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Ugly Realities of Leftist Lurch Into Anti-Semitism

For those sincere Christians who have mistakenly believed that their Faith can somehow remain separate from the distasteful realm of "politics," the events of the past month ought to be removing the blinders in a big way. Shortly after the despicable October 7 attack on Israel by the Islamist terrorist group Hamas, American leftists began coming out in sympathy with the terrorists. Among any who have actually kept up with the moral and spiritual forces shaping the "political" scene, this is really no surprise.

Leftists and islamists have proven, time after time, that they are 100% kindred in how they will commit any atrocity and sink to any lie in order to advance their agenda. They have the same goal, which is to amass uncontested power while silencing all opposition, and the same strategy of lies, intimidation, mockery and, when all else fails, brute force. These are evil, corrupt people who commit unspeakable acts against the innocent, whether they are recruiting and sexualizing helpless children in American classrooms or slaughtering them as they rampage through Southern Israel. Then they shamelessly and sanctimoniously accuse others of the exact atrocities they are committing!

The abominable demonstrations on the Nation's college campuses, following the Hamas attacks, may be shocking in their depravity, but they really shouldn't be surprising. The venomous anti-Semitism that has been on parade in the past four weeks is only the latest manifestation of the twisted thinking that had already poisoned so many minds of "professors" and administrators. Agenda-driven leftists have been using the teacher's podium for decades, at enormous financial cost to the American people, to trash our Nation's history and heritage. Their willingness to attack Israel, while lauding the islamist murderers of Hamas and Hezbollah, is merely the next logical step in their sick/twisted journey. And of course the students are merely regurgitating the venom with which they've been indoctrinated.

Lenin described such minions as his "useful idiots," who devoutly embraced and advanced and agenda that would eventually see many of them in the Gulag. Similarly, Saul Alinsky, when writing his seminal work on the leftist takedown of society "Rules for Radicals," extolled young people, ostensibly for their energy and idealism. But here again, Alinsky was more interested in manipulation than the truth. Still in the pandering phase of a Marxist onslaught, Alinsky had to present a front that wouldn't clue the gullible youth of America on how they were being used. His real "appreciation" of them was on account of the ease with which they could be conned into advancing a movement that would destroy their own future prospects. And the ruse continues unabated to this day.

In what may be a tiny "silver lining" to this dark, sullied cloud, many Jewish liberals in America, from college dorms, to shops on Main Street, to business board rooms and big entertainment, are undergoing an awakening, rude though it may be, to the fact that the leftists with whom they've long aligned themselves are just as willing to hate them, as they were to despise this Nation's founding Judeo-Christian principles. This could be a major turning point for them, if it isn't too little, too late. It is high time they realize they simply cannot befriend such evil. Despite the fervency of their efforts at aiding and abetting it, evil will never be their friend!

Predictably, the entire leftist/media collusion with the islamists is being conducted, as always, behind a smokescreen of total fraud. Claims of being "pro-Palestinian" are actually cloaked affirmations of being pro-Hamas. Likewise, efforts to condemn Israel are actually efforts to "legitimize" militant Islam. So why would the American left be so ready to follow such an ultimately suicidal course? Understanding this enigma requires first understanding the psychosis and duplicity of leftist ideology.

Leftist never truly care about any "cause" they claim to champion. Their real interest is always and only about advancing their agenda, which is the acquisition of uncontested power. The same goes for islamists. All the chaos, suffering, and atrocities committed during this past month by Hamas, and all the leftist propagandizing and grandstanding over Hamas (the "Palestinians") as "victims," is proof.

Consider the real oppression and subjugation to strict religious prohibitions/tenets of Islam, and the brutish punishment for any who fail to totally submit, in comparison to the realities of a Nation of "Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness," founded on Judeo-Christian principle. Bogusly claiming to want to "free the common man," leftists ought to be thoroughly opposed to the oppression and squalor of islamism.

But leftists are ultimately working in service to Marxism, which is no less a "religion" of blind "faith," with its own mercilessly strict code of behavior, historically enforced by the prospect of the gulag or firing squad for heretics. Such a fate has yet to befall Americans on a vast scale, owing to the stalwart refusal of real Christians and Conservatives to submit to it, and their Second Amendment ability to withstand a frontal onslaught on their God-given rights.

So the strategy has to be more insidious, the so-called "death by a thousand cuts." It has been ensuing and encroaching on Real America for several decades, but never at such an alarming pace that people might rise against it in concert. Leftists could not afford a direct confrontation of that nature, at least until recently. Now, the evil they seek to advance has a strong enough foothold, and the opponents of that evil are feeling vulnerable enough, that it can more boldly proclaim itself without fear of sufficient opposition. And on this stage, the corresponding malignancies of islamism find a rich environment in which to advance themselves.

It was therefore inevitable that both forces would combine, at least for the moment, in their attacks on the American Ideal. And the Country's Jewish population, whether Patriot or anti-American leftist, find themselves in the crosshairs.

Thankfully, enough Jewish Americans of the "Greatest Generation" have passed on their rallying cry of "Never Again." The horrors of the Holocaust may be fading from first-hand memories as the survivors grow old and pass on. But enough of a lesson was learned, and can still be taught to the willing, to prevent another passive acquiescence to a monster state with murderous intent. Real America supports the efforts of Israel to repel the terrorists and live in peace. And Real America stands by its own Jewish citizenry who know too well the horrors of the morally depraved, when they have no restraint on their power to do evil. And, God willing, we will never surrender to them.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee.--Psalm 122:6


Christopher G. Adamo is a lifelong conservative from the American Heartland. He has been involved in grassroots and state-level politics for many years, seeking to restore and uphold the Judeo-Christian principles on which our Nation was founded. His book, "Rules for Defeating Radicals," is the "Go To" guide for effectively confronting and overcoming the dirty tricks of the political left. It is available at Amazon.

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