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~by Phillip Young, ©PC Young May 21, 2019

So as AOC & other Democrats complain about global warming China continues to pollute our common atmosphere. 

On this occasion its the use of TriChloromethane a compound long known to deplete ozone if it reaches upper regions of our atmosphere. There is little dispute TCE's catalytically deplete ozone levels at very high altitudes.

The hazard of ozone depletion is more immediate than the still contested man made climate change theory militantly promulgated by the left.

Interestingly there is little if any recognition by the left of China's contribution to atmospheric pollution (particulates, aerosols, etc.)long known to negatively impact human health.

Instead great latitude is given to the Chinese govt as the following example demonstrates. “The Chinese have been doing the best they can” to identify and shut down the rogue operations, Rae says. “But regulators have real trouble keeping tabs on what is going on” throughout the country."

Trifluoro, Trichloro methanes & ethanes have been banned since the 1980's in a world wide effort to reduce ozone depletion. Ozone blocks Ultraviolet radiation. Increased levels both cause skin cancers & genetic abnormalities.

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