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To Waste or Not to Waste or Waste More

Senator Rand Paul released his Festivus 2023 report, and it is nothing short of a whopper of waste the federal government is spending tax payer's money on. From steroid-induced racist rats to a study on if kids love their pets, the government loves to spend money. We will bring you a few of the most outrageous "pet projects" but if you want the full list click here.

Topping the list is Giving ineligible citizens COVID Economic Injury Disaster Grants (SBA)…..$4,500,000,000. Yes, that is Four and a half Trillion dollars allocated to individuals that should not have received funds in the first place. Covid Economic injury disaster grants were meant to help struggling businesses due to loss of income during government closures and the ridiculous regulations placed on businesses. However, more than 38% of funds that were allocated to organizations or individuals were reported to be potentially fraudulent.

Not to be outdone by Broward County Florida used the funds to build a luxury hotel that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. Despite the treasury department banning the use of using covid funds on large capital projects, the city found a workaround.

Aside from the colossal waste of Covid funding, our government spent 28 Million on camouflage that is not very camoflagy. (Not a real word in the event any is wondering). As Paul reports, "A Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) report revealed that the Department of Defense (DOD) spent roughly $28 million on forest-patterned, “camouflage” uniforms to use in the deserts of Afghanistan. It was later found that the camouflage uniforms were “not based on an evaluation of its appropriateness for the Afghan environment.” We are uncertain if the deserts of Afghanistan have large swaths of forests, but I'm pretty sure after years of fighting there the US government would know that forests don't spontaneously erupt in desert regions. Oh, wait it is a government operation after all.

The DoD department of the Navy loves its fancy caffeinated beverages and spent a good deal of money on them. While a $20 coffee pot just doesn't do caffeine justice, they spent. $192,952 on top-of-the-line Starbucks expresso machines. The good news is the Navy is alert.

Oh, and if you are cold this winter and trying to find shelter, fear not. The US government has 77,000 empty buildings. While we don't know what they use the buildings for, because they are empty, we do know from the Office of Management and Budget, the federal government spends more than $1.7 billion a year to maintain them.

If you had any questions about how our system of education works here in the US, you should know that US/AID US Agency for International Development used $210,690,000 of our federal tax dollars to improve schools in the country of Jordon.

If you are wondering why there is a problem at the border, look no further than the federal government and its spending e $168 million to provide free legal services to help illegal immigrants avoid deportation.

Want to visit the most visited place in Africa? The federal government wants you to. The "Visit Tunisia" project spent $50 million to encourage people to visit a country whose tourism industry brings in over a billion dollars, but hey, the government thinks its a good idea to visit Tunisia.

The hamster fight club is another $3 Million dollars of government waste. While watching hamsters fight may be a new form of entertainment for some, the government upped the ante by drugging them with steroids, to watch steroid-injected hamsters fight to study whether current drugs for aggressive youth suppress steroid-induced aggression.”

If alcoholism wasn't a problem in America already because the government spent $1.1 million getting mice drunk, they are working hard to encourage the use of hard cider. Spending $491,000 to help redevelop the hard cider industry.

One hundred eighty thousand tax dollars went to studying if kids love their pets, but the biggest accomplishment and waste of money went to research if Thanos, the Marvel character could snap his finger while wearing the infinity gauntlet. In the end, it was discovered that Hollywood used special effects and that Thanos could not really snap his fingers and make people disappear. Yet, it cost the taxpayers $118,000 to realize it was Hollywood trickery.

The above list is far from complete, and to read more about the abuse and waste brought to you at the hands of your elected officials visit Rand Paul and his Festivus report. He is both humorous and serious with his detailed explanations about where the waste is.

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