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The Real Constitutional Crisis

~by Philip Young ©PC Young May 23 2019

Jerry Nadler and the Democrats continue talking about a constitutional crisis. The crises does not involve a foreign governments interference with our elections or unduly influencing the republicans. In fact the Democrats have yet to delineate, clarify what exactly is the constitutional crises looming over our country.

Yet it is clear from the actions of the House Judiciary committees’ actions; repetitive, incessant steam of subpoenas to “investigate” get to the bottom of an investigation that has been completed. (Mueller’s 22 month long effort reached the legal conclusion that President Trump did not collude with the Russian government directly or via proxy, nor is there ample sufficient evidence to conclude the President obstructed Justice specifically Trump in no legal way impeded the investigation to determine if collusion had taken place.)

Case closed – or so it would seem. The notable worth of the Russia investigation from the standpoint of the Democrats insatiable thirst for power is by way of nuance. The public's suggestibility and unending desire for scandal, especially in light of the vitriolic hatred of Trump who long ago decided Trump is uncouth, appearance unsatisfactory and mannerisms simply intolerable and worse lacks the ability to wordsmith a satisfactory national delusion for the presidency. Therefore, not up to snuff to their aristocratic requirements, of course those entirely committed to the democrat’s socialist wealth stealing scheme. Don’t forget Trump actually wants to help the people and actually wants to make America Great Again!!

Who does that anymore? Actually, does what they promised? And after decades of trashing America …. Trump would undo the lefts endeavor to erase the American dream entirely.

The constitutional crises brewing in the house judiciary is a frat house pile on…. Bring the executive down reduce its power, reduce its influence reduce the man to a quivering mass of jelly. Investigate every aspect of his life every aspect of his actions go as far back into the Presidents past his taxes his medical records …his children's lives…. Bring him down.

The House is a co-equal branch of the Government and the President has specific powers granted by the Constitution – the document the Democrats deplore and at every turn attempt to liquefy the document and its essential precepts.

The crises therefore is defined not by the constitution as promulgated alleged by the Democrats but contained in the precepts implicit in the spirit of the Constitution. We have three co-equal branches of the government – The executive, the legislative and the judiciary. The constitution provides rough sketches of each: ( I am far from a legal authority or credible constitutional interpretation to this I suggest readers investigate these independently)

Congress has the sole power to legislate-create the laws for the United States. The President, the executive branch enforces the laws that the Legislative Branch (Congress) makes. Judicial has the sole responsibility to interpret the Constitution in the context and original motive of the authors.

The president was under investigation by the Department of Justice, the president took care to insure that law was faithfully executed and Congress has the responsibility of oversight to insure the investigation was completed to the letter of the law.

The findings were clear – the DOJ found no evidence to conclude a crime was committed. End of story. The DOJ does not have the authority to exonerate an individual. Neither does Congress has the discretionary power to nullify the results of a legal investigation completed to the satisfaction of the Attorney General.

Congress does not have the authority to conduct a criminal investigation it can for its oversight obtain materials interview witnesses etc to determine if further investigation is necessary. Nowhere in the constitution or elsewhere is there authority granted to Congress to conduct criminal investigations period. It has the authority to examine evidence for impeachment but requires the Senate for impeachment.

It can request subpoenas but it cannot require the President to comply with those subpoenas nor can it compel members of the presidents staff to comply with those subpoena’s for the obvious reason that congress could by any presumed authority to conduct a criminal investigation impede or completely nullify presidential authority, progress or presidential duty to faithfully execute the laws as written by congress. Thereby such power if granted would not represent a co-equal branch of government so in effect eliminate the basic premise of checks and balances. Congress has one avenue and one avenue only and that is to commit to impeachment. It has no other legal course.

That is the constitutional crises facing our country and it is not the President who is creating the crises of where power resides but the treacherous ambitions of a power hungry congress – having lost the presidential bid in 2016 has resorted to untoward, questionable tactics to nullify and impede the Presidents obligation to insure the laws are faithfully executed.

This Congress is resorting to tactics of intimidation and acting upon purely political pressure to prevent the president and even other members of congress from acting in good faith and in the interests of the public all in a continuing attempt to nullify the results of a democratic election.

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