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The Media "Gas-lighting" Americans

The Mass Media Industrial Complex is gaslighting the American public regarding the Arizona audit. It is almost impossible to tell who is telling the truth. In a podcast, today, on Dennis Michael Lynch during a phone call with Karen Fann Az state senator. Fann outlined the discrepancies in the forensic audit. Despite the media claiming the audit was a "sham", there are several issues that still need to be addressed.

While Arizona is trying to move forward to close loopholes, that would severely undermine voting integrity and to quote a colloquial phrase being touted by the democratic party, "undermine our democracy"

Key takeaways, the media is refusing to talk about in the interview:

  • 74,243 mail-in ballots where there is no record of the ballots being sent out. This is being worked on but there are so many missing files that the audit could not find.

  • 11,326 voters did not shop up on the voter rolls but showed up after the election. This is still not explained.

  • 3,981 voters voted after the deadline to register to vote. There is no explanation for this.

  • 18,000 votes were counted but removed after the election.

  • Machines that were used to count the votes were installed in August of 2019 but were never updated prior to the election

  • Machines were compromised by unauthorized access numerous times. This is perhaps the most suspicious of the incidents involving the audit. Since it has been said multiple times, the voting machines were independent of the internet, and there would be no internet access to these machines. Yet, no one has called the media, for not reporting this.

  • Maricopa County, will NOT release the routers which could prove without a reasonable doubt there was internet access to the voting machines. They continue to stall on providing this information.

  • Arizona claims that there are only 4 types of paper whereby ballots can be cast due to the possibility of bleed thru when casting the ballots. Yet, it was discovered during the audit, 10 different types of paper were being used. This has called into question 168,000 ballots.

Senate Audit Liaison Ken Bennett Cautions Public To Reserve Judgement Of Audit Until Cyber Ninjas Release Final Report. Karen Fann Tweeted.

There have been claims by the media that, "23,000 ballots were counted twice during the recent Arizona State Senate. However, Bennett cautions that this is a misleading statement.

Senate Audit Liaison Ken Bennett says is it “totally illogical” for those not involved in the audit to attempt to formulate any findings by extrapolating data from the Senate’s machine count of ballots and comparing it with the Cyber Ninjas’ hand count focused on the votes for President on those ballots.

Despite these claims made by high-profile journalists, there are still many issues with the Arizona election system that need to be addressed before any real progress can be made towards improving its integrity and security. It is no wonder that 43% of Arizonians believe there was fraud at the ballot boxes.

We will continue to update our readers on the audit in Arizona. If you appreciate our work, please hit the heart at the bottom of the page and share.

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Oct 13, 2021

When I voted at the Desert Hills Community Church of the Nazarene in North Phoenix on Nov. 3rd. I took my ballot to the poll worker and he ran it through the machine 3 times and said 'darn' each time he ran it, and I asked "is it okay" because we were handed a small tipped magic marker type pen that did bleed through on each side of the ballot and he said he'd take care of it and handed me a 'I Voted' sticker. A week or so later after the word of voter fraud might have happened I got on line to check and see if my vote counted and it took putting my info in a coup…

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