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Trolls on Twitter

Several people have been commenting that someone reported them as being a #bot. While they have had their twitter accounts suspended for re-tweeting issues that deeply concern them. The majority of these accusations have been placed on those who have conservative values, or retweet conservative values.

Preliminary research into who the conservative account hunter revealed that Bot Sentinel is owned by a character by the name of Christopher Bouzy. A Hillary supporter, and an anti-conservative Trump hater. Bouzy reports conservative posts to Twitter and uses his botsentinel as verification that the accounts, despite being legitimate are bots.

He has a good deal of apparently bias in his discovery, that leads the viewer to be mislead. Claiming, " Bot Sentinel is a free platform developed to detect and track troll bots and untrustworthy Twitter accounts."

Defining both untrustworthy by his own definition he has managed to have suspended and deleted several legitimate Twitter accounts, because he disagreed with the content of the tweet.

"Our machine learning model was developed to identify accounts that exhibit irregular tweet activity related to politics. The more you exhibit irregular tweet activity, the higher your trollbot score will be." Indicating that if you tweet conservative opinion not in line with his definition of "regular", your account will be deemed to exhibit bot activity. Begging the question, what is regular twitter activity?

He has targeted several twitter accounts, that retweet President Trump's tweets, as well as Charlie Kirk's. Or those who disagree with House of Representative Alexandria Ocassio Cortez. He uses his site to dox, and ultimately have the twitter accounts banned.

Examination of Bouzy twitter account indicates that a good number of followers of this account are also, bots, that are following many more people than followers. A good indication the account has bot status. Some are Antifa activists, others members of the left wing group #resistance.

Perhaps Twitter should reconsider whom they consider trustworthy when reporting. Examination of his alleged machine learning points to accounts that simply retweet, or disagree with his political ideology which leans extremely left of center.

The creator of Bot Sentinel pontificating about bullying while at the same time uses his account to bully legitimate people over political opinion. Thus creating a conservative hunting machine.

Another example of bullying from leftist organizers bragging about reporting bots to twitter, despite many being legitimate accounts.

If you have a legitimate account that has been banned because it has been reported as a bot, WECU wants your story. Has the censorship and hunting of conservative accounts negatively impacted you or your business? Let us know.

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