rely on an election to solve our problems." This brings forth a very telling observation perhaps with a dark and ominous theme. Has the Democratically-controlled House of Representatives gone fully tyrannical on the American public?

To fully examine this statement one would need to look at the charges underlying the impeachment articles and determine if they meet the criteria for impeachment. Treason, bribery and high crimes and misdemeanors.

The first charge being levied against the president, Abuse of Power. This charge is broad, however, it is alleged that asking Ukraine to investigate his 2020 rival Joe Biden while holding military aid as leverage is an impeachable offense. A contrary opinion to the popular narrative is that Trump was concerned about the 2016 election, as was stated in the official transcript that the president declassified and released. Notwithstanding, that Biden is not at this point in time a rival. And given that the president under the Constitution determines U.S. foreign policy, the House has overstepped its mandate.

The second article charges that the president obstructed Congress. By executing his right under article two powers that he would allow the judicial branch, (courts) to determine if the many subpoenas the House was submitting were violating his constitutional rights.

Adam Schiff, Chairman of the United States House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence claimed that he didn't have the time to wait for the courts to hear if the President claim of private correspondence, pontificated on his view that the President was and would continue to use foreign interference to aid his campaign. He was stretching the truth in his public statement when he referred to the question of what did the president want. No such statement came out of the mouth of the President when the Ambassador of the European union Gordon Sondland testified before congress that the president said, "I want no Quid Pro Quo."

Whether someone is of the mindset that the president abused his executive power, or obstructed Congress, or that he is just a victim of a deep state, hell-bent on denying any action the President takes, any person who has been following the story must admit that his entire presidential campaign, as well as the 3 years he has been in office, has been shrouded with controversy.

Has the House turned into a tyrannical entity? Are they seeking to be the imperial power over the executive branch? What is your opinion....

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