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The Legacy Media is Lying to You

It's been a long time saying that politics is downstream of culture. Why then is the media trying to convince the American public that Americans are interested in issues that they do not care about?

Running up to the midterm elections, where conservatives are hoping to take the United States House and Senate, Rasmussen conducted a poll to see what is on the minds of likely voters in the midterms.

Rising gas prices appear to be the number one concern of potential voters, the media would have you believe the White House narrative that it is "Putin's war in Ukraine" that is causing the price of gas to skyrocket.

This narrative would be acceptable except for the fact that there were clear warnings after Biden took office that the price of gas would go up due to his policies.

Inflation is number two on America's list of concerns, and yes, inflation is at a 40-year high. Inflation is a direct correlation to the cost of gas and oil. Products become more expensive when the cost of producing and transport them increases. It is simple logic.

When Biden took office one of his most pressing issues was "climate change". He signed a raft of executive actions to combat climate change, including pausing new oil and gas leases on federal land and cutting fossil fuel subsidies, as he pursues green policies he billed as a boon to the economy. He told the country that his climate agenda would create thousands of good-paying union jobs.

Number three on the list is the economy, which falls right into numbers one and two. Americans are worried that they can not feed their families due to the rising cost of food, and household goods, as well as gas and electricity.

The legacy media has decided that Americans should be more worried about the climate than the economy, the price of gas, and inflation. While Biden openly admitted he intended to shut down fracking, despite what he claimed while debating Trump, Americans should have seen the writing on the wall.

It is the legacy media, with the help of Google, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter that is driving the cultural narrative. Climate Change, the war in Ukraine, and the January 6th riots at the capitol building. When the average American does not sit and ponder what happened on January 6 while trying to feed their family.

While researching this article, we found very few relevant articles that mentioned Biden's war on domestic oil and gas. With no pushback from Americans and the media, there will be no change in Biden's policies. The media will push the climate agenda at the expense of the average American.

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