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The Personal Feud that's Dividing the Country

The House Judiciary led by Jerry Nadler has been actively working on how they are going to proceed to impeach the President of the United States. Since taking the House of Representatives, Jerry Nadler, instead of pursuing legislation that would move the country forward, has been spending an inordinate amount of time trying to impeach the President of the United States.

Since January 2, 2019, there have been 26 House Judiciary committees that are either directly or indirectly used to go against the Trump administration. Five committee meetings have centered around the Mueller report. And while Mueller has said publicly stated "no American" has conspired with Russian entities during the 2016 election, Mr. Nadler is not satisfied with the Mueller report, and is using the committee to attack President Trump's policies, and actions.

Is Nadler using his committee, to fuel an Anti-Trump agenda to settle a score that occurred back in the 1980's?

The Trump Nadler feud centered around a business deal in Manhattan. According to the New York Post, "In December 1984, real estate mogul Donald Trump outlined a grand vision for what he dubbed “the greatest piece of land in urban America” — a 76-acre parcel encompassing a dilapidated rail freight yard along the Hudson River on Manhattan’s Upper West Side."

His real estate deal however faced opposition from community groups led by none other than Jerry Nadler whom "would prove Trump’s fiercest enemy for the next decade while he represented the Upper West Side as a state Assemblyman and later as its Congressman."

Since that time Jerry Nadler law maker, and Donald Trump, real-estate developer have been having a tenuous relationship. Before Trump took office, Nadler had talked openly about denying Trump funding for real-estate projects; and Trump has labeled the congressman as "dumb." However, it is time that Nadler discontinue using his position within the Federal government as a personal dispute to attack the President.

Nadler is using his position to deceive the people into thinking Trump is incompetent and has broken the law, despite the lack of evidence provided. Also, his bitter and petty attitude is not only obstructionism but harmful to the country.

What do you think, is Nadler harming the country? We want to hear your opinion.

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