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The States Self Defense Clause, Rights, Sovereignty & The Southern Border Invasion!

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

I would contend that it is relatively safe to assume that the lion's share of Americans believe that our Government is corrupt to some degree or another. Still, many don’t realize just how utterly unscrupulously corrupt they have become over the last several decades because, for whatever reason, they have never taken much, if any, interest in civics, history, the U.S. Constitution, The Bill of Rights to the Constitution, and/or the Declaration of Independence.

And why? Well, possibly:

1- Due in part or in whole to an inadequate, ineffective, and/or deliberately distorted primary and/or secondary-level education in these subjects due to the left’s insidiously surreptitious and pervasive attempts to erase and rewrite history in a bid to hide the grievous and, more often than not, heinous segregationist anti-abolitionist sins of the Democrat Party, because the truth is, as more parents are starting to realize, our public schools are becoming more like Orwellian indoctrination camps for the left, rather than educational institutions.

2- For others, particularly as it pertains to left-wing activists and groomers, whether they be educators, prosecutors, Judges, and/or career politicians in Democrat districts, cities, and/or states, or whether it pertains to the gullible, the oblivious, the ignorant, the downright stupid, and/or the outright corrupt, it is quite simply because they are hateful Marxists who are averse to our founding principles, teachings, rights, and laws due to their perfidious left-wing ideological socialist persuasions and communist proclivities the further left they are on the progressive-socialist spectrum!

3- Many others, well, they find our Founding Documents to be a little bit tedious and boring and/or difficult to interpret because of the marginally ever so slightly archaic grammar, slang, vocabulary, and style of the old English language, and therefore a hassle because, you know, excuses, excuses, excuses… they are either too busy reading the latest gossip rag or issue of the Washington Com-Post or have never heard of a dictionary, thesaurus, or search engine, and most especially search engines outside of the far left-wing Google, Bing, and Yahoo apps, and let’s face it, who on the left really needs to read, research, and think for themselves when they have the likes of the rabid racist, joyless Joy Reid, the MSNBC Constitutionally illiterate Beavis and Butt-Head lookalike, Joe Scarborough, and his sidekick, made-for-42nd street white-trash-wife, Mika Brzezinski doing the reading and thinking for them; after all, Mica did say the quiet part out loud, when she declared that it’s their job, or rather that "The job of the media is to 'Control Exactly What People Think"... because, you know, these TV-land folks, purported journalists, are generally not very motivated or inclined to keep their Democrat followers up-to-date and informed on any eye or mind-opening nitty-gritty naked truths that surround hot political topics, particularly those that contradict or negate the Democrat's narrative against President Trump, for fear of losing all influence and control over how you think, how you behave, and most especially how you vote…

4- Or because reading in general, whether slightly archaic or not, or whether they have a good grasp of the English language or not, requires too much effort due to a particularly ubiquitous modern-day left-wing endemic known as mental laziness, which, of course, has logically led to, or rather devolved into a society or culture overwrought with sheep and zombie-like citizenry… you know, progressive morons who, as a result of the aforementioned mental laziness, are now afflicted with cerebral atrophy.

For these reasons and many more, it can be difficult to recognize and appreciate just how far our government has fallen, abandoned, and violated the 7 Founding Principles embedded within The United States Constitution and The Declaration Of Independence… thee very principles that are not only the foundation upon which our Constitutional Republic was built, but that also stand between our freedom and government tyranny, guaranteeing to our Nation and every American, Safety, Security, Sovereignty, Rights, and Liberties that our elected representatives swore an Oath to Preserve, Protect, and Defend.

You would think that one of the very first prerequisites to run for and hold office would and should be to possess an exceptionally sound intellectual grasp, abiding respect for, and love of The United States Constitution, that when Americans elect their Congressional Representatives, Senators, and/or the President, that they are indeed genuine well-read Constitutionalists. I mean, why else would one seek higher office if it were not to uphold, protect, and defend our Constitutional Principles, Values, and Ideals, right? —Wrong, maybe in a perfect world where bad and downright evil don't exist and where people are not blinded by their greed and lust for absolute power and control, but unfortunately, that is not the case; in fact, it is unequivocally incontrovertibly undeniably definitely not the case, at least not with this century's lot of left-wing politicians.

Clearly, far too many of our elected Congressional officials and the current cognitive mess that is our excuse for a President, either don't understand the Constitution or do and don’t give a damn because they are Marxists who are motivated by their own self-serving interests, enrichment, and the need for power rather than by the needs and interests of their constituents and communities. Nonetheless, whatever their reasons are for seeking higher office, whether through ignorance, indifference, and/or malevolence, under Article VI, Clause 3 and Article II, Section 1, Clause 8 respectively, members of the Legislative Branch, the Judicial Branch, and the Executive Branch, all swore an oath to uphold, support, and defend the United States Constitution, not merely pay it lip service because as they well know, that oath is neither a suggestion nor some insignificant ceremonial statement. IT IS THE LAW; in fact, it is the Supreme Law of the Land and an absolute requirement of their respective jobs!

This means that most Democrats in Congress and Joe Biden, the President Of The United States, who, by their very actions and policies, have spent the last almost three years promoting the invasion at our Southern Border, and therefore are in direct violation of their Oath Of Office and the law, which absolutely is grounds for impeachment, removal, and/or expulsion from office.

By law, Article IV Section 4 of the Constitution expressly declares that “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence.” —However, as the citizenry of all 50 Sovereign States in our Union and, for that matter, the entire world at this juncture, can literally physically see and therefore obviously discern, that this is simply not transpiring at our Southern Border because Biden has and is continuing to deliberately flout and violate Article IV Section 4 Of The Constitution, among others, that he solemnly pledged to uphold during his inauguration on Wednesday, January 20th, 2021, and every day thereafter of his Presidency.

On day one, Biden opened up our Southern Border floodgates to illegal aliens from every country, corner, kingdom, and continent on the face of the planet, and for the last three years, the Legacy-Left-Wing Media & DC Democrats have engaged in a contrived campaign of deny, dismiss, deflect, deride, and when all else fails, blame Trump. In a duplicitous effort to protect Biden, the media has either deliberately ignored the Southern Border crisis or laughed it off, disregarding it as hyperbolic nonsense, by belting out one pathetic excuse after the other, for instance, regurgitating scripted one-liners, like “he doesn't need to see the Border to solve the crisis,” that “it’s about his policies and not his presence on the ground that really matters,” and while some logic can be gleaned from that excuse, the reality and problematic dilemma here for those in the media, whether it’s big tech or the televised world of scripted bullshit, brainwashing, and indoctrination, whether some care to admit it or not, is that the evidence found in Biden’s policies and behavior despite his words, has, time and again, unequivocally confirmed that he never had nor has any intention of solving the Southern Border Crisis!

And I can say that with the utmost confidence because you see, on Wednesday, January 20th, 2021, day one of Biden’s administration, he issued a slew of Executive Orders:

1- one of which terminated President Trump’s Radical Islamic Terrorist Hotspot “Travel Ban,” which, as a result, has, once again, left us open and vulnerable to possible future 9/11-style Terrorist attacks on the Homeland and against Americans.

2- Biden’s day one EO reversal also reignited the Obama/Biden era of Catch & Release” Sanctuary-Policies that fueled the rise of the notoriously vicious and violent South American MS-13 gangs on the streets of America in the first place.


3- Biden’s discontinuance of President Trump’s Border Wall and his continued refusal to provide Southern State Republican Governors with federal funding and other resources necessary to sufficiently secure the Southern Border in order to help stem the overwhelming, historical, almost three-year-long record-breaking, ever-increasing flow of illegal aliens, illicit drugs, Fentanyl, drug mules, sex traffickers, criminals, rapists, pedophiles, and murderers!

And as if all of the above were not bad enough:

1- In the spring of 2021, it was revealed that Biden secretly redirected over $2 Billion in appropriated COVID-19 funding to the Southern Border amid the deadly global pandemic, draining taxpayer funding meant to be used to replenish the Strategic National Stockpile of emergency medical equipment, supplies, and testing kits, which in all probability likely played a significant role in the severe shortage of Covid-19 test kits during the winter of 2021. —And why did Biden put the health and welfare of Americans in jeopardy like that? Well, the answer is very simple, as most of the country now believes, to all or some degree, he needed to finance his Global Amnesty Electioneering pet project in order to woo and create a new bloc of potential future Democrat voters and to do so, he needed to play musical chairs with taxpayer money on the down-low, in order to finance the healthcare needs, dental, sustenance, smartphones, education, accommodations, Xboxes, and 24/7 snack, coffee & tea services for illegal aliens… Yes, indeed, to hell with homeless veterans who risked their lives, limbs, and sanity for this country… that’s the Democrat way!

2- To add insult to injury, on top of all of that, there was also the additional cost to fund Biden’s dead-of-night secret flights filled with illegal aliens, primarily men (many of whom were as young as 17 and therefore designated as ‘minors’ on a fast track to citizenship) whom Biden dropped off in Republican States and/or districts without informing Governors or mayors of said States and Districts. Indeed, in early January of 2022, Biden had already funded approximately 900 such flights on the down low!

3- Lest we forget, Biden also spent over two years litigating the elimination of President Trump's highly effective ‘Remain in Mexico’ program that led to a drastic drop in illegal crossings, drug, and sex trafficking, although I’m not sure, at least in the grand scheme of things that it really mattered all that much under Biden because, you see, on January 20th, 2021, he not only reinstated the unconstitutional Obama era catch and release program, but Alejandro Mayorkas, his DHS Secretary, had also been purportedly ordered to adopt an unspoken Title 42 ‘no-enforcement’ Policy, and to add to that, we also recently learned that the Biden Administration welded open 114 floodgates along a 36-mile stretch of the US border in Arizona.

Which begs the question: where, what, and who exactly did Biden solemnly swear an Oath to support, defend, and protect when he placed his right hand on the Bible on January 20th, 2021, promising to uphold the United States Constitution? Well, I’ll tell you where, what, and who it wasn’t; it wasn’t America, it wasn’t our Southern Border and sovereignty, and it sure as hell wasn’t the American people with whom the United States Constitution was written to support, defend, and protect against invasion, tyranny, and self-serving rogue leaders and tyrants who would otherwise seek to eliminate our rights and freedoms, and in so doing, destroying the founding principles upon which this Nation was built in their quest for absolute power and control.

Indeed, as I iterated before, it is unequivocally Biden’s solemn duty as Commander in Chief to protect and defend our borders, citizens, and our sovereignty against foreign invasion, but unfortunately, Biden is not only just failing in his duties, but he is deliberately violating the United States Constitution and therefore putting the lives of Americans in jeopardy and our National Security at risk!

Texas and other Southern States didn’t ask to be overwhelmed with what is estimated to be over six million illegal alien border crossers. They didn’t ask or want to find over 50 dead bodies crammed inside the back of a padlocked tractor-trailer as temperatures soared past 100 degrees in San Antonio, Texas, because Biden told these people to come. They didn’t ask for or want the horrifying traumatic task of fishing the lifeless bodies of men, women, and little children out of the Rio Grande daily because Biden told them to come. They didn’t ask for record-breaking numbers of our youth to be poisoned to death due to the historical influx of fentanyl coming across our Southern Border. They didn’t ask for the record number of Radical Islamic Terrorists who are being caught every week attempting to sneak across the U.S.-Mexico Border. —And God only knows how many have evaded capture and are currently within the interior plotting more 9/11-style terrorist attacks against Americans because Biden opened our borders and eliminated President Trump’s Terrorist Hotspot Travel Ban. They didn’t ask for Venezuela and El Salvador to empty their prisons of vicious MS-13 gang members, murderers, and rapists onto our Southern Border. They didn’t ask for their border patrol agents to be shot at daily by violent Mexican drug cartels as they try to protect our sovereignty for the sake, safety, and security of Americans. They didn’t ask for little girls to be trafficked across the Southern Border, only to be exploited as sex slaves in the depraved underground sex slave trade.

Southern States like Texas didn’t ask for any of this. Still, they are left to deal with the overwhelming crisis that Joe Biden created at our Southern Border by deliberately violating and failing in his Article II Constitutional Oath of office and his Article IV Section 4 Constitutional duty to protect and defend the states against invasion.

But thankfully, our founding fathers had the foresight to give each of the 50 States in our Union Article 1 Section 10 Clause 3 of the United States Constitution (The States Self-Defense Clause), which unequivocally gives the States the inherent sovereign power and right to defend and protect their borders and citizens when their states are “actually invaded, or in such imminent danger as will not admit or delay.”, after the federal government has failed in its Constitutional duty to protect each state from invasion by intentionally or otherwise, failing to uphold Article IV, Section 4, The Invasion Clause: “The United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a republican form of government, and shall protect each of them against invasion.”

Linda Genzel

Editor at WECU News.


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The strategy for what is going on with the border is only part of the Marxist strategy in this Revolution. Once they selected a President, they filled the heads of Government agencies with likeminded Marxists. They had the media in their pocket, and they educated children to believe they were victims of Capitalism greed, and racism. You either go along with the Marxist playbook or your life and family will be destroyed. Donald Trump is the only hope to reversing this momentum.

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