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~by Phillip Young

©PC Young May 8 2019 

           Ask anyone today and few sadly will be able to provide you a reasonable definition of the word objectivity.  The concept of objectivity reaches back into the distant past prior to the advent of science the enlightenment and reasoned arguments. The dictionary meaning is:

impartiality, absence of bias/prejudice, fairness, fair-mindedness, equitableness, equitability, even-handedness, justness, justice, open-mindedness, disinterest, disinterestedness, detachment, dispassion, dispassionateness, neutrality "the ideals of journalistic accuracy and objectivity"

antonyms:  subjectivity, bias, prejudice

           Those reading this definition is then asked is the main stream media objective? A suspect a majority would answer certainly not. Yet objectivity was indeed the kingpin of American journalism. Lippmann in 1919 wrote an essay The Lost Meaning of Objectivity. The essence of objectivity is the application of specific repeatable methods. 

        Journalism was simply so heavily biased interspersed with speculation opinion hearsay and rumor the true intent of journalism – accurately communicate events, information or developments in the world around us such that a common element of truth is created. The semblance of truth or reality within the scope of written words. 

       Lippman say only one potential solution could be applied to the quagmire or jungle of disparate perspectives, thoughts or musings 

        In Lippmanns words  Journalism (essay below) should adopt “the scientific spirit … There is but one kind of unity possible in a world as diverse as ours. It is unity of method, rather than aim; the unity of disciplined experiment.” Lippmann meant by this that journalism should aspire to “a common intellectual method and a common area of valid fact.”

         Given the penultimate role the free press to inform the public in our Republic it is necessary journalism adopt standard methods for the collection and presentation of that collated material such that it provides objective evidence for the public in its role as the 4th estate.  A role so vital to the security and maintenance of the American Republic it is protected by the 1st Amendment of the Bill of Rights. 

         Yet that is only the brick and mortar edifice on which the people themselves must apply the remaining energy as Jefferson eloquently stated : “only the people themselves, therefore, are it's only safe depositories. ... "Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government.

        A well informed public can be trusted with their own government. Yet today we are recipients of such journalistic slop, rumor, gossip and water cooler falderal that we the people cannot be trusted with our own government.  As such the media has bequeathed itself as the truth sayers the speculators and opinion givers, tarot card readers, fortune tellers – believing the people are not endowed with enough intelligence to make decisions on their own. 

        Welcome to today's media carnival – replete with carnival barkers.  Raw information no longer available all is predigested all the passive recipient must do is ingest, not question and be filled with irrefutable truth pronounced from upon high.

       Many for a very long time have not been fooled by those clowns writing the news, the anchors mere puppets reading scripts cobbled together in the ready room by the rush team – political hacks, staffers on loan, consultants, marketers and of course all must be sanctified by those who sign the checks.

       Is it any wonder that we are now In the age of fake news? Thankfully since Trump’s election in 2016 a veritable avalanche of scrutiny by readers has stripped away the shiny veneer showing now dingy hallows, smoke filled chambers dank dark and moldy where charms and spells and myths are weaved for public consumption.

      This then brings us to the imperative: unless we the people literally supplant the existing media and become citizen journalists ourselves – strictly abide by the dictates of objectivity and standards of truth – we can regain our status as well informed people entrusted with the security of their own government 

     This is my introductory essay on that theme and it will be the first to be published in my personal effort to commit to objective journalism. To report to you the people as public service accurate verifiable and credible information such that you can make informed strategic decisions. Perhaps save our Republic from the clutches of leftist oligarchs. 

     But as with anything you read- caveat lechtor – reader beware

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