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Thermonuclear Lawsuit - Elon Musk Sues Media Matters

Monday Elon Musk Filed a lawsuit against Media Matters and everyone who colluded to attempt to ruin his platform, "their board, their donors, their network of dark money, all of them" claiming the attack on X was fraudulent.

He issued the following statement:

By manipulating the algorithm of X by creating accounts and refreshing the accounts multiple times, Media Matters claims that X is allowing accounts that show anti-semitic opinions to run next to major advertisers on the platform.

Who is Media Matters, the entity capable of causing financial disruptions to the largest social media enterprise in history? According to their X account, "Media Matters for America is the nation's leading progressive media watchdog, acknowledged as a reliable source by Fox News' 'Brain Room.' Interestingly, despite this, MM has a track record of criticizing Fox News, as evident in their recent call to action."

The issue is, how does Media Matters have so much influence? David Brock, the founder of Media Matters is a progressive journalist and writer. who headed "Correct the record", which supported the Hillary Clinton Campaign.

A quick research of this organization from Influence Watch identified that "Media Matters was founded with $2 million in funding from wealthy progressives funneled through the Tides Foundation with additional funding from and the New Democrat Network.19 The left-of-center donor group known as Democracy Alliance endorsed the group in 2004, resulting in a flood of donations. In 2010, George Soros gave the group $1 million.20 MMfA has also received substantial funding from labor unions, most notably the National Education Association (NEA).21 Making the organization a very powerful influencer.

Leveraging their network of influential media outlets, Media Matters has the ability to propagate claims that may be inaccurate, deceptive, or harmful to any organization that stands in opposition to their views, whether it be a small entity or a formidable giant. One of their affiliations is an organization called Media Matters Action Network, which is a research organization that targets right-of-center publications, institutions, and public figures to discredit them. The organization also provides resources to left-wing activists for them to conduct their own targeting campaigns.

Wecu has investigated the majority of @ElonMusk's Tweets and can find zero evidence of him posting any anti-semitic content. We have found hundreds of instances whereby sitting members of congress have accused Musk of promoting anti-semitism without proof. Jamie Raskin is one example where he posted, "Using his own huge platform, Elon Musk promotes dangerous right-wing conspiracy theories targeting innocent people. Online antisemitic harassment and abuse must stop, Mr. Musk."

In the case of CNN's reporting Musk was engaging in some commentary with some conspiracy advocates, and while Musk never doxxed the individual in the article, he is being accused of amplifying the message. In another Twitter post, Raskin X-harrassed Musk again posting "Antisemitic conspiracy theories, terrorist propaganda and disinformation are flourishing on @X under @elonmusk @RepDanGoldman and I demand the platform seriously enforce its own policies. Mr. Musk, clean up your act."

While Media Matters and politicians continue their campaign against X for anti-semitism, we found this thread from Musk.

Yet, Media Matters is laying the claim that Musk is promoting the idea of anti-semitism.

At WECU, we not only champion free speech but also recognize the profound importance of fostering an open and vibrant exchange of ideas. This means creating an environment where individuals can freely express their thoughts, opinions, and beliefs, even if they diverge from popular or prevailing perspectives. We value the diversity of ideas as a catalyst for intellectual growth, constructive dialogue, and societal progress. By encouraging a robust exchange of ideas, we aim to cultivate an atmosphere where differing viewpoints contribute to a richer, more nuanced understanding of complex issues, ultimately strengthening the fabric of our democratic society. That is why we support Elon Musk against these corporations who seek to destroy the fabric of free speech.

As this story between the war with X and Media Matters unfolds, we will provide you more information.

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