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The Unholy Alliance is Challenging the Biden Administration - Who will be victorious

If you recall, leading up to the Beijing Olympics, China asked its Allie, Russia, to wait until after the games had concluded to invade Ukraine! President Xi didn’t care to ask Putin to exercise prudence, consider diplomacy, and engage in talks in order to preserve world peace and to protect & save innocent lives; nope, Xi essentially said to Putin, don’t go one better on me by upstaging and overshadowing my Olympic Games before you begin slaughtering women and little children in Ukraine! China, of course, had and has its own reasons for turning a blind eye to Russia’s deadly invasion of Ukraine, because China itself has its own plan of vanquishing Taiwan!

The truth is, after a year of death and destruction, President Xi is probably feeling quite emboldened after watching Biden’s weak feckless response to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, not to mention his disgraceful catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan over a year ago. You see, Biden assumed that “threats of sanctions” and a few laughably haughty scornful tweets would be sufficient enough to dissuade a despot like Putin, but Biden failed to show strength and wield hard tactics which would have most definitely prevented Putin from invading Ukraine in the very first place and also saved countless lives, but alas, it seems that Biden doesn’t fully grasp or understand the reality that authoritarian countries like China and Russia, whose rulers have no moral compass, no system of governance or a motivator by which to keep them in check (especially when the head of the world's #1 superpower, Joe Biden, is clearly addled-minded), and who believe that human life is cheap and disposable, can and will launch deadly incursions on an impulse, brutal invasions that seem impossible for us even to imagine. Hence, as Biden remains locked into this strategy of what leftists call “integrated deterrence,” which is just liberal verbiage for eliminating hard tactics, you know, peace through strength, then their “deterrents” are going to fail no matter who, no matter where, no matter what, or no matter why, and at great expense, and with respect to China, in a much much more significant way with a war over Taiwan! Biden needs to start learning lessons and learning them yesterday by arming Taiwan and imposing sanctions on China before President Xi thinks about launching an invasion so that we can avoid the type of bloodbath that is still unfolding before our eyes in Ukraine; it just comes down to a little backbone and a willingness to do what has to be done to achieve peace through strength, and a willingness to abandon all this anti-American woke bs that causes wars through weakness! Democrats need to wake up and realize that there is no such thing as an idealistic utopia where everyone is happy, selfless, and nice to one another because nobody and nothing is perfect! We live in a dangerous world where evil exists and will always exist and where bad guys do bad things to good people, which brings us to the Iranian Nuclear Deal & Iran, the 3rd member of the dark triad, the axis of evil and subjugation; Iran, who has its own designs on obtaining a Nuclear Weapon, if it hasn’t already so that it can then take over and remake the Middle East and takeout Israel!

Earlier this year, while brokering the IND we had Putin’s lead negotiator for the United States and the Iranian negotiator in Vienna bragging about how they had conned the United States, but here’s the hard truth of it all, Biden strutted in front of all of us after Russia had invaded Ukraine, bloviating and promising to turn Putin into a pariah, well, if you haven’t realized that Biden is a big-talk all-talk embellisher without balls, understand this, the Biden admin, continued to rely on and negotiate with Putin, with Russia, who negotiated with Iran on our behalf in the now hopefully dead insanely dangerous Iran Nuclear deal. Hence, Biden's promise to turn Putin into a pariah was a lie, because he was negotiating the Iran Nuclear Deal with Iran through Putin while Russia was invading Ukraine, and while Putin was also demanding that their flow of weapons, commodities and trade with Iran be exempted from any US sanctions so that Russia would have gotten a massive win had the renegotiated Nuclear deal come to fruition!

So think about it, we were sanctioning Russia for invading Ukraine while simultaneously relying on Putin to get us a deal with Iran, and Putin and Xi were trying to leverage that to set up a “sanctions evasion” route that runs through Iran! It was like giving Putin a loaded gun to point at our heads; it was pure madness and made absolutely no sense. Furthermore, it also undermines everything Biden said pertaining to the sanctions on Putin & Russia for invading Ukraine, which would essentially then be voided if Biden were to sign such a renegotiated Iran Nuclear Deal!

A new alignment is evolving on Biden’s watch, and it’s not for those of us who value life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and individual unalienable rights and who find ourselves at odds with governments that oppress and subjugate

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