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Trump's Political Opponents are Running ads for him

Eugene Vindman, twin brother of Alexander Vindman who accused President Trump of forcing President Zelenskyy into a quid pro quo resulting in the impeachment of Trump is running Trump ads. From his Twitter account, Vindman posted "2024 WILL be Trump's last battle. He and his movement will be defeated and relegated to the dustbin of history. Vote like your democracy depends on it."

Vindman's message in his post is strong. Giving the impression he supports globalism, marxism, and fascism. He is not alone in supporting these strong anti-American policies,. It appears that Fred Wellman, a social media influencer who has 300K followers on the social media platform X is following suit as an advocate for Marxism and Communism. He decries that Trump's post is "straight-up Fascism".

Whether or not the people who are running the ads support communism, fascism, or a deep state do support America or not is not relevant, but they are giving America the impression that they do.

As left-wing advocates vehemently champion the cause of democracy, are they inadvertently pushing for the overthrow of the foundational principles the country was built upon? The decision ultimately lies with the voters, but is there a collective desire for a government so expansive that it renders individuals subservient to its every inclination? Regardless, it's a shrewd move by these Democrats to run ads endorsing Trump while simultaneously denouncing his robust American message as fascist.

Do you support the opinion that Trump is being a fascist by running strong pro-American ads? We want your opinion.

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