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The Unjustice System: The Political Persecution & Prosecution Of President Trump.

In America, you are not supposed to selectively select a person and try to find a crime to pin on them. You are legally obligated to take a crime and try to ascertain who perpetrated it. However, over the last several years, Democrats have weaponized our Justice System against their political opponents, more specifically, against former President Donald J. Trump. It should not be this way, at least not in America, a Constitutional Republic. Our Justice System is not only mandated to uphold and apply the Law as written, but it is also bound by our U.S. Constitution to protect the people and our rights enshrined in The Bill of Rights to the Constitution, and not abuse the Law by functioning as an arm of any one Political Party.  — U.S. Supreme Court Justice William J. Brennan Jr. said, "Our Constitution was framed fundamentally as a bulwark against governmental power, and preventing the arbitrary administration of punishment is a basic ideal of any society that purports to be governed by the rule of law." 

Today, Judge Juan Merchan, acting as a partisan "rubber stamp" for Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, with little regard for the Law and a defendant's Discovery Rights, scheduled the Democrat's bazillionth Witch-Hunt against President Trump for Monday, April 15th, despite the prosecution's "Discovery" violation, which has left Trump's legal team little to no time to review the over 170,000 pages of what could potentially be a trove of exculpatory documents that Alvin Bragg and the Department of Justice somehow forgot to turn over to the defense months ago, thereby making it virtually impossible for Trump's attorneys to mount an adequate and fair defense on his behalf. Unfortunately, Democrat-controlled cities like Manhattan, Atlanta, and Washington DC care little for justice, discovery statutes, our 5th Amendment "Due Process Rights," in addition to our 14th Amendment "Equal Application and Protection of the Law" Rights, particularly as it pertains to President Trump, where to them, the arbitrary administration of punishment on and against Trump is now the Law in the Soviet State of New York. 

As most people know, after Joe Biden assumed office in January of 2021, the ruling class war on President Trump kicked into high gear and overdrive as a special task force of Washington DC Prosecutors were deliberately relocated to the Manhattan District Attorneys Office, specifically, the DOJ's 7th floor Deep State pitbull. Matthew Colangelo, who, by the way, was Biden's 3rd most senior official at the Department of Justice before he abruptly quit his prestigious Executive Branch position -in what can only be described as "climbing down" the ladder of success, rather than up it- and transferred, or as I believe, was "trans(planted), to the Manhattan DA's office to help the then Soros-funded District Attorney, Cyrus Vance, and now, his successor, DA Alvin Bragg, in what is clearly a malign, politically motivated special mission to scour through President Trump's personal life and business records in a nefarious effort to find anything they could possibly use against him or to manipulate and spin into a crime to pin on him, as, of course, a continuation of this malicious persecute and prosecute "Get-Trump" Witch-Hunt, or rather, HuntS, in order to prevent him from running in the 2024 Presidential Election. Indeed, the New York State Attorney General, Letitia James, ran on "elect me and I will "Bring down" President Trump" as if he were on the FBI's ten most wanted list for beating Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential Election.

If that were not corrupt enough for you, in February of 2021, Attorney Mark Pomerantz quit his firm in the private sector to help the Manhattan District Attorney, at the time, Cyrus Vance, pursue the left's egregious, unrelenting, politically motivated Witch-Hunt against President Trump. However, in February of 2022, Pomerantz abruptly resigned after Alvin Bragg became the new District Attorney for the NYDA Prosecutor's office. Once back in the private sector and off the Biden Regime's "Get-Trump" crusade, Pomerantz wrote a Book in which he not only decried and viciously trashed Trump but also discussed the internal ongoing legal conversations about the case, also noting that the only reason he accepted this assignment was because he hates Donald Trump, writing that he would, in fact, have paid to be on the prosecution to take down Trump. 

This is not only a frightening statement to make as a prosecutor determining the fate of others in a country where Lady Justice is supposed to be blindfolded, representing a legal system that is supposed to be objective, impartial, and unprejudiced, but it also raises serious ethical questions, which according to trial attorney, Joe Tacopina goes far beyond attorney ethics and is, in fact, a crime, because Pomerantz signed a legal document declaring that he understood that it is a criminal violation of the New York State Penal Law to take any information collected while an appointed prosecutor in a grand jury investigation and disclose that information to a third party when a case is open and ongoing. In writing this book, Pomerantz not only revealed this information to a third party, but he also publicized it to millions of parties. That's not only an ethical violation; it's a criminal violation.

At this point in time, in what can only be characterized as a bogus convoluted, mishmash hodgepodge perfunctory novel legal theory, under an FEC campaign violation —(which, by the way, is a "Federal charge" that is only and can only ever be prosecuted at the "Federal Level" by a "Federal Prosecutor" which clearly DA Alvin Bragg and his case are NOT.)— all signs are indicating that the unhinged radical Manhattan "Get-Trump" Prosecutor, DA Alvin Bragg, a crypto socialist, and again, a "State Prosecutor," in coordination with not only the Biden Regime, Merrick Garland, an activist Cultural Marxist Democrat Judge, Juan Merchan, but also a cherry-picked Trump-hating jury, will endeavor to prosecute and imprison Trump before the November 5th General Election in an insidious, contrived bid to interfere with, usurp, and remove Trump from the 2024 Presidential Campaign trail and ballot in order to shuffle Joe Biden into the Oval Office and a 2nd term.

If this sounds all too confusing, don't worry; you're not alone; even one of America's most renowned and brilliant Constitutional legal scholars, Alan Dershowitz, a Democrat nonetheless, who taught at Harvard Law School for 50 years, half a century, can't seem to wrap his head around and make legal sense of these charges, calling an indictment of President Trump, "a targeted injustice" for several reasons, not excluding the most obvious, that Federal Attorneys, which, again, Alvin Bragg is NOT, rebuked and refused earlier efforts to prosecute this case, while current and former chairmen and members of the FEC have also conceded and agreed that there was and is no campaign finance law violation let alone a crime as it pertains to Trump and Bragg's witch-hunt.

It is neither criminal nor a campaign violation for Trump to use his own funds to settle a civil NDA or Non-Disclosure Agreement settlement with anyone, which makes this all the more troubling. Whether you like or hate Donald Trump, you should be worried about this conspicuous political weaponization of a prosecutor's office against political opponents of the Democrats, and why? Well, because the pendulum swings both ways! Once this precedent door is set and opened, it can never be closed. It may be Trump today, but in 8 months, it will be Biden and, in all probability, Obama too, particularly in light of the fact that Alvin Bragg —(not unlike Judge Arthur Engoron, in Letitia James Witch-hunt, did)— is also setting another precedent by disregarding the statute of limitations in Trump's case.

Without a shadow of a doubt, DA Alvin Bragg is outside of his lane, in over his skis, operating beyond his jurisdiction and legal authority, and sabotaging the Rule of Law by attempting to prosecute a "Federal Case" at a "State Level" under FEC federal charges that the FEC unequivocally stated in no uncertain terms, is NOT A CRIME in this particular case, asserting and affirming that Trump did NOT violate campaign finance laws. Not to mention the ten-ton elephant in the room, which federal prosecutors, including Bragg's predecessor, also declined to prosecute this case for the same reason that the FEC established, and why? Well, when you examine campaign finance laws and the violations therein, two very distinct components of the Law stand out and are crucial: 

1– Was it campaign funds, or was it personal funds? In President Trump's case, it was positively personal funds and not campaign funds that were used to resolve a legal civil NDA settlement with Stormy Daniels, who was attempting to BLACKMAIL and SQUEEZE Trump for money under threat of public humiliation. 


2– The catch-all question for campaign law violations: Would this payment have been made irrespective of a campaign? And the answer to that question is unequivocally categorically YES! Which, therefore, makes it not a crime or a campaign finance violation! 

In point of fact, many have argued, and I would concur, that Donald Trump is the victim of the crime of extortion perpetrated on him by Stormy Daniels during what was a pivotal time for him, the 2016 Presidential Election. You see, the thing is when someone threatens to publicly humiliate you and your family if you don't pay up and give them what they want, which in Stormy Daniels's case was money, that IS EXTORTION, which is a CRIME!

How Stormy Daniels is not being criminally investigated and prosecuted for extortion defies all legal logic and reason, but in this twisted new blue state/city Woke-America that is evolving or, I should say, devolving into a dystopian Democrat socialist hellhole, criminals are now the victims, and victims are now the criminals. Make no mistake, President Trump is not only the victim of extortion here, but he is being singled out and subjected to yet another fictitious investigation over what, in reality, was a crime of extortion perpetrated against him… you simply can't make this stuff up because it is so outrageous, bordering on the absurd, not to mention wholly unconstitutional and un-American.

The fact of the matter is and remains, irrespective of how much hate Alvin Bragg, Letitia James, their financier George Soros, and other Democrats harbor in their black, unbeating hearts for Trump, it is still not a statutory crime to use your own money for NDA settlement purposes… if it were, 99% of Congress, including, Bill Clinton and Joe Biden, would be in jail. In fact, it was learned in 2017 that The United States Congress had a SECRET Taxpayer Fund set aside to payoff Sexual Harassment claims to the tune of $20 Million in order to protect and safeguard the disreputable reputations of many Democrat Representatives up on Capitol Hill, like, for example, Democrat Rep. John Conyers. 

In my opinion, the only definitive conclusion that can be reached here is that this is yet another politically motivated left-wing-led witch-hunt because George Soros's stooge, Alvin Bragg's malicious claims simply do not pass the smell test or align with the facts of the case.

In 2016, President Trump's former attorney, Michael Cohen, a current felon, confessed perjurer, self-serving sleaze bag, and, according to Bob Costello, Cohen's former attorney, a "SERIAL LIAR" in an effort to ingratiate himself with Donald Trump, admittedly took it upon himself to use his own money from an equity line of credit that he, of his own volition, took out without Trump's foreknowledge or consent to strike a $130,000 NDA settlement with Stormy Daniels and her attorney on Trump's unauthorized behalf, again, without his knowledge, authorization, or signature, which Cohen attested to, clearly demonstrating that:

1– Trump did not and could not have authorized this payoff because you can't approve of something that you had no prior knowledge of. 


2– The money could not have come from the campaign funds bank account as Cohen used an equity line to pay off Daniels.

Why would President Trump authorize such an NDA settlement when not only he has repeatedly denied that the affair ever happened but also when Stormy Daniels herself can not even prove it happened either?

On Sean Hannity's Patriot Radio Podcast, he read a letter dated February 8th, 2018, that the law firm McDermott, Will, and Emery sent to the FEC Office Of Complaint, Examination & Legal Administration, and Jeff Jordan on behalf of Michael Cohen. It reads; 

"Dear Mr. Jordan, I am writing on behalf of my client, Michael D Cohen in response to your letter dated January 30th, 2018. This letter responds to complaint number MUR7313 which was filed with the FEC by Common Cause and Paul S Ryan. In a private transaction in 2016 before the U.S. Presidential Election. Mr. Cohen used his own personal funds to facilitate a payment of $130,000 to Ms. Stephanie Clifford." (AKA Stormy Daniels) "Neither the Trump Organization nor the Trump Campaign was a party to the transaction with Ms. Clifford, and neither reimbursed Mr. Cohen for the payment directly or indirectly and contrary to the allegations in the complaint, which are entirely speculative. Neither Mr. Cohen nor Essential Consultants, LLC, made any in-kind contributions to Donald J Trump for president inc or any other presidential campaign committee. Mr. Cohen has not been a government employee during any of the relevant time period. The payment in question does not constitute a campaign contribution or expenditure, and therefore the FEC lacks jurisdiction over this matter. The complainants have not and cannot present any evidence to the contrary; accordingly, the complaint should be dismissed. 

Please contact me as soon as possible at (202) 756-8333 if you have any questions regarding this letter. Sincerely Stephen M Ryan, counsel for Michael Cohen." 

After seven years of one failed Witch-Hunt after another failed Witch-Hunt, vicious attacks, and phony fictitious probes, spying on Trump's campaign, a raid on his home, scouring through 11 million pages and decades' worth of Trump's tax returns, including his business and personal records in a politically motivated malicious bid to unearth or fabricate a crime to pin on him, to a 50-million dollar taxpayer-funded nothing burger Mueller probe that we now know Democrats knew was a fabricated hoax at the time, to the two bogus impeachments that were also manufactured hoaxes that in actuality were predicated on crimes committed by Democrats, like, for example, Hillary Clinton's multimillion dollar bought and paid for Steele Dossier,Russiagate collusion hoax, which, as it turns out was, in point of fact, an FEC violation of campaign finance laws, not to mention, crimes that it seems, compute with what Joe Biden was actually up to regarding a quid pro quo, a billion dollars, and a Ukrainian prosecutor… ergo, proving yet again that Democrats invariably always accuse others, more specifically, their political opponents, of what they themselves have done. After all of this, 7-years worth of one failed Witch-Hunt after the other, Democrats have absolutely nothing; they have come up empty and, as such, no surprise, are inventing crimes where there are NO crimes. 

It is evident to most rational people, at least to those who are being honest with themselves and who have a functioning frontal lobe, that Democrats have weaponized our Government and the FBI against President Trump, and now it seems, or rather, moreover, it is patently clear that they are also manipulating laws, grand juries, and weaponizing Judges, Prosecutors, and the entire Judicial System against him too, and why? Well, the answer is quite simple: in the almost 250-year storied history of this once great nation, this has never happened before, at least not to this degree, where our Justice System now manipulates laws and seemingly functions as an arm of one political party rather than a system that operates for the protection of the people and their Constitutional Rights. 

President Trump is, in fact, the only President whom our Government has not only ever attempted to indict but indict on frivolous convoluted charges over a legal NDA settlement that he, in actuality:

1– Was not a party to.

2– Had no prior knowledge of, much less authorized.


3– Did not sign his name to either. 

Make no mistake; this is political persecution and the stuff that only ever happens in communist dictatorships like Venezuela, or at least, up until now, that is. 

Not one Federal or State Prosecutor attempted to indict and prosecute Bill Clinton after he paid off Paula Jones with $850,000 in Hush Money, nor did they charge members of Congress who were protected by "The Congressional Office of Compliance" vis-a-vis the Congressional Taxpayer "Secret Settlement Hush-Hush Fund" protecting Democrat sex abusers in Congress that I spoke of earlier.

What of that? Who, implicated and protected by the Congressional Secret Settlement fund, are Federal or State Prosecutors, like, for example, Alvin Bragg or Letitia James, going to investigate, indict, and prosecute?

We often hear Democrats regurgitate the line that "no one is above the law," as they coincidentally manipulate the Law, and while yes, it is true that no one is above the Law, it is also true that no one is below the Law either. For all the above-the-law preaching, the same rogue District Attorney, Alvin Bragg, who is attempting to prosecute Trump for a non-crime, is refusing to charge and jail violent criminals for violent crimes.

Clearly, Democrats are terrified of President Trump because he, as an America First Patriot, is a clear and present danger to the Washington DC Establishment Deep State Order, their lust for Centralized Government power and control, greed for the money that accompanies that power, and their One-Party stranglehold over Americans and American society and culture. 

Linda Genzel, Editor @ Wecu News.


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