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'Tis the Season of Shameless RINO Opportunism!


"The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated."-- Mark Twain

This statement, attributed to the great humorist and author, and which has appeared in various forms over the years, was his sarcastic response to a "reporter" who claimed to have broken the story of Twain's passing. Clearly, the individual was not dealing with the facts. Yes, they had Fake News even back then. It is sadly applicable to most of the ostensibly "conservative" analysis of the dismal 2022 Mid-Term election results, and particularly those efforts directed at ending possible future political aspirations of Donald Trump.

It is inarguable that the 2022 elections delivered vastly mixed and disappointing results, most of which are disturbingly reflective of the chaos and chicanery of the stolen 2020 Presidential Election. No doubt for the same reasons. Nationally, Republican voters turned out in vastly greater numbers. But between the voting machine "malfunctions," more mass deliveries of manufactured ballots, and vote counts that somehow keep dragging out beyond any sane or believable timetable, the same ominous thing is happening once again to America. Worst of all, it is beginning to take on a dangerous sense of "normalcy." And that too was entirely intentional.

The Swamp (sewer) continues to remake the Nation in its desired image. Since the Biden Cabal illegally wormed its way into power in 2020, we've seen energy and commodity shortages, rampant inflation, the collapse of America's standing on the international stage, a lunatic freak show infesting our highest cabinet offices, rampant genital mutilation and hormonal poisoning of children by predatory adults in government schools, and corruption that exceeds the most hellish of third world nations. Yet if we were to accept any "legitimacy" in the results of last week's electoral circus, the message from the American people must be a fervent desire for more of the same. That just isn't reality.

Worst of all, the usual cadre of RINO traitors who back-stabbed real conservatism while aiding and abetting the leftist agenda for decades, now believe they have enough "standing" to declare the Trump/MAGA movement dead, signaling a return to their duplicitous and self-serving "business as usual." At this writing, the Senate appears to be remaining in the hands of the Democrats, though the House is still up for grabs. Yet the Republican "Establishment" is already spewing incessant "post mortems" that disparage the idea of a Conservative upswing of recent years. We the People are warned that we have no option but to shut up and trust the system to take care of us.

Various excuses, all as transparent as cellophane and all redounding to the benefit of the leftist globalists, point fingers at one pillar of Conservatism after another as the "culprit" for our apparent lack of momentum. From the overturning of Roe to the detestable nature of "Christian White Nationalism" (which is how the leftist Democrat/media axis seeks to repackage pro-America Patriotism and the great principles of our Nation's founding), we are told that the common citizen wants to continue the despotic road into socialism and squalor, just as long as we are free to kill off our babies as if they are nothing but irritating vermin.

Of course, leftists always operate in such putrefied waters. That is the moral and spiritual actuality of leftist ideology. But it is to the shame of those truly on the right that such abhorrent thinking has been allowed to gain any traction. America has suffered a major moral breakdown in recent decades. But it is certainly not such a decomposing corpse of its former self that those detestable premises are actually "mainstream." Yet cowardice in opposing them might as well be the same thing. The result of such is certainly no different.

The latest ploy to emerge from the Swamp is an attempt to create a schism between Conservatives who want President Trump to run in 2024, as opposed to those who support Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Not surprisingly, some of their professed rationale sounds credible, and even strategically advantageous to the right. Of course, political wolves of this nature are always packaged in such sheep's clothing.

DeSantis is indeed a rising star among Conservatives. As Governor of the Nation's third most populous State, he has gained an outstanding reputation as a genuine fighter, who isn't afraid to confront his leftist enemies and roundly put them in their place. He is definitely a leader among the new movement of genuine Conservatives, and a welcome change to the "status quo" that is desperately needed in this era of unfettered leftist propagandizing, shamelessly gushing forth from every Democrat political player, and dutifully echoed by their Fake News media minions.

In contrast, we are regularly reminded of Donald Trump's past "baggage," and missteps, including his advocacy of "Operation Warp Speed," and of course that crude statement he once made in a private conversation in a locker room, two decades back. So it might seem logical to want to start with a "clean slate." But do not be fooled! That is clearly not how things would unfold, were our side to take the bait.

It is crucially important to recognize just who is spearheading the "Dump Trump" movement, and what their real intentions are. While they claim to be "on the right," they embody the despicable mentality of D.C. "business as usual," which has systematically dismantled Constitutional principle in the operation of the Country, while increasingly ceding ultimate sovereignty to leftists and globalists. It is the same old crowd of RINO sellouts. And this should immediately make their seeming enthusiasm and effusive praise for Governor DeSantis suspect.

The real plan is twofold. For starters, they do of course desire to end the political career and momentum of President Trump, who has been a veritable wrecking ball in their midst. But in no way does that reflect an actual affinity for Governor DeSantis, who would most likely follow the same course as Trump, were he to take the White House in 2024. Rather, the game would instantly change, once Trump is out of the way, and we would suddenly be barraged with every conceivable "skeleton" in Ron DeSantis's closet, whether real or totally fabricated.

A message would then reverberate throughout Conservative circles, namely that the Establishment has proven once again that it reigns supreme, and that it can and will destroy anyone who dares stand in its way. First Donald Trump, and then very quickly upon the heels of that effort would be Ron DeSantis. That's the plan. But it is ultimately up to the Patriots of Real America whether or not we will fall for it.


Christopher G. Adamo is a lifelong conservative from the American Heartland. He has been involved in grassroots and state-level politics for many years, seeking to restore and uphold the Judeo-Christian principles on which our Nation was founded. His book, "Rules for Defeating Radicals," is the "Go To" guide for effectively confronting and overcoming the dirty tricks of the political left. It is available on Amazon.

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