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Update: Gas Leak in Baton Rouge

For 30 minutes fire and Entergy crews have been unable to stop the gas leak on the corner of Chocktaw and North Sherwood Forest in Baton Rouge

According to local business owners, the entire area smells of gas. The corner has been shut down to incoming traffic as police and fire are on the scene.

One business owner said, prior to the leak, the energy company Entergy had a bobcat that was digging and hit a gas line.

We will continue to update this situation as information unfolds.

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Mark Conley
Mark Conley
Sep 30, 2022

Interesting...pretty good response time on this one. And the bobcat definitely could have done it. We were lucky at Keesler AFB, when a 4 inch gas transport line not on a city or base map that was put in before the establishment of the base itself, was taken out by a back hole. Well that smell has a way of letting everyone in the smoking hutch to put em out, and run.

good report

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